KSU to celebrate new website with Cyber Party

Greetings earthlings. As you have already discovered, the KSU has a new website. What better way to celebrate than with a Cyber Party, this Monday, September 2nd at 8PM in The Wardroom. Bring your best cyber costumes. There will be dancing and a whole bunch of technology themed fun. I guarantee that URL going to […]

Meet the KSU’s Friendly Faces

Well hello there cyber world. It’s the executive, councillors, and UHPs of the KSU speaking. We are dying to get to know you and would love for you to get involved in the KSU during your time at King’s. Swing on by the KSU office in the Link (between the NAB and the A&A) for […]

Orientation Week cometh

The zaniest week of your life is nearly here. Frosh Week is basically the best thing ever. There’ll be Scavenger Hunts, picnics, robes, laser tagging and a whole lot more. The KSU will be there every step of the way. We’ll be blogging and posting photos to this super cool new website every day of […]