Live Blog: Council September 29th

Hey folks! KSU Council Meeting #2 starts at 10AM in the Boardroom (2nd floor of the A&A) this Sunday, September 29th. This week, your Member At Large, Karen Gross, live blogs for the first time.

12:13: Council is adjourned. Just over two hours today. Awesome!

12:13: Anna thanks all the councillors who are approaching the end of their term. Good work team! Haydn thanks our new scribe, Gwendolyn. She’s writing some awesome minutes.

12:12: Next council is October 20th!

11:47: The King’s Chorus has asked for about $3000 to contribute towards their operating costs (they’ve given us a budget of all their projected expenses, but haven’t told us exactly which parts of the budget the KSU would fund). Their total expenses are just over $10 000, and they get money from individual gifts, singer dues, fundraising, and the KSU.

Finance committee went through the budget line by line, asking what the KSU feels comfortable funding. Alex says they felt a little uncomfortable funding salaries for the director ($5000) and administration ($1000). He was more excited about funding scores and music binders to offset student costs.

Will from the King’s Chorus tells us a little more. We don’t have to worry about the fall concert- it’s being produced by another body so we aren’t responsible for that. With the spring concert there is no producer and there’s a $400 projected shortfall they’d like help with.

There’s a budget line of $500 for miscellaneous costs, which the KSU felt a little uncomfortable funding without more information. Will says this line covers anything unexpected that may come up last minute (sort of a contingency fund). Last year they spent most of it renting a uhaul to move equipment. There’s also a “social” line for $500 that is new this year to fund food and drink for singers to help them get to know each other.

Currently the Chorus has about $1000 in the bank, but it hasn’t been accounted for in the budget. Alex suggests that maybe this number could fund the miscellaneous and social lines, but Will says it’s important to keep a balance for stability in future years.

Anna really wants to see a funding request that would detail what the Chorus is asking for specifically, rather than just asking for a lump sum to balance their budget.

Alex asks if tabling this question for three weeks would be a problem for the Chorus. Will says it would be ok, but he suggests voting on the items council seems to be ok with- scores, music binders, and the projected $400 shortfall for the Spring Concert. That brings us to $2050.

Anna asks what happens if the shortfall is more than $400? Will says the Chorus’s $1000 in the bank could cover this.

Alex talks about how we need to think about how comfortable we feel about supporting society shortfalls in general. I brought up the point that this amount would help cover things like instrument rentals, which are largely, but not completely, offset by ticket sales.

This amendment is voted down.

Alex re-amends to $1650 (covering scores and music binders, but not the $400 shortfall). The amendment passes, as does the motion. The King’s Chorus gets $1650 now and may still ask for more funding at the next council with a second, more specific ask.

11:46: Squashed gets a travel bursary for an upcoming tournament!

11:37: Quintilian Society has asked for food funding for 5 meetings (they meet once a week). Alex says finance committee was a little hesitant about funding food at weekly society meetings. Ariel says it’s important to feed their members at meetings because 5:30 on Thursdays is the only time they can meet, and they want residence students to get a chance to eat.

I expressed my nervousness about setting a precedent to fund food at weekly society meetings- I know there are a ton of societies that don’t get funding from the KSU for this kind of thing, and frankly, the KSU can’t afford to fund food for all society meetings. That being said Ariel Weiner, the president of Quintilian, is being really cool about figuring out cheaper ways to feed their members and we really don’t want their first year members to go hungry. We’ve amended their funding request to try to be a little more frugal, but we’re approving it.

11:36: Haliburton Society and Jewish Connection get approved for some photocopies. We’re so excited about tracking photocopy costs.

P.S. Jewish Connection is screening the Prince of Egypt on Oct 6th, you should probably go.

11:32: The Outdoor Society is looking to rent a school bus for a big hike in a couple weeks. Last time they got 30 people out to their hike and they expect a similar, or even better, turnout. They wouldn’t book the bus unless they had at least 30 people signed up. They’re open to asking for a $5 donation from hikers and they may also seek funding from the DSS  (Day Student Society). We’ve amended the motion to $400 to reflect these points. It passes!

They’re also looking for a first aid kit (safety first, guys!). There is a first aid kit available for excursions at Alex Hall front desk, but due to the size of their hiking groups, they’d like to have two kits so they can split into two groups. The KSU will store the first aid kit in the office so it can function as a union first aid kit as well (which we did not previously have). It passes.

