Council January 11

10:19am: We have actually been going for a few minutes, but I just now got my computer open and going!

The meetings started with a call to order and an acknowledgement of the unceeded Mi’kmaw territory on which we are meeting.

Now we’re doing councillor reports! GO COUNCILLORS!

The main thing everyone is super duper pumped about is the DAY OF ACTION coming up on February 4th. If you don’t know about it, you should totally get on that. Here is the Facebook event, and any member of council would be supremely happy to talk to you about it. We will also be tabling (giving out cards, buttons, information, and LOVE) in the Wardy as often as we can, so swing by during the day, grab a samosa from the galley, and get pumped.


10:30am: Reports from the coolest catz on campus: the KSU exec.

Michaela Sam (our Obama) (by which I mean our president, if that wasn’t clear) has been doing a ton of stuff, as always. She is working on getting academic amnesty for all KSU members (that means YOU) for the Day of Action. Essentially, that means that you cannot be penalized for missing class during the rally.

Michaela is also giving us an update on the Dalhousie Dentistry case from her point of view. If you’re not totally up to date, check out The Watch’s recent article here. She is working on a letter to President Florizone.

College task force is meeting now to discuss the deficit. It won’t be just one big thing. Emily and Michaela are working to keep the rights of students at the forefront.


10:46am: VP Student Lyfe #swag

Alex actually isn’t here, so instead of his report we looked at a picture of some people playing volleyball. Also he wants people to watch Friends with him in Alumni Thursday nights.


10:47am: $$$$$ VP Finance $$$$$$

Emily is working with the college task force. They are delving in to short- and long-term financial solutions.

(Sofia Zaman, our swagalicious first year rep, just rolled up. Only 52 minutes late. Good job Sofia.)

Emily is also working with budget advisory committee, levy policy, consent day, the Watch, and Day of Action!


10:57am: Let’s take it outside! Our External VP, Anika, is up.

Anika has been working incredibly hard on Expel Misogyny at Dal- protesting etc.

Day of Action!!!!!!!! We’re going to be tabling twice a week from 10-3 in in wardroom. Come visit! We love you! Also, she’s talking to specific societies like Sust King’s and PRIDE about promoting the Day of Action from their own perspectives. Cake walk will happen! Also a kraft dinner cookout. (SERIOUSLY HOW COOL IS THAT. A KD COOKOUT AND A CAKEWALK. AND YOU CAN DO THEM AND BE WORKING TO LOWER TUITION SIMULTANEOUSLY). Meet at 11:30 in the quad on February 4th for the Day of Action.


11:05am: Communicate. VP Communications. It’s real. It’s here. It’s now.

Elections are coming so soon! ONE MONTH! Over the break, he hung out with his dogs.


11:07am: Report on the CFS meeting in May

Michaela, Emily, Rachelle Mackay, and Katie Douglas went to represent us. Two environmental campaigns were adopted, many forums, caucuses, and constituency groups were held, and it was generally really cool.


11:11am (make a wish ooo): Report on the CFS meeting in October.

I was signing up for tabling during this report, but it sounded great. If you want to know more about these two meetings, pop by the KSU office and talk to Michaela or Emily!


11:18am: Time to elect someone to the University Vice-Presidential Review Committee.

Eleanor self nominates. She wins! Hurrah!


11:22am: I’m just going to paste this resolution in, because it is quite long:

Be it resolved that the incidents of misogyny and sexism within the Dalhousie Faculty of Dentistry be condemned. Be it further resolved that Dalhousie University’s failure to provide redress and support to the affected students, and failure to address long-standing concerns about sexism and misogyny on campus be condemned. Be it further resolved that the King’s Students’ Union support the Dalhousie Student Union’s calls for the creation of a system for the anonymous reporting of discrimination and harassment at the university, the implementation of a mandatory equity course for all students at Dalhousie, the creation of a student advocate office, and the implementation of mandatory training on sexism and misogyny for all faculty and staff.

Aidan asks what the details of what the DSU is calling for are. Do we know what they will look like? Check out for details about their position.

Emily speaks in favour, saying that we need to address blatant sexism and misogyny for what it is and to acknowledge its presence all over Nova Scotia and Cana

da. We need to stand in solidarity with the DSU.

All in favour, Eleanor and Aidan abstain due to their positions of Senate Disciplinary Committee.



Jacob wants to move the date for Emily’s report on levied society policy to the last council date of this term. It passes!

We need to elect someone to the WUSC levy board for THIS YEAR. (The position wasn’t elected at the fall GM, as it was supposed to be. Michaela nominates Jake Norris. He is a 3rd year student at King’s who is very active. He’s level-headed and committed to academic life.