KSU Election & Referendum Speeches

There’s a whole new slate of folks running for KSU positions and they have to speak. They are doing just that tonight in the Wilson Common Room at 8PM and we’re going to live blog it. Now I am assuming the Wilson Common Room has wifi. If not, we are screwed. Tune in at 8PM EST for the full run down.

8:06PM – Oliver (our CRO) is giving the rundown of how the evening will run. Res reps are up first, then referendum speeches, then Communications, Financial, Student Life, then External, then BOGs, then President.

8:08PM – John Cavan, who is running for Chair of Bays reelection is speaking. He says he is working on Campus Beatification projects which he would like to continue into next year. He has been working with the DSS this year about Study Snacks and is making it more accessible for day students.

8:10PM – John Cavan’s main reason for running for Chair of Bays – he loves getting to know people. He says he loves meeting the new generation of King’s students and likes being a resource. He says he is the most passionate person you can vote for.

8:11PM – Jessica Brennan, who is running unopposed for Alex Hall President, is now speaking. She says the res rep jobs are very important. She would like to be the person that people come to talk to when they are in need of someone to talk to.

8:13PM – She says she would like to focus on day students if she is elected. She says it is important for day students to get involved in the activities on the campus. She would also like to work on campus beautification.

8:14PM – She says she would like the make it feel like the whole campus is home, and not just your rep room.

8:15PM – Oliver is back up. Now there are questions for the candidates.

8:15PM – Sean Mott asks about connecting the Bays and Alex Hall.

8:16PM – Jessica says she has plans for bigger connections between the two.

8:17PM – Alex Bryant asks about sexual resources on campus for first years.

8:18PM – Both reaffirm that they would like to work alongside the campus safety officer and provide the resources that they can. Anika asks about getting upper year residence students involved in campus activities. John and Jessica say that they will work to get Angel’s Roosts and upper year students involved.

8:20PM – Question period is now over. Karen Gross is now speaking in favour of the referendum question. The purposed question is

“Be it resolved that the King’s Students’ Union membership dues be increased by $9.40 per semester.

She says the increase that is being put forward in the election are for the future. She speaks about the kind of things that the union wants to use the money for into the future. She mentions staff costs.

8:22PM – She also says that executive honoraria are vastly underpaid compared to other student unions of the same size. She says this will make sure that the union positions are accessible. She also mentions savings, which the union does not currently have a line for.

8:23PM – Oliver is asking if anyone in the audience wants to speak against the referendum. No one does.

8:24PM – Sean Mott asks what is the plan if students vote no.

8:25PM – Karen Gross says that would be up to the incoming executive. She says it would involve cuts to many lines in the budget, some of which she says would be irresponsible.

8:26PM – Thomas asks why there is no one is campaigning from the no side.

8:26PM – Oliver says they have been actively trying to get someone to speak from the no side. Nominations have been open for a week now to speak yes or no. They have approached people but no one was willing to speak out against it.

8:28PM – Oliver is back up speaking to the audience. Jacob Baker-Kretzmar is going to be giving his speech. He is running for CVP.

8:30PM – His speech rhymes. He is talking about his commitment to photography. He says he will add to TWAK and the website. He says he would like to focus on elections policy and on a union brand narrative. He says he looks looks forward to being CVP unless something goes terribly RON.

8:32PM – Emily Rendell-Watson is now speaking. She is running unopposed for Financial VP. She apologizes for stomach growls.

8:33PM – She is talking about services the union offers and their accessibility. She says as an executive, you have to be responsible to every union member.

8:35PM – She speaks about her experience on council as Journalism Rep, on Finance Committee and as the treasurer of the KTS. She also speaks about consultation. She says she has been learning about the budget every day.

8:36PM – Alex Bryant is now speaking. He is running unopposed for Student Life Vice President. He says it is worrisome that people think the KSU is a club.

8:39PM – Alex says he would like to further engage the population at King’s, particularly those who might not be represented on campus.

8:40PM – Oliver is up and now we are taking questions for all of the candidates.

8:40PM – Karen asks Alex what specific ideas he has to further engage students.

8:41PM – Alex speaks about athletes. He says that he will attempt to further engage these athletes.

