Council November 16

Here is the agenda for this meeting, and here are the Executive reports. And, here is the Orientation Week Coordinator Report!

As we sit, waiting for council to start, Mchaela and Haritha are debating the best intro question to ask everyone. Some options: best mythical creature, favourite childhood cartoon, what flavour of ice cream would you be?

10:12am: We are getting started! Haritha is giving us some background on Mi’Kmaq history in the area.

Now we’re all introducing ourselves and sharing our favourite childhood cartoon. Lots of Arthur. Lots of Little Bear. Jacob feels strongly about Pingu.


Previous minutes APPROVED!

Reports of the councillors are happening. Sofia is working on the FYP shirts (ft. Eli Diamond). Jess did some really cool Study Snacks things. Aidan tabled at the Wall of Women event for the CFS and is working on her report as Local-11 rep. The J-school might get a Gatorade water cooler??? Fiona (who is the new super cool Day Student rep) is working on planning hecka events for day students. Eleanor is working with some folks to create a response to the faculty’s response to the Task Force Deficit document.

Report of the President: Been working on exciting internal things. Governance committee: been discussing King’s board meetings becoming open; board doesn’t want to discuss having staff reps on the Board; been advocating that there be two students on the presidential search committee, but it has been shut down. Upcoming interim board meeting: called with four days notice and with 2/3 of the student reps unavailable. Working with DSU.

Report of the Student life Vice President: We will have (probably) 40 societies ratified by the end of this meeting! So many events. So many. Our sports teams are AWESOME. Go out and see them! Working on getting study space available, especially around the exam times: library, NAB, Wardroom, etc. Also maybe making some free snacks available during study times. More info on this coming super soon. Working through kinks of how security works with the union. Academic committee did lots of things this week: academic advising in the registrar’s office, trigger warnings (will be brought up in new business)

Report of the Financial Vice President: Emily is sick! But she has been doing some rad stuff.

Report of the External Vice President: COME TO THE GAME’S RIGGED!! ( Going to have some general activist training stuff happening, plus info about the Day of Action. South House is checking in on the terms used in their constitution. Food secure event happened this weekend: super cool, lots of indigenous representation, lots of great workshops. Equity affairs talked about lots of things- the mandate for their committee is vague, want to set up framework for committee to function in the future.

Report of the Communications Vice President: Figuring out the CKDU- King’s relationship. Did the Chalkboard (it looks awesome). BRC met, talked about environmental affairs comittee, equity committee, elections policy. New computer in the office for Emily! Thanks Gwendolyn for being a great scribe!



New society: Sunrise Sadhana wants to exist! It’s a yoga, meditation, massage, etc. society. All about cultivating body/soul relationship. This is pretty cool, because lots of people want yoga. Voting time! It so totally passes. Go us.

Honoraria for orientation week coordinators (Katharine, Eleanor, and Benjamin). This is the second half of their honoraria ($750. The total is $1500). They had a phenomenal team, tried to create a report that is not “utterly useless.” They were bale to create great relationships with sponsors, community members, etc. Passing along a ton of great information. Most important thing is cohesion of the planning group. Biggest success was the rhythm- tried to create a variety of events. Frosh van made it easier for day students to be around on campus.

Shoot i have forgotten to out times in along the way. It is currently 11:11am.

Voting time for Katharine’s honorarium! It passes!

Now we’re talking about the same thing, except regarding Eleanor this time. Voting time! Eleanor abstains. It passes!

One more time, finally about Ben. He’s upped our sponsorship game and generally been cool. Alex gives his love letter to frosh week. Now we vote. It so totally passes.

Le Salon wants cheese money. They have weekly meetings to speak french. Asking for $34.72. Let’s vote! Totes passes.

King’s Christian Fellowship is requesting $35.90 to make cookies for their bible study meetings. We are so in favour it hurts. It passes!

Platypus Affiliated Society is requesting $370.29 to fly in a speaker about the left from Toronto. They are asking for more funding from the DSU. We are only paying for the airfare. Time to vote! It passes.


New Business

Alex Bryant moves that the SLVP speak to King’s faculty regarding content warnings and the accommodation of students dealing with mental health disorders in the classroom. Mental health services on campus are inadequate, but that is not what this discussion is about. There have been incidents of triggering content arising in classes without warning. The academic committee is in favour is warnings at the beginning of the course and in the syllabus so that students can choose how much they want to participate. Not in favour of ratings for texts. Want to address it in a less formal way. Aidan speaks in favour of the motion, but is wondering about the wording of “disorder”- it seems harsh. Alex says he used the terminology that Dal uses. Jacob agrees with Aidan.

11:37am: 5 minute recess!

11:42am: WE’RE BACK

Alex moves to amend the motion to read: BIRT that the SLVP request to speak to King’s faculty at a faculty meeting regarding content warnings. Be it further resolved that the SLVP report back to council following this meeting.

Michaela mentions that the wording we use is for our members.

The amendment passes!

The motion passes!

More new business: let’s check in about the boardroom wall letter we talked about last council (about getting some representation from a variety of genders on the boardroom walls). Michaela is working on it, but doesn’t have a draft yet.

Jacob mentions that the next council meeting will be on a Saturday.

Adjournment: 11:49am!

Now we’re going to get pizza.