Fall 2013 Councillor Elections

Election week at King’s is here again! In the words of the wise Anika Roberts-Stalbrand, YOVT (you only vote twice). For the second time in a row, it’s time to elect your KSU Councillors for the 2013-14 new year. Candidate platforms are listed below… please scroll down to read them!

  • Voting is taking place Thursday, October 17th and Friday, October 18th in front of Prince Hall from 9AM-5PM.

  • For more information, please email CRO Oliver Burrows at cro@ksu.ca.

Your candidates are:

First Year Rep  Bryan Beard, Katie Douglas, Carli Gardner, Fred Hayward, Kathryn Samson

Journalism Rep – Ben Lawrence, Emily Rendell-Watson

Arts Rep – Tiphaera Ziner Cohen, Haritha Popuri

Member at Large – Karen Gross

Please note: Arts students can only vote for the Arts Rep, Journalism students can only vote for the Journalism Rep and so on. All students can vote for the Member at Large position.

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Candidate Speeches

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Candidate Platforms

First Year Rep

Brian Beard – No platform

Katie Douglas – 

I’m a very hard working person who wants to make it my duty to ensure that your first year is simply amazing. I’m very involved and can represent many aspects of King’s. I’m in an orchestra, singing in the King’s Chorus, playing Varsity Badminton, a member of the feminist collective, often found watching Dr. Who, Sherlock and many other golden shows, and I’m a member of Action! King’s (aka KSU’s External Affairs Committee). You have probably seen me during FYP announcements over the past couple of weeks. I’ve made a few announcements for some KSU campaigns like Take Back the Campus and Vote Education that I’ve been working on.

I want to be the person that you can approach to ask any question or to offer any suggestions and complaints. I promise to either give you an answer then and there or search out an answer for you and get back to you later. One of the many things that I’d like to do is to get a system up that you can easily check to know what’s going on. I want to start putting up a weekly calendar of events up on one if the KSU’s bulletin boards that you can stop by to look at any time. I also would record all events announced in FYP lectures to post on a bulletin board so that of you missed exactly where or when that interesting activity, you can easily check it out.

If you want someone who will be dependable, keep you in the know, always be involved and work their butt off for you, elect Katie Douglas as your First Year Representative.

Carli Gardner –

Plato’s words: “This City is what it is because our citizens are what they are”, allows me to conclude that King’s is our City and exists as it does because of who we are as students.

Q: Now, if King’s is defined by the students, then how can the students continue to actively shape King’s into a City that defines them?

A: Well friends, the answer to that question is just plain ole simple. If elected as First Year Rep on the KSU, my sole mission will be to have the “dreams that you dare to dream” really come true. It’s all about the “Power to the Polis”, ensuring that the First Year’s comments, concerns and questions are voiced in front of the KSU.

Q: But how? How will I do this job for you?

A: Step 1: Suggestion boxes. Lots of them. Everywhere. Even in bathroom stalls. Maybe you’ll suggest that they shouldn’t be where you pee.

Step 2: I will make myself extremely accessible. Between drop in hours in the KSU office, the option to meet with me when you please and our tiny campus that is King’s, you can always chat about what’s making you cheesed.

Step 3: Sunday morning meetings. It’s my time for my voice to reflect yours and what a time it will be.

Q: Who am I?

A: To start, my name is Carli Gardner. To get down to business, I am a highly organized, motivated and passionate individual. To be even more precise, I’m a Taurus.

Q: What are some First Year concerns of mine?

A: To name a few… 1. The lack of Wifi in residence that we paid for and were promised. 2. Sodexo. Point blank. 3. Enhancing the community feel amongst first years. Day students, J-school students, kids of the Bays, let’s get friendly!

In conclusion, this land is your land. This land is my land, this land was made for you and me. And really it was made for me to help make it better for you. So, vote Carli Gardner for First Year Rep on the KSU.

Fred Hayward –

Why vote Fred? What ideas do I have on the table? Just like all of you, I am just beginning to appreciate King’s as it should be and understand its many problems. I have a couple of ideas, from having bi-weekly FYP announcements about the previous council meetings to keep everyone up to date, to having an article in TWAK that informs you all of the things that first years can be involved in. A student representative shouldn’t be the one who decides what needs to be done. The wealth of ideas comes not only from the other candidates but mainly from you, the student body of the KSU. I think that I not only the one with a couple of good ideas, but more importantly I believe in taking the opportunity of student involvement to the students. I have the people skills, the organization and the dedication to serve you and your ideas properly and make sure you have the best university experience possible. I can guarantee you that if your vote goes to me, you will never lie in bed at night wondering if everything that you need is being done for you. You won’t have to worry if your voice is being heard because I will be yelling for you. While my opponents are running for First Year Rep… I am sprinting for it. I’m sprinting for you, Kings. So vote for Fred Hayward as your first year rep!

Kathryn Sampson – 

Goal For the Year: My goal for the year are 1) to be a listener to the Foundation Year students and have an open door to help with any problems or issues that arise in the Foundation Year Programs. 2) Be a channel to the KSU for the students, to help their voice be heard. 3) Establish a FYP library of books being studied this year to help with lost books or for science students to use. 4) To have a monthly announcements to the Foundation Year Program informing them to what is going on at the KSU and keeping them connected and involved. 5) Create more involvement from FYP students in the issues and activities that the KSU creates, and finally help plan and celebrate King’s 225th Birthday this year!

Policies: Keep an open to door to the Foundation Year students for when the KSU office close it will be a place to go. To do my best in solving or helping to lead to a solution of the problems that the Foundation Year Student have this year.

I hope to see our year celebrate in the awesomeness of the Foundation Year Program by celebrating all the small accomplishments along with the big ones.