8:42PM – Meg Shields asks about societies doing things legally and what Alex would do to enforce this.

8:43PM – Alex says that he would work on getting a risk management policy in place.

8:45PM – Haydn (that’s me!) says that there is lots of communication coming out of the office and he asks Jacob how he plans to create a brand identity for this when so many people are doing so many different things.

8:46PM – Jacob says that he would work on this visually. He would like to create a cohesive image for the union and attempt to get the other executive to follow this when posting and releasing things.

8:47PM – Jesse Laufer asks Emily Rendell-Watson if she plans to re-examine the levies if she is elected.

8:48PM – Emily says that students have the option to opt-out of the levies if they would like.

8:49PM – An audience member asks how the referendum would benefit the candidate if it passed and what they would do if it wouldn’t pass.

8:50PM – Emily says she would do the same job is the referendum does or doesn’t go through.

8:51PM – Jacob says he would look at cutting costs where he can if it doesn’t go through (i.e. printing less posters, website costs).

8:52PM – Alex says he would be opposed to making cuts in several areas. He says the things that come out of the KSU office that people act with most readily are what would have to be cut. Alex says that he is good by getting by on a shoe-string if the referendum doesn’t passes.

8:53PM – Alex says if it does go through, “shit, that’s great”. He says money needs to be put back into contingency and the back end of the union.

8:54PM – Next up: the first of two speeches for External Vice President candidates. First up is Jon Bolduc. He says it is the external vice presidents duty to be involved with causes outside of King’s.

8:57PM – He says if he is elected external vice president, he will listen. He says he wants to acts as the spark which turns things into action. He says he is interested in having safe spaces on campus.

8:58PM – He says he is totally open and willing to talk to people. He says we could make it a bit more open if council didn’t happen in the Boardroom. He says he has a lot of experience being an active member of the community.

8:59PM – The second candidate speaking for External Vice President is Katie Douglas. She says she wants to make Action! King’s! more of a committee again. She wants to make it a safe place for activists.

9:01PM – She says she can make pins and that there is lots of resources. She says she wants to look into the struggles that students face and then address them.

9:02PM – She says she wants to create a volunteer squad to get students involved outside of the King’s community. She says she wants to bring what is internal to King’s and bring it to the outside.

9:03PM – Karen Gross asks Jon how he would have people get involved and take initiative in the union. He speaks about the personal interaction level that he would bring. He says that he would be going into this position as a representative of the community, and not a student politician.

9:05PM – Gabe Goodman asks the candidates if they would work more closely with NSCAD’s student union and if they are willing to do that.

9:06PM – Jon says he is very willing and thinks that it is important. He says we should capitalize on the connections that we have already made.

9:07PM – She says she is willing to stand up for other campuses who are facing problems.

9:08PM – Alex asks the candidates to speak to one issue they would address if elected. Katie says she would focus on mental health and it is an important issue to her. Jon says that mental health is one of his priorities. He says that his focus would be tuition prices. He explains that he is an international student. He says tuition is a glaring issue and that the community comes together in a glaring way.

9:11PM – Evan McIntyre asks Katie if creating more campaigns and more materials would get people active on campus and accelerate campaigns.

9:12PM – Katie says she is familiar with the situation. She talks about being involved with activist groups in high school. She wants to get more action and teamwork between organizations and societies. Jon says that he would like to create the position as personal as possible.

9:13PM – Next up are the Board of Governors representatives. Oliver reminds people they can vote for two candidates. First up is Eleanor Hornbeck.

9:15PM – Eleanor is explaining that she is around campus (bookstore, chapel, Constitutional Review Committees, Early Modern Studies). She talks about hosting an academic conference for EMSP and how she met a man who was passionate about art history. She says that he was on the board at King’s. She says that she wants to create individuals experiences like this with board members if she is elected.

9:18PM – Next up to speak about BOG Rep is Jesse Laufer. Jesse says that he has the experience necessary to be your BOG Rep. He says he has worked to create solidarity rallies between the different universities. He says he has hosted workshops and organizing the Student Action Day Camp. He says that he has understanding and experience.

9:21PM – And next up to speak is Anika Roberts-Stahlbrand. She is running for re-election for BOG Rep. She mentions her experience this year as BOG Rep. She was active in the election campaigns and has maintained a Facebook page this year for her constituents. She says she believes in a liberal arts education with small class sizes.

