Live Blog: Council September 15th


10:06: Council is off to the races. How wonderful!

10:08: The Chair is presented with a gavel. How nice.

10:12: Oral reports of councillors begin. Michaela Sam is reading out Luke Van Horne’s report, who couldn’t be here today.

10:15: John “Jonathon” Cavan is giving his report. First Battle of the Bays party is to come! Study Snacks is tonight at 7PM.

10:19: Arts Rep Amelia says the FYP Journal should be published next week. Very exciting!

10:20: We have begun executive reports of councillors. President Dubinski is going over what she did this summer.

10:21: President Dubinski is talking about the Summer Board of Governors meeting.

10:23: The KSU Dark Room was converted into an office this summer.

10:24: Dubinski is singing the praises of our IC, HM and our Journalism Department. I think this is the third round of applause at today’s council and we’ve been going for like, 20 mins. I don’t know how many times that has happened before.

10:26: Huge congrats to this year’s Frosh Week coordinators!

10:28: KSU has an observer position on the DSU Council. Would you look at that!

10:29: Dubinski says we need to reevaluate how the KSU Office functions in the summer.

10:30: Anna is done her report… SLVP Michaela Sam is giving her report now.

10:32: Michaela Sam has her “utmost faith” in the King’s community and that is how going to operate this year.

10:33: Sam says wi-fi is still rolling out. She says she hopes it will be ready for the fall. She also says The Pit will be getting their fire exit and that the university is currently trying to sell Dean Nick Hatt’s house across the street from the school.

10:35: If you are in need of society space for meetings, etc., Michaela Sam says talk to her!

10:37: If you need society ratification forms, THEY ARE ONLINE HERE.

10:38: There’s a new printer policy. Every group that needs access will be given a code. Society printing comes out of the society budget line. Please don’t share your codes!

10:40: Allie Darwin and Ben Snair are the co-presidents of Varsity Council. Did you know that?

10:43: FVP Alex Bryant has taken the floor. Also, today’s agenda is now online. Take a look will you?

10:44: Bryant bringing council up to speed on last year’s yearbook. He says we have sold advertisements and there will be a yearbook.

10:48: Bryant talking about the budget. The budget will be presented at the KSU GM on September 26th in the Red Room.

10:50: Budget will come up at the GM. Bryant will presenting a Power Point presentation. That’s a lot of “Ps”.

10:52: EVP Jesse Laufer is discussing the continuation of the No Means No campaign. There will be an event in the Wardroom and more details will come after this week’s Action! King’s! meeting.

10:54: CFS Nova Scotia kicking off its election campaign “Vote Education” in The Wardroom this Wednesday.

11:05: I (Haydn Watters, CVP) gave my report. I had fun talking. Also, we will be having a candy kebab bar at the General Meeting on September 26th.

11:06: Executive Reports are over! We are on time according to our Chair.

11:07: On to Action Items. First off, a boatload of Society Ratifications.

11:09: Society Ratifications will be considered in omnibus.

11:11: The King’s Squash Society and Team, the Dornish Red Society, the King’s Theatrical Society, the Early Modern Studies Society, the King’s Jesters, the King’s Foreign Film Society, the King’s Thumb (An Alternative Travel Collective), the Haliburton Society, the King’s Jewish Connection, the World University Service of Canada, King’s Nerdfighteria, the King’s Dance Collective, the Platypus Affiliated Society at King’s and the Foundation Year Programme Society are our newest ratified societies! Congrats!

11:17: A representative from Sodales is speaking about their ratification.

11:18: Ariel from the Quintillian Society is speaking about their ratification.

11:22: There is discussion about ratifying Sodales as a King’s society.

11:27: Ariel from Quintillian is concerned about the precedent that may be set if Sodales is ratified.

11:31: Sammy from Sodales says if they are ratified, they will be able to send King’s students to debates as King’s students rather than Dalhousie students.

11:37: Michaela Sam says it is “difficult” to wrap minds around this issue.

11:38: Ariel from Quintillian says Sodales has not gone out of its way to represent King’s students when ratified in the past. She asks why Sodales has chose to ratify this year rather than other years.

11:45: The Quintillian/Sodales debate continues.

11:50: Motion to recess for 3 minutes. Motion passed. 3 minute recess.

11:55: Back in the game. Councillors were discussing with one another. They were also talking with members of the Quintillian and Sodales during the break.

12:02: The ratification of Sodales is postponed to the next meeting.

12:03: The KTS is looking to receive special designation status. Michaela Sam is talking about it!

12:04: The KTS receives special designation status. Drink tickets for all.

12:07: The Quintillian is ratified!

12:09: The Early Modern Studies Society receives special designation as does the Haliburton Society. Wine and cheese for all!

12:12: The Dornish Red Society receives $80 for food and nibblies.

12:14: The Haliburton Society receives $1568 for this year’s events.

12:14: The Quintillian Society receives $40.82 and 30 single-sided colour copies! Woot!

12:15: The FYP Society receives $50 for its journal launch. Let’s party!

12:17: The King’s Dance Collective does not receive $1000 in funding for its portable ballet bars.

12:22: We are discussing funding a new lighting board for the KTS.

12:23: The KTS prints to come up in new business. Motion is defeated to fund a new lighting board for the KTS.

12:24: Finance Committee recommends that the King’s Foreign Film Society receive $275 instead of $550.

12:27: This has been amended to also read that the King’s Foreign Film Society will receive 85 single sided colour copies.

12:29: The King’s Foreign Film Society will receive $275 and 85 single sided colour copies.

12:30: We are voting on the proposed Finance Committee for this year. The names include Katie Middleton, Haritha Popuri, Sam Stubb and Sander Ragetli.

12:33: This year’s Finance Committee is Katie Middleton, Haritha Popuri, Sam Stubb and Sander Ragetli.

12:36: 10 minute recess!

12:59: We came back a long time ago, but Dal-WPA2 did not come back until now. Silly wi-fi. We just had a brief discussion on the No Means No campaign and the KSU’s re-affirmed commitment to it. We are currently discussing the Provincial General Election.

1:00: The KSU will be tabling letting people know how to vote in the Provincial Election.

1:04: Currently outlining changes to the by-laws to be brought forward at the GM.

1:13: Action Items finished. Moving to the Good of the Order!

1:14: Anna brings up use of cell phone and laptop at council. Awkward. I’m on my computer right now.

1:17: Good of the Order comes to an end.

1:22: General meeting is September 26th at 7PM in the Red Room. Nominations for fall elections will open on Friday, September 27th and close Friday, October 4th. Speeches will be on Tuesday, October 8th and voting will take place on Wednesday, October 9th and Thursday, October 10th.

1:23: Nomination packages will be available in front of the KSU Office and online.

1:25: Tying up loose ends here at Council. Talking about the council agenda policy for the year. Agenda will be released either Thursday or Friday for the next meeting.

1:27: Councillors will start sitting their office hours as of today!

1:28: Meeting adjourned. Great stuff!