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Journalism Rep

Ben Lawrence – 

1. Breaking The Ice And Creating Community: For journalism Representative I would like to attempt to bridge the gap between first years and senior years. I do not believe that the one-hour per week of office time in the KSU Office is sufficient. It is for this reason that I would like to organize a journalism social event that would take place monthly, and would include all years of journalism students, including day students.  It would be in a non formal space where j-students could share ideas about journalism, and what they would like to see happen in their program for the year.

2. Mentors: To build off of my previous idea I would like to incorporate a form of mentorship through the use of senior students as guest speakers.  I would like senior students in their third or fourth year to talk about their specialization of journalism or area of focus, in order to better paint a picture for younger years of what that field is all about. I would also like them to discuss essential skills in the form of workshops. Discussing basic skills such as: interviewing, formatting news articles, and even strategies on how to cope with, and write under sever time constraints and pressure.

3. J-School EVENTS: The journalism school is a very proactive and inclusive entity within kings. The journalism school does a very good job of instigating social events for j-students to meet and have fun.  Movies and guest speakers are just some of the many fun things the j-school coordinates. I think as journalism rep, one of my main jobs would be to make sure that all journalism students are aware that these events are happening and what the entail. By circulating and ensuring people know what’s going on, students are better able to take advantage of all the additional learning experiences, and fun times the j-school is actually hosting.

Emily Rendell-Watson –

Well folks, according to Ylvis, the big question of the month is “What does the fox say?” For journalism students at King’s, the answer is to vote for Emily Rendell-Watson.

This year at King’s there are several projects I would like to dedicate my time to. The first, a J-School Blog, would be a multimedia site for students to post and receive feedback on stories, story pitches, videos, radio clips and also have access to pertinent information on events as well as jobs and internship opportunities.

Secondly, I would like to get journalism students involved in the Academic Review of the J-School. I want to ensure that students have the opportunity to review comments made in the report, as well as contribute and ultimately have their voices heard.

Journalism students from all four years will be able to further their connections through bi-monthly mixers and editing sessions. Hopefully these sessions will allow advice and information to be shared throughout the J-school.

Finally, I am very excited to be a part of a group of students that is re-starting Journalists for Human Rights. This society will provide the opportunity to publish stories in the JHR magazine as well as gain experience with human rights journalism.

Above all that, I truly care about King’s and the J-School. King’s has become so much more than just a school for me and I think that I have the passion and dedication necessary to represent journalism students at King’s. My experiences have allowed me to gain an appreciation and knowledge of King’s and the students (you guys!) that make up our amazing community. I have been lucky to get to know so many of you and I would be honoured to represent you on Council as your Journalism Representative.

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Arts Rep

Tiphaera Ziner Cohen – No platform

Haritha Popuri –

In this position, I would advocate for King’s Arts students on the KSU Council, DASSS (Dalhousie Arts & Social Sciences Society), and various committees. As a liaison with Dalhousie, I would highlight opportunities for King’s students to get involved as well as the resources DASSS makes available to kick start your very own Arts related ventures.

If elected, I wish to concentrate on projects that better integrate our amazing CSP, EMSP, HOST and FYP academic societies here at King’s.

Some ideas I have in mind include:

– A coordinated release party for the Hinge, Babel, and Tooth & Claw journals

– Initiating a “buddy system” for first years to sit in on a CSP, EMSP, or HOST class with an accompanying upper year student

– A colloquium for discussing the status of women in academe

I also hope to continue the wonderful projects put in place by our outgoing representative, Amelia Wilding. This ranges from maintaining the Arts at King’s Facebook and Twitter accounts to establishing connections with Arts alumni through the Advancement Office.

Through these and other initiatives, I hope to make our programmes more accessible and exciting to one another.

Although I do not have much exposure to the KSU, I am an active member of life on campus. Whether it’s Haliburton Society or Patrol, I have found enriching ways to stay involved and attuned to the diverse interests of King’s students. My experience as the KTS Treasurer last year was an exercise in organization, accountability, and successful event planning. Lastly, as a fourth year I am aware that different needs arise as one progresses through a Bachelor of Arts degree. I would use this insight to better address the concerns and priorities of students in all years of study.

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Member at Large

Karen Gross – 

I was elected Member At Large at the by-election in February 2013, and I would love to continue to represent you. As Member At Large, I have a vote on council, I am a non-voting member of Finance Committee, I meet with the President of the KSU on a regular basis (officially every two weeks, but informally much more often), and I sit one office hour every week (Fridays from 10:30-11:30 am) where you can share your questions and concerns.

On council, I listen. I ask clarifying questions when I feel it is necessary. I try to make sure all sides are fairly represented. I share my past experience when I feel it is relevant. I try to point out things others may not have noticed. This week, for the first time, I live blogged council on the KSU website. It was a positive experience for me and it gave members a way to stay in the loop. If I am re-elected, this would become a regular practice.

My institutional memory as an engaged member of the union since 2010 proves helpful on Finance Committee, as I am often able to recall relevant cases from past years. My experience writing grant applications for arts organizations as well as writing KSU funding requests as a society executive has often been useful as well.

I have a strong relationship with the current executive. They trust my opinions and seek out my advice. I am not afraid to respectively disagree with them.

I also help out wherever I see a need in the union. Over the last couple weeks I have spent a few afternoons making ISIC cards, I have created a sign for the front door of the KSU office listing councilor and executive office hours, I tidied the KSU office, I filmed the “Songs of the GM” video, I took minutes for the first half of the general meeting (while our scribe was in class), I sought out names for committee positions, and I encouraged everyone to attend the general meeting. In informal conversations I do my best to inform members of the day-to-day issues of the union and get a sense of the matters that are of greatest concern to most people.

I would like to keep doing this job, but that’s up to you. Please vote!

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