9:24PM – She would like to see a campus that is accessible and free of discrimination. She says another part of her platform is YOLOdarity. She says YOLOdarity is like solidarity with a little YOLO thrown in. She has written summaries about each of the board meetings for the public.

9:26PM – Next up is David Salenieks. He says he would like to keep channels of communications open to all students. He also says he would also like to see students be able to opt out of all levies.

9:27PM – Kathryn Sampson is the final person to speak now that is running for BOG Rep. She wants to create an open communication channel between the students and the board of governors. She says she likes to do research before she would go into the meetings. She says she would like to open a channel between the board of governors members and the students. She says her energy and enthusiasm would make her the best choice for the BOG Rep.

9:31PM – The floor is now open for questions for the Board of Governors candidates.

9:32PM – President Anna Dubinski asks how the candidates would navigate a body that is made up of other representatives that are not students.

9:32PM – Kathryn says the BOG Rep should listen to what the board has to say and be the intermediate. She admits that it is a challenging position to be in. Eleanor says the student on the board have the most valuable experience because they know the school in the most intimate way.

9:35PM – David says that he will remain the student mouthpiece at the board. Jesse says that the board exists for the school to succeed. He says that he would be a BOG Rep to represent student issues.

9:36PM – Gabe Goodman asks how the candidates plan on bringing the view of the board members down to the eyes of the students.

9:36PM – Jesse admits that that is tough. David says he would meet with small committees to get the student message across. Eleanor says that it is important to have individual conversations with board members.

9:38PM – Kathryn says the BOG Rep position is being an open channel and being a bridge. She says it is about students to go and be at the events. Anika says that it is important to have community members come into to speak to the board to show the board what is happening at King’s. She hopes to make the board more accessible to students.

9:40PM – The final speeches of the night is for the president position. First up is Thomas Goessaert. He says he would like to build a better working relationship with the board of governors. He says he would like to make compromises between the board and the KSU.

9:42PM – He says that he will maintain open conversation with the members. Thomas says a new outlook is necessary for the KSU. He is hoping to push the KSU in a new direction.

9:43PM – Michaela Sam is the second candidate running for president. She says that she has realized it is her experience that made her want to run for this position. She says she wants to talk about accessibility to finance and diversity. She says her experience speaks for itself.

9:46PM  – She says she wants to make sure that all aspects of the union are strong going into next year.

9:47PM – Alex asks Thomas what he would recommend to the board if he is elected. Thomas says he wants students to be better informed about what the board is spending on. He speaks of the 225 anniversary celebrations that the university are spending money on.

9:50PM – Michaela says that we are moving into a scary financial situation as a university. She says it would be her priority for the university to find a way to maintain the services that it needs.

9:52PM – Anna (Dubinski that is) asks about the relationship between the students and the university. She asks how exactly would they do different things to improve the relationship.

9:52PM – Michaela says that consultation with the students and the university community is important. She says that conversations with the university and important and gives an example of the dark room.

9:54PM – Thomas says that the animosity between the board is a concern. He commends this year’s executive on their relationship with the university’s administration. He says that conversations with the administration are important.

9:56PM – Eleanor asks about the trust needed to be a KSU President.

9:57PM – He says it is a big thing for him to ask every student to trust him. He thinks he can be that person because he believes in the KSU and that it can be in a better position and he can bring it there.

9:58PM – Michaela says there are many reasons that you can trust her. She says she has seen three presidents go through this position. She says she has dedicated many hours to the union and has sat on committees.

9:59PM – David asks how they can extend the reach of the KSU into the King’s community further.

10:00PM – Michaela says that consultation is really important. She wants to make sure that people who are running the KSU’s operations are strong. She says she keeps a list of students looking to get involved in the KSU on her phone. She says our students are more than capable of reacting to these responses on their own.

10:02PM – Thomas says that his goal is to move the KSU in a different direction. He says that movement between the societies and the KSU is crucial. He thinks that working with the Res Rep and the UHPs are important. He says it is hard to fight student apathy.

10:03PM – He says he wants every student to make their money feel worthwhile.