College Task Force Town Hall

Check out the Task Force’s updates and draft Interim Report. This is an extra special non-council live blog! This town hall is being held to address the recently released College Task Force Interim Draft Report, which outlines both long- and short-term solutions to the University’s financial situation. The purpose of next hour, we are being told, is for […]

Council January 25

Check out the agenda here, and Exec reports here. 10:10am: We’re already rolling! Reports of the councillors are getting it started as usual. Sofia has been working on FYP shirts and Eli Diamond shirts (YOU CAN BUY ELI DIAMOND SHIRTS IN THE KSU OFFICE. THIS IS HAPPENING). Meagan is working on starting an Atlantic chapter […]

Statement on the Watch levy

Dear members, This is a message to clarify some confusion regarding the relationship betwen the KSU and the Watch. As the result of past referendums, the KSU collects levies on behalf of a number of independent student organizations including the Watch (other such organizations include CKDU, WUSC, NSPIRG, and South House). Different organizations have different […]

College Task Force

In December 2014, the College Task Force that was struck earlier in the year began meeting to discuss solutions to the University’s financial problems. The student representatives on the CTF are Michaela Sam and Emily Rendell-Watson. The Task Force has been meeting regularly and distributing updates from these meetings to the College community. Read up! […]

Council January 11

10:19am: We have actually been going for a few minutes, but I just now got my computer open and going! The meetings started with a call to order and an acknowledgement of the unceeded Mi’kmaw territory on which we are meeting. Now we’re doing councillor reports! GO COUNCILLORS! The main thing everyone is super duper […]