11:20: Now we’re talking about funding for SchoolARTS. The society is run through King’s but there are three NSCAD students and some Dal students involved as well. Alex asks if SchoolARTS can look into funding from these other schools. James Shields (a representative from SchoolArts) says he doesn’t have the number for Dal students this year so he’s a little nervous about getting funded by Dal right now without being able to prove their connection to the DSU. Alex suggests partially funding SchoolARTS, letting them look for other sources for funding, and then letting them come back to the KSU in case they need more funding if those sources fall through. James says in principle this a is a good idea but he’s nervous about the uncertainty this would cause in the coming weeks.

James says in the past the KSU has always funded SchoolARTS at comparable levels, and Anna agrees that it would be unfair to pull the funding out from under their feet now. However, there is a long term issue within the KSU as to whether we can support this level of funding to large societies. She says in the future the KSU and SchoolARTS should work together to find other sources of funding. We’re talking about making sure everyone keeps really good records.

The motion passes, SchoolARTS gets their full requested amount.

11:14: We’re voting on a travel bursary for Jonah, a student from Rwanda who has come to King’s with support from WUSC’s levy. WUSC does a national conference where Jonah would be able to meet up with friends he made when he was at a refugee camp in Malawi (these students have been dispersed across the country through WUSC’s various locals). James Shields (a WUSC rep) emphasizes the importance of helping Jonah get settled in Canada and making sure he feels connected to a network. WUSC asked for $150 to go towards a total travel cost of $700 but the KSU has decided to approve a travel bursary for $200 to help out a little bit more (this decision made considering the fact that travel bursaries have been underused in the past).

10:55: We’re ratifying a bunch of societies and Michaela wants to give some shout outs. The table top gaming society is run by first years, SchoolARTS reaches out into the community and works with elementary school students, the Chorus has great concerts, the ping pong society made a ping pong table?!?!, King’s Outdoor Society will (hopefully) soon have a first aid kit, the Unconscious Collective (a cappella group) wants to do some workshops this year, Journalists for Human Rights are exactly what they sound like (which is awesome), Feminist Collective has a lot of great meetings, Michaela doesn’t know too much about the cult of classics (but we’re all really pumped to learn more), the cat society has the best constitution ever (as an executive of that society, I’m pretty excited about that comment coming from Michaela), the Wordsmiths write a lot of good stuff, The Doctor Who Society ALSO has an amazing constitution (and one of their execs is also the KSU Scribe), Sustainability King’s want to get more compost bins on campus, and Dal/King’s Swing Dance Society is swingin’. WHOA. There’s a lot of awesome stuff that happens on campus. Hopefully we’re going to have some contact info for all these societies coming up on the KSU website.

10:48: We’re chatting about ratifying Sodales (the Dalhousie debating society), a matter that was postponed from the last council meeting. Since last council meeting, it has been confirmed that this ratification would not affect Quintilian’s (King’s debating society) ratification with CUSID (Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate), and that the KSU will do its best to support the Quintilian. This ratification will also allow the KSU to be in closer contact with Sodales.

Quintilian representative asks Sodales if they would challenge Quintilian’s future ratification with CUSID. The president of Sodales says she can’t say how they would cast that vote in the future (this couldn’t happen until at least March). She says she has no principled opposition to Quintilian’s ratification with CUSID but she would have to consider the situation at the time and she wants to support King’s students who debate with Sodales.

The motion passes, both debating societies are now ratified with the KSU.

10:38: Anna shares Nick Wright (Hospitality Manager)’s report on his activities this summer (he’s not here because he got off work at 5 am this morning- ouch). His first experience managing the wardy was during grad week (and he also graduated that week. Congrats, Nick!). He also opened the Wardroom 15 times throughout the summer (a record?). Every night the wardy was open, it was a financial success. He’s working on an awesome filing system. The team initiated a “grassroots wardroom renovation project” including staining the tables just south of the bar (they look beautiful, Nick).

Frosh week was a huge success for both the wardy and the galley. Every single night of frosh week was “massively profitable” for the Wardroom (good work everyone).

Nick is proud of significantly decreasing food waste at the galley.

