Council January 25

Check out the agenda here, and Exec reports here.

10:10am: We’re already rolling! Reports of the councillors are getting it started as usual. Sofia has been working on FYP shirts and Eli Diamond shirts (YOU CAN BUY ELI DIAMOND SHIRTS IN THE KSU OFFICE. THIS IS HAPPENING). Meagan is working on starting an Atlantic chapter of PEN. Hannah is going to do some tutoring things for science students. Melina has been working on Day of Action. Fiona says day students are doing a FROST WEEK this week. Super cool and fun! Aidan has been working on class talks. I have been doing day of action stuff and working with MFA students to get connected to the Union.

10:17am: Reports of the exec!

Michaela’s is first, but she is in Ottawa. Resulting from some disturbing graffiti on campus, conversations about homophobia and islamaphobia have been happening at King’s. This is a good thing – we should be questioning discrimination on campus. She is open to talk to anyone who wants to chat about these issues. The Watch levy! You’ve probably heard about this. The KSU wants to work with the Watch to get the levy released, and has written a cheque for the first half of the Fall portion of the levy. She’s also been working with the College Task Force, Human Resources, Advancement Committee, and the Nominating Committee.

10:25am: GET READY TO LIVE, it’s the Student Life VP! Alex has been working on elections (They are happening! Check this event out: and CUBE – trying to make it even better next year. Society training, midterm reports from societies: going on fo sho. Working with the KTS on their flooding and with the Chorus on their finances. Exam study snacks were a success but we still need to think about where students can have to study on campus. The registrar’s office is undergoing MAJOR RESTRUCTURING which makes him concerned about whether any of his discussions will stick.

10:33am: Emily’s report ’bout dat CA$H

WUSC is getting their levy released! Funding requests were great! Working with the Watch! Hanging with the College Task Force! Aidan attended University Finance Committee in Emily’s place, as Emily was sick!

10:36am: Anika, a.k.a. External VP, is rollin up with her 125 servings of Kraft Dinner (you can eat this KD! Monday in the quad! Do it! CHECK IT OUT HERE) She just made a Rebecca Black Reference. Feeder rally is going to be RAD (CHECK THAT OUT HERE). Lots of elections are happening! Working on getting a cultural sharing circle started at the Mi’kmaq friendship centre.

10:42am: JACOB, the Communications VP, has one thing to communicate: ELECTIONS ELECTIONS ELECTIONS!

10:43am: ACTION ITEMS!!!

First up, THE MICHAEL CERA SOCIETY! They want to run a Michael Cera film festival and invite Michael Cera. It obviously passes, who even are you if you try to vote this down.

We’re taking the agenda out of order due to some people who won’t be here for a bit.

Le Salon wants some funding for cheese and baguette for the year. It passes! Oui oui!

The Dance Collective is looking for $58.91 for speakers. It passes!

HOSTSoc is looking for $250.40 for study snacks, snacks for a Podcast Listening Party, and postage to send out journals. THE MORE SNACKS THE BETTER. It passes. Yeaah.

The King’s Chorus asks for $775.82 for a variety of things. Alex says they (he and Emily) have been working with the Chorus for a while, trying to figure out if they are even meeting the normal criteria for a society – they’ve gotten very big and very professional. They are still trying to figure out all the pieces of the puzzle, especially how people are going to be paid – does the money come from us or from the Chapel or elsewhere? It’s dubious whether or not the Chorus can continue to operate as a student society if they continue employing professionals. They are doing okay right now because they made a ton of money at their last concert. Jacob is wondering whether it makes sense to fund this society when they are paying an honorarium to a University employee, and also charging their members a $20 membership fee. The motion passes.

10:57am: Students Against Israeli Apartheid are looking for ratification. SAIA engages in open conversations about colonialism, racism, and more. They are having honest conversations about important topics. They have been active for a while, and have been ratified at Dalhousie since the last semester. Aim to end Dal’s investment in companies that are complicit in Israeli Apartheid. They also draw connections to the colonialist state of Canada. It passes!

The King’s Hockey Society is requesting $447.60 in contingent funding for the King’s Cup. They are apparently a bomb-ass society and have grown a lot in the past year. The money mostly goes toward renting the Forum. It passes!

CSP is looking for $1,494.11 in non-contingent funding for Hinge printing costs and snacks. This is a big number but it is well thought out! It passes!

After what may be THE FASTEST COUNCIL IN EVER we are done at 11:07am!!!!!!! WHAT ARE WE?

Boom. See y’all next time.