Council February 22

Meeting number 10!! Read the agenda and reports while u wait!

10:02am: We have been called to order! We are on unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaw territory.

Agenda amendments! We are adding a motion that was postponed at the last meeting, regarding the Dal/King’s Fashion Show. Other than that, we’re good.

Reports of the councillors:

Meagan, journalism rep, is working on getting feedback from j school students and getting PEN going

Sofia, the first year rep, is working on a cooking event and a Frankenstein watching event.

Aidan, BoG rep, thought the board was going to have a call-in meeting, but this did not happen. Postponed due to legal stuff surrounding salary freezes. Presidential search committee is happening as well.

Fiona, one of our day student reps, says that the DSS just got funding for a musical instrument for the wardroom.

Eleanor, our other BoG rep, says that she’d been working on the Senate Disciplinary Committee.

Hannah, science rep, is working on a cooking workshop and an academic advising session.

James, the other Day student rep, is working on moving the donated piano from the chapel to the wardroom.

Jessica, res rep, has alcohol and consent workshops happening tomorrow and next Monday. This is like herding cats, not hurting them. Some floors and bays want just their group and other are okay with having students there.

Zoe (me), the Member-at-Large and coolest person on council, has been working on MFa student stuff and wants to make the live blog more well-known and accessible.


Reports of the Exec!

Michaela, our fearless leader, is stoked for councillor appreciation, new folks coming in and changeover. Goals is changeover: to facilitate group aspects of changeover, write up the presidential changeover document.

It is moved and seconded to go in camera, which means there will be no minutes or notes taken at this point. Be right back, yo.

We’re back! Michaela is continuing her report. She has been working on university committee, presidential search committee. The presidential search will have a lot of different ways to engage. Michaela or Aidan will always be in the room. The new president will start on November 16th, so this is a long process. Senate review committee is getting together to work on the relationship between Dal and King’s.

The College Task Force doesn’t have a new report yet- waiting on senate review committee. Michaela has suggested to the CTF that she step down and be replaced by Alex (incoming president). Next week is our last meeting with this exec! Wow!


Alex (Student Life VP) is up next. Women’s volleyball, varsity basketball and badminton are all ending. These are the best badminton players in the country. Like, actually.

Fountain lecture is happening Thursday, February 26th. You can vote for next year’s lecture online (link in the reports document above)

Working on changeover and awards (engraving plaques).

DASSS and DSU are working on bylaw review regarding the membership of non-DSU students on their council.


Time for Emily, the Finance VP, to make it rain. She is working on Consent+ day (planning meeting March 4th), Budget advisory committee (enrolment is down, trying to make use of empty residence rooms), and changeover with Aidan.


Anika, aka External VP is now up. She says that she has an “eye thing” and is not winking at us. PRIDE got 49 letters in support of speeding up bill C-279 regarding trans rights. In Ondaatje hall there is a seminar regarding the experience of indigenous people with Energy East.

There is a march and a social media campaign regarding the inaccessible sidewalks here. #inaccessibleHalifax

New No Means No materials!!!!! (Consent is mandatory and posters regarding the disproportionate sexual violence against racialized women)

CFS will be tabling on Feb 26th.

There are two visitors from Dal to tell us about health services. Student wellness on campus is super important. Health fee has been increased by about $30. We want to send out a questionnaire about what students want from their health services. Hoping to reach out to King’s societies such as KMHAC, PRIDE, feminist collective, etc. Still have some money to figure out what campaigns they want to do.


Jacob, our Communications VP, is up now. We got 29% voter turnout (very good!). He’s been working on bylaw review committee. Working also on changeover- GO SOFIA.



First up, the Dalhousie Undergraduate Political Science Society is seeking ratification. They act as the rep for Poli Sci students, are an academic society, peer advising, publishing a journal, social activities, movie nights, pub nights, dodgeball event coming up, lots of cool stuff! Voting time- it passes. WHAM.

Anika motions to omnibus Action items 5.2, 5.3, 5.5, and 5.7. These are all MFA students requesting travel bursaries to travel to Halifax for graduation in May. There is a ton of travel bursary money left over. Voting time: it passes! So all four of these motions have passed.

Next up, another travel bursary. Ariel Weiner is requesting a travel bursary to attend the Survival Conference at U of T (by the way, all travel bursaries are $100, which is why I haven’t been including amounts here). She is presenting, which will most likely bring some recognition to King’s, especially because it is a graduate conference. It passes!

And another travel bursary! For the same conference as above. Claris Figueira has also been invited to present a paper and is excited to do so. This is a chance to reach out to other students and academics. It passes!

Alright, now the feminist collective is requesting $108.20 for cupcake materials for Consent day. They are specifically “buttcakes” (because everyone has a butt). Of course everyone is in favour. It hecka passes.

PRIDE is requesting $605 for PRIDE week. This sounds awesome- has a ton of cool things happening. 6 speakers are coming, a south house workshop, craft supplies, a queer social between all the universities, a massive party, snacks, and more. Aidan asks if PRIDE has asked equity committee about this. Anika speaks in favour of the motion (because it’s awesome). The week will be the first week of march, the 2nd to 6th. Some talks about requesting funding from the equity committee. The motion passes. AMPED.

Okay, so the King’s/Dal Fashion Design Show Society motion is back, requesting about $1300 (not sure the exact amount). We talked about it last council and postponed it. There are 3 King’s students on the show and 3 more attending free as press. They have about $30 in their bank account. They have already gotten $1150 from Dal and the DSU. Eleanor says that we should support them but maybe not with the full amount.  We are interested in amending this motion to a smaller amount but we’re not sure how much. Want to cover the makeup, maybe lighting. This is raising money for Dress for Success Halifax, hoping to raise $2000. Aidan says she would be comfortable matching the DSU’s funding. Motion is amended to read $500. Voting time. It passes.

Next week’s council is the Scotiabank room.