We’re giving him a well deserved round of applause. Nick’s gonna be in the KSU office tomorrow afternoon if anyone wants to chat.

10:37: If you’re interested in getting involved with yearbook, join the team at 2:30 on Friday in the KSU office, or email Alex ( Colleen Earle is on this committee and she’s super pumped about it.

10:35: Alex was really pleased with the quality of the discussion at the GM surrounding the budget and how we can address the structural deficit. He’s open to hearing everyone’s thoughts (email him at He says it’s a big, ongoing project to figure out how to deal with this.

10:31: Alex says he’s had some great conversations with Nick Wright (hospitality manager) about figuring out how to regulate his hours. He says everyone is on the same page and things are going well.

10:29: Alex Bryant (Financial Vice President) apologizes for not getting a formal report in (I forgive you, Alex). He says he chatted with Mariah from the King’s Dance Collective, and apparently Adriane Abbott from the Advancement Office (who used to be a ballet dancer, who knew) is going to do everything she can to get some alumni donations for ballet bars. Things are looking up for the Dance Collective!

10:25: Michaela Sam (Student Life Vice President) reminds us all that there are ways to get involved with the KSU besides by running for a position on council. For example, events committee is open to everyone and will be planning an epic 225th birthday party for King’s this year. Email if you want to chat with Michaela about getting involved.

10:20: Haydn Watters (Communications Vice President) reminds us that nominations are now open for councillor elections! Here’s the nomination package. Speeches will be on Oct 8th, voting on the 9th and 10th from 9 am – 5 pm outside Prince Hall. Contact Oliver Burrows at if you have questions.

10:19: Anna tells us that the bookstore is looking into selling some Wardy and Galley swag. Awesome.

10:14: President Anna Dubinski reminds us how soon the election is coming up (before our next council meeting!). She also tells us about the board executive meeting she just attended on Thursday. A university governance issue that may be of interest to us: the wireless internet that the new technology fee pays for will not be installed until the end of the year. She questions the presence of the fee this year, but says she’s still working on getting more information from the university. In the interim, admin is looking to set up some hotspots.

Also, King’s is looking into buying some new residences (subsidized upper year housing off campus). She’s looking into more details on that as well.

10:09: Councillor reports: Anika, one of our BOG reps, has been posting information about candidates and parties in the upcoming provincial election (regarding their policies regarding post secondary students) on her facebook page. Check it out! 

10:04: This is Karen Gross, your Member At Large, signing in for my first ever live blog. We’re just calling council to order now. Biggest turn out I’ve ever seen at council! It’s great to see so many fresh and friendly faces.

KSU September 29th Agenda

And the motions from Finance Committee:

_.1 BIRT the King’s Outdoor Society receive $483.00 in contingent funding and 90 colour photocopies to charter a school bus to Duncan’s Cove and advertise. Finance Committee recommends amendment to read $400.00

_.2 BIRT the King’s Outdoor Society receive $53.35 in contingent funding for a first-aid kit, flashlight, safety blanket and rope. Finance Committee recommends approval.

_.3 BIRT the Haliburton Society receive 400 colour photocopies at an approximate cost of $28.00 for yearlong paper advertising. Finance Committee recommends approval.

_.4 BIRT the King’s Jewish Connection receive 15 B&W photocopies to advertise a screening of “The Prince of Egypt”. Finance Committee recommends approval.

_.5 BIRT the Quintillian Society receive $229.95 in contingent funding and 125 colour photocopies to cover five (5) meetings. Finance Committee recommends amendment to two (2) meetings of funding ($84.78) and 50 colour copies.

_.6 BIRT SQUASHED (King’s Squash Society) receive $250 in travel bursaries to fund eleven members’ travel expenses to Sydney, NS for a tournament. Finance Committee recommends approval.

_.7 BIRT __________ _________ receive a travel bursary of $150 to fund his travel expense to Ottawa for a WUSC conference. Finance Committee recommends amendment to $200.

_.8 BIRT The Halifax SchoolARTS Project receive $3970.00 in contingent funding and 100 colour photocopies to cover craft materials, taxi funding, room rental, police checks, and snacks for recruitment meetings. Finance Committee does not recommend approval.

_.9 BIRT The King’s Chorus Society receive $2968.75 in non-contingent funding towards operational costs. Finance Committee does not recommend approval.