Council November 2

Photo: Erica Guy

Check out the agenda and reports!

10:39 and we’re getting on track! Haritha recognizes that we are on unceded traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

Minutes from last meeting are approved and we fix up some mistakes on the agenda.

Introductions! We are saying who we are, what we do, and also our favourite candy. Lots of variety so far. Alex is in love with and upset by dark chocolate. Sponge toffee 4eva.


Oral Reports and Goals of Councillors (ft. cool scarves)

Anika: Excited about how the deficit meeting went, even though she couldn’t be there. Wants more discussion with students. Went to a day of action meeting, which was super cool. There will be another meeting Thursday the 18th at NSCAD. Join the King’s Advocacy group for details!

Zoë: I’ve had a cool week. Into the deficit meeting. Hope that more students get involved. going to meet with the exec soon.

James: $200 under budget for stuff! Getting pool cues fixed up. Day students roasted some squash seeds and had a party. Meeting this week to discuss financial reports.

Sofia: Midterms are coming up for first years (particularly FYP students). Went to a really cool meeting for racialized students this week, hoping that that will get some momentum. This is an informal space for just racialized students at the moment, but might open up eventually.

Hannah: Got a facebook message from Will, who requested a travel bursary last week. He had an awesome time at the conference. Simon also won first place in his category! Hoping to organize a study snacks for midterms!

Melina: Went to first DASSS meeting, deficit meeting, and day of action planning meeting. Hoping to get students published in the Dal poli sci journal.

Eleanor: Working with a small group of folks regarding the deficit.

Jessica: Councillor training was great! Working on wall of women blurb. Teamed up with KMHAC for pumpkin smashing yesterday- cool de-stressor. Excited for battle of the bays! Government funding teach-in next week (Thursday). Ideally getting a midterm edition of study snacks ready.


Reports of the Executive Committee (ft. highlights for days)

President: Councillor training was a thing! Hopes to report on what councillor training will be like in the future. Library external review panel: email is where y’all should email your thoughts on the library. Working on Memorandum of Understanding stuff- getting students involved. Nova Scotia government to release a document on November 25th.

Vice President (Student Life): Alex is just giving us the highlights this week! Keeping it chill. Making t-shirts with Sofia and Gavin Baumbach in first year. Deficit meeting things happened. Working with chorus right now with Emily. Starting monday, the NAB will be unlocked 7am-11:59pm, and the wilson common room will be unlocked 24/7: come study always! Trying to figure out space availability in general. Trigger warnings in classes: some people have been triggered and are upset. Working on study spaces, equity committee, Ballet bars are here! Rocky horror was awesome! EMSS had a cool party. Working with CUBE to do a 3 on 3 basketball tournament.

Vice President (Financial): We are insured! Hooray! Frosh audit! Working with bookkeeper, who is back from Italy (cool). Nova Scotia University consultation session for student leaders (might have the wording of this wrong) happened: all kinds of issues discussed, people spoke powerfully regarding access to education. Met with chorus. Working on a report on levy policy.

Vice President (External): Also doing highlights! I like this style of reports. Very fun. She is passing around a sign up sheet at the moment. Eternal action committee meeting at 6:30 in the wardroom! Come out and talk about everything important. As always, snacks will be there always. She wants every to remember that, in light of the story surrounding Jian Gomeshi in the news recently, we need to be aware of sexism prevalent in our society and media. Working with Sustainability King’s- the Lorax screening november 16th, hike for divestment!

Vice President (Communications): Updating chalkboard soon. DSU council: one meeting happened and no one went. Alex will go to the meeting this week. Jacob kept his report super short so we love him

Report on the Environmental Affairs Committee: This committee is supposed to exist, but doesn’t. Sustainability King’s, however, does. This committee was a society last year, which doesn’t make sense. This group of students deserves to be recognized.


Action Items (ft. makin’ it official)

Items concerning society ratifications and committees (ft. debates n stuff)

South House Sexual and Gender Resource Centre Society: They are a levied society but also want to ratify. They are super super super awesome. Everyone loves them. Like them on facebook. There isn’t a clear answer to how budgeting and such works when a society is both levied and ratified- Alex and Emily are working on this! Voting time: It passes!

The Philistine: Publishes a journal every year. Ratifying earlier than usual this year. A really neat journal. Voting partaaaay: It so totally passes.

The Dalhousie/King’s Fashion Design Show Society: Coming to us from Dal. They do a show that explores non-mainstream fashion. Cool work. Have a fundraising initiative- support the Dress for Success program. Voting rave: It passes!

Electing People to Graduation Committee: Union-hired positions. The search committee will meet about two times and the members have to be graduating in May. Nominations! Eleanor self-nominates. Michaela nominates Sarah and Benjamin. Voting is real and now. Passes. Eleanor abstains.

Electing a person as the Local-11 rep on CFS-NS’ provincial executive: Usually, Anika would serve this. However, she is already on the exec as women’s rep. Emily and Aidan self-nominate. Emily says that she is able to jump right in, she is super knowledgeable about campaigns, already works with Anika on stuff and would like to keep doing that. She is constantly fighting for accessible education. Wants to grow more as a student organizer in the student movement. Aidan recognizes that she is new, but she feels she has learned a lot already. She is on the Board of Governors and feels this is heavily related, particularly about the Day of Action. This would be a learning position, but she does feel like she has knowledge.

We are taking a 5 minute recess to think about it.

11:55am WE ARE BACK

Alex says it smells like feet and is hot. Eleanor seconds. The windows are opened. The crowd applauds.

