Enrolment Plan Feedback

Enrolment Management Discussion Paper Enrolment Management Appendices Academic Plan Draft (February 27) [vfb id=2]

Council April 13

Photo: Erica Guy This is it folks – the last Council meeting of the year! (For real this time.) Check out the agenda right here, and tune back in Sunday morning at 10am for all the live action! 10:04: Meeting called to order! Oral reports of councillors: Ellie has nothing to report. Neither do I, […]

Council April 6

Photo: Erica Guy Welcome to the last Council live blog of the 2013-2014 year! Invigoratingly, this is also our very first PAPERLESS COUNCIL MEETING. That means I didn’t print anything at all! The agenda will be projected at Council, as will any other important documents. For all you folks following along at home, here is the […]