Council February 8

Look! An agenda and reports!

I’s 9:58am and we are listening to ABBA.

10:03: HERE WE GO! We are on unceded traditional Mi’kmaw territory.

Time for oral reports of the councillors:

Eleanor (BoG rep) had a board meeting this week. The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the College Task Force document. The majority of the room felt like decisions were being made and felt confident about the state of the BoG/King’s

Me! I’ve done Day of Action things and MFA student things and CTF town hall things.

Jessica, our res rep, is up. Big props to the Day of Action folks. Hired a new junior don for first floor (because us fourth floor people stole their don MWAHAHAHAH). Battle of the bays is happening soon (had to restructure for legal reasons)! Avalon Sexual Assault centre is bringing in some anatomical valentines. Education about St. Paddy’s day drinking.

James Pottie, day student rep: had a DSS meeting, got quorum. Had a bunch of $$$, so figuring out what to do with that. Bought Mooseheads tickets and gave them all out. Lots of great stuff happening.

Aidan (the other BoG rep) is up now. Board meeting went smoothly. Very proud of students for pushing for the things they did in the DTF document. Feb 4th happened! Big thanks to everyone who volunteered and led- lots of rad female leadership! A board teleconference is coming up. Goal to facilitate changeover.

Melina, our arts rep, is up! Day of Action. Working on the Symposium for the Body, a FYP journal, academic committee, etc.

Sofia is here, killin it, being a first year rep. Did a viewing party of Pride and Prejudice, wants to do another for Frankenstein. Basically doing a ton of cool stuff.

Hannah is getting scientific up in here, as our science rep. Working on a cooking event with Sofia. Might do some informal tutoring in Alex Hall.

Megan, our journalism rep, is also stoked about the Day of Action. The taxi chits she was working on getting will probably not happen given the financial situation of the college. PEN is moving forward. Freedom to Read week is happening- maybe making a mobile library in a van to drive around. Maybe a food and feedback session for j-school.


10:25: Report of the President (Michaela)! You can read all the reports: here. Main point include elections, Day of Action (there is a debrief meeting at 7pm on Wednesday!), state of the Wardroom, College Task Force, and Board of Governors Meeting. Ancillary fee review, admin restructuring, and contracts for sessional instructors for next year: all are recommendations that will likely/hopefully pass. Discussion about open board meetings started.

10:33: Report of the VP Student Life (Alex)! Again, you can read his full report at the link above. He’s working on CUBE and athletics (working on increasing funding), food for fines at the library, society training and reports, academic committee, Gender and Women’s Studies program, Day of Action, badminton nationals, and the fountain lecture. Jacob asks about how the ATB cuts would affect the athletics department. It would have a large effect. Eleanor clarifies that ATB cuts wouldn’t affect everything equally.

10:44: Report of the VP Financial (Emily)! She clarifies again that none of the cuts are certain yet. Meeting with Budget Advisory committee. Her whole report can be found above, but the main things that happened were the CTF and its Town Hall, academic committee, Day of Action, women in politics event, WBOM, the Watch, and University finance committee. She also updates us that there is $6809.13 left in the society budget.

10:53: Report of the VP External (Anika)! Check out the whole report up top. She has been working on Day of Action, Elections, Consent Week, Sustainability King’s, Campus Safety, a cultural sharing circle, and the new Dal health fee. Melina and Sofia ask about the new health fee. What is it? Michaela answers that it’s $33 per semester and will go toward the health services at Dal.

10:57: Report of the Cp Communications (Man bun extraordinaire Jacob)! He’s been working on elections, bylaw review committee, CTF Town Hall and report, Day of Action.



CSP is requesting $1 060.37 for a panel, the Symposium on the Body, and the honorarium for a speaker. Lots of wine. Sofia asks if these events are open to all students. Yes, yes they are. Voting! It passes.

King’s Foreign Film Society is requesting $160.00 in contingent funding for snacks and movie rentals. They are holding the meetings on Tuesdays despite FYP essays being due on Wednesdays.  Voting! It passes!

The Feminist Collective is looking for $22.33 for the “Be Your Own Valentine” event. Jacob asks if we can give them more money or if they need it. Alex and Emily say that they are good at getting funding from other sources and are also very frugal. It passes! YAY!

King’s Image Photography Society is requesting $218.75 for a film swap (which sounds incredibly cool). Jessica asks how many  prints are being requested. 216 is the answer. James asks if they would be up for sale or display. Display. Voting on it! It passes!

St. Andrew’s Mission Society is requesting $161.78 in contingent funding for a pancake dinner/fundraiser. Emily thinks Alex is gluten-intolerant. He is not. In his words: “I eat so much gluten.” Aidan speaks strongly in favour. Apparently last year this was the “best day of her year.”

King’s PRIDE Society is requesting $137.10 in contingent funding for a letter-writing campaign about a bill for trans rights that has been blocked. Anika asks if the stamps are needed if it’s being sent to an MP. Apparently these would be sent to senate because that is where the bill is right now. It so so so totally passes. Everyone’s hands basically flew up.

The KTS is requesting 4275 b/w photocopies and 320 colour photocopies for scripts, programs, and posters. Jacob asks if this is their usual amount of printing and if he heard correctly that they are holding two general meetings in one term. Emily says that yes, this is what they usually ask for, but because of the new photocopying system we are getting the request now. They do usually hold two GMs but the first one is usually before the second season is picked.

The King’s Poetry Society is requesting $250 for a poetry reading with Jan Zwicky. Finance committee did not give a recommendation because the breakdown of refreshments was not detailed. Michaela moves to amend the motion to read $200, so we can pay the honorarium but not the refreshment costs. Aidan asks how the Haliburton society gets their funding. Gwendolyn says that Haliburton requests funding for $100 per meeting and they are putting that $100 towards this event instead of their weekly meeting. The amendment passes. The motion passes!

The King’s/Dal Fashion Design Show Society is requesting $1 320 for their fashion show. They have received $1 150 from Dal and are requesting the rest from us. Finance committee did not make a recommendation because the funding request did not come from a King’s student, some of the funding is retroactive, we’re not sure exactly where the money is going, and we don’t know if they have a bank account, and if so how much is in it. Jacob amends the motion to read “Dalhousie/King’s” because that’s the name of their society. Hannah asks if they have asked for student tech volunteers. Emily says we don’t know. Michaela says maybe we should postpone. James says that it’s ridiculous that they are asking for more money from us than from the DSU. Jessica asks about retroactive funding. Emily says we do not know if their funding requests are retroactive or not. Emily and Alex say that this society was very enthusiastic at society training and that it would be better to sit down with them and their budget. Jacob moves that we insert $70 instead of the original amount. Emily clarifies that we do not know if this is retroactive funding or not and we do not know where the money is going. Emily moves to postpone. We can’t actually move to postpone until we deal with the amendment. Jessica says we do not know enough to amend. Michaela says this amendment is well-meaning but somewhat arbitrary. We are voting on the amendment. It does not pass. The motion to amend is dropped. Aidan says she is worried that they won’t have the money in time if we do not approve this. James says that is seems they are looking for the “day of” costs from us and already have the money for the materials. I move to postpone the motion to next meeting and it passes.

Haritha apologizes and clarifies that a motion to postpone CAN take precedence over a motion to amend.



Eleanor brings up that the discussion about board members from students tends to be negative. The board has great intentions overall, and we should really have a good feeling toward them. Respect for the board!

12:00pm: Adjournment! BYEEE