Council November 29

Council is about to begin! Here’s the agenda.

10:02am: “Are we starting soon? Or should I put on another song?” – Emily Rendell-Watson, Financial Vice President (then blasts Taylor Swift)

10:04am: We are getting started! Sharing Who we are and what we’re excited about for over the break. Aidan will be tobogganing. Emily will be meeting santa.

Minutes approved. Now we’re sharing our oral reports.

Melina (Arts rep): something cool coming up, a presentation/display about the human body.

Sofia (First Year rep): working in t-shirts! Coming soon.

Fiona (Day Students rep): lots of day student events coming up.

Meg (Journalism rep): looking at forming a journalism society, finding people to do workshops. Lots of things going on!

Zoe (Me. Also Member at Large): rally, meetings, fun stuff. Woo.

Aidan (Board of Governors rep): was disappointed in how students were ignored with the “emergency board meeting.” Went to her first meeting as our Local-11 rep. Recommends y’all read the CFS-NS policy documents. Her “love for the King’s community swelled.”

Hannah (Science rep): excited to work more on Day of Action planning. Got some science students to write letters.

James (Day Student rep): have had rad parties, got the pool table felted, decorating the wardy. They have a “buttload” of money to bring into the next term, so day students will be having a ton of cool stuff.

Jessica (Alex Hall president): christmas tree in the manning room coming soon! Changing rules and procedures in res, but it’s all super exciting.


10:23am: Reports of the Exec!

Michaela, our fearless President, is up first.

  • Letter-writing campaign. Students and alumni have been very involved (even high school students who were just accepted). This is the first sign of cuts but there are more to come in the deficit. These cuts are how the admin show who and what they value.
  • Lobby week! Spent all of last week there. Met with a bunch of senators. There is a copy of their recommendations in the office. Read it if you want, because this is what the CFS is lobbying for at a federal level.
  • College Task Force. It has become difficult for students to get seats on committee and to do the work when they are there- it is not made accessible to them. Students were not granted another seat on this committee even when faculty was.
  • Presidential and Vice-Presidential search committee. Students were not granted another seat, but got a guest seat.
  • Generally working hard to be acknowledged in the university’s administration

Next up, Alex, our Vice President (Student Life).

  • Internationalization and diversity working group. Michaela and Sofia are going to be sitting. Hurray!
  • Space. We’ve been able to get a new set of keys for the wardroom/galley. Study space: the library will be open until 3am from now on. We used to have the NAB open, too, but that is being refused to us this year. Why has the school cut student jobs, hired an expensive security team, and yet not given us access to spaces we previously had access to?
  • CUBE: 3-on-3 basketball tournament happening soon.
  • Been able to get hecka budget for exam stress relief snacks. He has apparently been waiting all term to do food stuff. Mental health matters campaign getting kicking.

Our Financial Vice-President, Emily Rendell-Watson, is going to tell us about $$$

  • Finance committee is really cool and wants to get sushi together (Can confirm, am on finance committee)
  • Trying to combat the assumption that tuition will go up. Working with budgeting committee.
  • University Finance Committee. Super secret.
  • The Watch is getting a smaller levy this year, due to decreased enrolment.
  • Working to hire grad week coordinators.
  • Working on the YAS ball

Anika, the totally rad External VP is reporting now.

  • Rally! In the rain! Lots of media hits. Got our goal of 80 people out, despite the rain!
  • Day of Action meeting. Holiday e-card action over the break.
  • Day of Action coming up super fast wow
  • Letter in support of Divest Dal. The board voted against divestment, but everyone worked really hard and they will continue to move forward.

Our communications VP, Jacob, is COMMUNICATING

  • Got UHP reports on time!
  • Working on inclusive wording on bursaries!
  • Help wanted on chalkboard (Jacob has messy writing)
  • Bylaw Review Committee met. Working on grammar and such.
  • Blown away by response to letter-writing campaign.


10:55am ACTION ITEMS!!!!!!!!


Gwendolyn Moncrieff-Gould is our super cool scribe. We are voting on giving her a $250 mid-term honorarium. Motion passes!

