Live Blog: Council September 29th

Hey folks! KSU Council Meeting #2 starts at 10AM in the Boardroom (2nd floor of the A&A) this Sunday, September 29th. This week, your Member At Large, Karen Gross, live blogs for the first time. 12:13: Council is adjourned. Just over two hours today. Awesome! 12:13: Anna thanks all the councillors who are approaching the […]

KSU’s “Songs of the GM” General Meeting tonight

Well folks, the day is finally here. The KSU “Songs of the GM” General Meeting & Candy Kebab Bar is tonight in the Red Room at 7PM. We’ll be talking budget. We’ll be talking committees. We’ll be talking special resolutions. And we have so much candy and so many prizes, it’s not funny. I actually […]

KSU’s Fall General Meeting this Thursday

Songs of the GM: The KSU Fall General Meeting & Candy Kebab Bar Thursday, September 26th // The KTS Red Room // 7PM The hottest event of the year returns to The Red Room for some good ‘ole democratic fun ft. a brand spanking new compilation disc box set (entitled “Songs of the GM“) and […]

Special Resolutions for the KSU’s Fall General Meeting

Those geniuses on the CRC (Constitutional Review Committee for those of your not in the know) have proposed some special resolutions for the upcoming Fall General Meeting on Thursday, September 26th in the Red Room at 7PM. The Special Resolutions were presented to council on Sunday, September 15th and will be presented by CVP Haydn […]

Live Blog: Council September 15th

TODAY’S AGENDA 10:06: Council is off to the races. How wonderful! 10:08: The Chair is presented with a gavel. How nice. 10:12: Oral reports of councillors begin. Michaela Sam is reading out Luke Van Horne’s report, who couldn’t be here today. 10:15: John “Jonathon” Cavan is giving his report. First Battle of the Bays party […]

First KSU Council Meeting this Sunday

We’re back in action this Sunday, September 15th kicking off a whole new year of KSU Council. Council will be starting at 10AM in The Boardroom, located on the second floor of the A&A. Bring your fine selves… this is going to be one spectacle you don’t want to miss! As Sunday approaches, our agenda […]

KSU’s Frosh Week comes to a glorious end

Let me start off by saying this… Plato sure knows how to rave. What a Frosh Week it was. A huge congrats is owed to the Frosh Week Coordinators, the Frosh Week leaders, the Frosh van drivers, the Frosh Week sponsors and basically everyone who helped make this year’s Frosh Week a roaring success. An […]

KSU & the Consent is Sexy Campaign

Dear Students, Some of you may have already heard the disturbing news regarding the St. Mary’s Orientation Week. On Wednesday, St. Mary’s Orientation Week frosh leaders were caught on video leading their new students in a song celebrating and encouraging the sexual assault of underage women.  If you would like to learn more about the incident, we […]

Society Ratification Forms Now Online

Thinking about starting up a society on campus? Are you the leader of a prestigious King’s society? In order to be a ratified society and receive funding from the KSU, you must fill out the lovely society ratification form, which are now available online and in front of the KSU Office. Ratification Package 2015-16 After […]

Frosh Week is upon us… and it is glorious

Well you’ve probably discovered by now that King’s is pretty freakin’ awesome. Frosh Week is one of the many epi-centres of this awesome-ness. We’ve gotten messy, we’ve gotten sweaty and yes, we’ve gotten rained on (classic Halifax). We’ve had a pretty freakin’ sweet dance party… or five. And ladies and gentlemen, get this, the week […]