Aidan is elected to represent local-11. We vote on the motion and it passes.

Items Concerning Society Funding (ft. $$$$$$$$$$$$$)

We are going to do 5.10 right now (it is voted on and passes) because the UCVE folks need to go.

Emily requests a 5 minute recess. It passes.


Also, I realize that I haven’t been putting in the times that things happened very much. I will try to fix that.

12:03pm WE ARE BACK 2.0

Unconscious Collective: Looking to buy music folders. Requesting $800 in non-contingent funding. These would be kept hopefully for years to come. No recommendation from finance committee because they were divided. Many issues were brought up. UCVE responded well to these issues. This is a lot of money, but this request has come up before and did not go through, and the society has grown a lot since then. Think about how to best support our students. We are suspending the rules to allow the UCVE representatives to speak to this request. UCVE tends to have 15-25 people. This year is one of the biggest. Expecting more people in January as well. The per-member funding would be around $30. These folders are really nice- pockets, a strap, specifically for choral performance. Good to look uniform on stage. More durable than a regular binder. UCVE has about $200, and would be willing to use $100 of that at most.

Alex brings up that it is now chilly, and asks to close the window. Although this proves he is wishy-washy, we approve it.

12:31pm Michaela moves to amend the motion to say that the KSU will store the folders whenever necessary until such time that the UCVE ceases to exist. How do we define existence? This is a strange amount of specificity. It is for the comfort of the councillors. We vote, and the amendment doesn’t pass.

Jacob speaks strongly against the motion. $800 is a lot. Seems like this could be done for a lot less. Shipping and embossment are expensive. Emily speaks in favour of the motion. The UCVe has good reasons for needing the folders. We have the money to support this and have funded similar capital purchases.

How are we doing financially? What does the lack of recommendation mean? Emily says that finance committee takes funding requests very seriously. We discussed this request at length.

This money is for us to use. UCVE has provided a lot of love and music.

How many of the members are King’s students? Just under half or half of the society is King’s.

UCVE does benefit the community through its work. This work justifies a long-term commitment.

Is there another place where funding can come from? Asked DSU for an honorarium for the artistic director, doing fundraisers. Dance collective is an example of how long it can take if we vote it down.


1:07 WE’RE BACK!

It is moved and seconded to change $800 for $580. Let’s talk about that. The unconscious collective will put in $100. Jacob feels that the $120 for embossment is too much. We sould just pay for the folders.

UCVE says that embossment is only $4/folder. This is important for their identity. Embossment is part of the reason they want to have these. Also, this helps with recognizing who they belong to.

It is moved and seconded that we amend the amendment to $700. This amendment to the amendment is approved.

We are voting on the adoption of the striking out of $800 and replacing it with $700. It passes.

Now we are voting on the resolution. It passes. UCVE is in the money. #dollarz

1:14pm Contemporary Studies Society: They request $538.58 for the Jung at Heart party (basically the best name ever for a thing). This is a tradition and CSS wishes they could contribute more but they have had cuts.

It is moved and seconded to amend the motion, replacing $538.58 with $468.58. This would be based on the amount of $ CSS has in their bank account. We vote! The amendment passes.

Now we are voting on the resolution. It passes.

St. Andrews Mission Society: requests $110.35 for wool to make handmade items for Adsum House. Total of 12 balls of yarn.

We are suspending the rights (CRAY ZAY) to allow Veronica Curran to speak. She says that every year they try to donate practical items to to Adsum. Also want to be a place for cool knitting folks on campus. We vote and it passes. Cash money.

1:23pm The Feminist Collective: First, we’re amending the amount from $18.98 to $38.98 (this is because they need 3 packets of paper. The motion is amended.

So, the Feminist Collective wants to publish a zine to accompany the Wall of Women project. This is to show the her-story (as in history. But women.) of King’s. Finance committee is super into this. The Feminist Collective doesn’t want to shove anything down people’s throats, so the zine is a cool way to spread the info.

it is moved and seconded to amend the motion to say that the Feminist Collective needs 2300, not 2400, photocopies. It passes.

Michaela says that this is awesome and that we should keep remembering that. We vote. It passes! Go WOMEN

1:31pm SQUASHED society: They are the King’s Squash Society an are asking for $675 to go to Prince Edward Island for a tournament. A bit worrying that this money is only for 5 people. However, finance committee does recommend approval: let’s support sports! Requesting money makes it accessible for the members to go.

We are voting the heck outta this. And it passes.

1:36pm Le Salon: Requesting $19.26 for snacks for two meetings. Someone from the society is here! They want this to be a fun society to help people practice french. Snacks make it a fun environment. We vote and it passes! Hella yeah.


New Business (ft. swag)

1:38pm Why aren’t we paper-free? Some people really wanted to keep the papers. Projecting was tricky.

Michaela has a cool new motion! (She just made it. I helped.) It is moved and seconded to adopt the resolution. Essentially, we want some people of a variety of genders and sexes and races on the walls of the boardroom. This is where council meets, along with other groups. If it is not a truly safe space, we cannot have good discussions that are combating oppression if we are in oppressive spaces. We are dissatisfied. The motion is for the President to write a letter to the Board expressing our “dissatisfaction”.

Time to vote! Hecka yeah it passes. Put women on everything and in everything.

We are going in camera right now. Basically what that means is that we are talking about secret things. ooooooo. Only council members are allowed in the room while this is happening, and no minutes or anything will be taken. Bye for a bit!

We’re back! (ex camera)

We are voting on the motion that Claire Burrard step down as Day Student’s rep. It passes.

1:56pm We are adjourning! Peace out.