Alex Rose, CUBE coordinator, is up for a $125 mid-term honorarium. It passes!

Joseph Fish is the other CUBE coordinator, and is up for the same honorarium. He has a great moustache. It passes!

Emma Kenny, the campus safety officer, has done a ton of great work and is up for a $250 mid-term honorarium. It passes! I went to one of her dry frosh events, and it was super fun. We made soap.

Brianna Aird is up for a $250 mid-term honorarium for her work as Sustainability Officer. It totally passes. Go earth.

Emma Morris, our Chief Returning Officer is up for a bonus.

It is moved, seconded, and passed, that we we now be in camera! That means that this next bit is super secret and I will not be liveblogging. See you in a sec!

11:17am: we are back out of camera! (ex camera?)

Emily says Emma ran three elections in the span of three weeks. She motions that we amend the motion to indicate that the bonus be $250. Now we’re voting. It passes!

Jacob and Michaela both speak in favour of the motion. Look at it as a thank you.

Voting time! It passes fo sho.

We’re talking about awarding  $2200 honorarium to Michaela Sam for her work as President throughout the first term. Emily is speaking in strong support of the motion. Michaela is basically totally awesome. We all love her tons and tons and tons. It passes! (obvs)

Now on to Alex, our Student Life Vice President. We are looking at giving him the same honorarium. Alex is really cool and we like him a lot. “He actually is very fun.” -Emily Rendell-Watson. The word fun has been said approximately 10 times in this motivation. Voting! It passes! Alex abstains.

The same motion again, this time for Emily, the Financial Vice President. She has worked on transparency, been super involved everywhere. I was just in the bathroom, but I’m like 120% sure it passed. (yep, it did.)

Exec Honoraria round 4: Baker-Kretzmar edition. Jacob is the totally cool Communications VP. He is super dedicated, excited about everything, wants to learn about the Union always. Emily strives to be like him. It passes! Jacob abstains.

We are going in camera again! Bye for a bit!

11:44am: we are back ex camera again!

We are debating the motion that Katie Douglas receive an honorarium for her work as External VP (she resigned at the end of September). Emily is moving that we insert that $734 be the amount of Katie’s honorarium. Voting on the amendment, it passes!

Emily says that Katie is passionate, caring, excited about activism. Did lots of great work for the CFS. Voting! It passes! Anika abstains.

Now we are debating Anika’s honorarium. Emily moves that we indicate the amount as $1466. The amendment passes. Emily says that Anika came in through a by-election. She took a time that could have been difficult and made it totally awesome. Dedicated many hours to the union, student movement, CFS, etc. Also, she has great puns. Emily aspires to be as funny as her. Voting! It passes! #YOLO



King’s Mind wants to be ratified. They are a super cool science society with a whopping 5 members. It passes! Mindful!

King’s Footlights also wants to be ratified! They are a sketch comedy group. It passes! Hilarious!

Best Buddies: University of King’s College Chapter requests $67.00 for their christmas party. It passes! Christmassy!

HOST Society wants $610 for printing their HOST journal and for snacks for their editors. It passes! Scientific!

Our very own Emily is requesting a $100 travel bursary to attend the Canadian Fair Trade Network National Conference in Montreal. It passes! Fair! Emily abstains.

Now it is time to elect someone as the student rep on the University’s Presidential and Vice-Presidential Search Committee. This needs to be one of our BoG reps (Michaela, Aidan, and Eleanor). This is a big year for King’s. Big changeover. We also get a “guest” seat on the committee, but we will not elect that person. Michaela self-nominates. No one else does. She would have Aidan as the guest, which would be great. Michaela is generally great and knows everything about the KSU. We are voting! It passes! Presidential!



Jacob moves that Emily and Michaela deliver reports to council on the 2014 CFS AGMs in June and October, respectively, by January 11th, 2015. It passes!

Meg requests $31 to put candy canes in the J-School students’ cubbies. No Journalism society exists yet, but she is working toward this. Emily says it would be more appropriate for the society to be formed before this funding request goes in, just to have good due procedure. Alex is going to deal with this through events money, so it is not a motion and we are not voting on it.