Council March 8

Read the agenda and Executive reports and Levy Policy Report!

It’s 9:44am and, after a moment of being locked out of our room we are getting going.

Michaela is starting off by giving some amendments to the agenda regarding hiring grad coordinators.

Now were getting going on the oral reports of the councillors.

Hannah says not much has been going in science, due to midterms.

Sofia will be working with SustKing’s to put on an event.

Melina Is working with interdisciplinary committee and loves us.

Fiona says the DSS has elections coming up, as well as the sugar moon trip. Also, the wardy is maybe probably getting a piano.

Then I said some stuff.

Eleanor says that she sees lots of Board members at her work (woozles?). She’s also been working with the Senate Disciplinary Committee.

Aidan says happy international women’s day! She is excited to transition to a new position. Also had some TBH moments in the wardroom, apparently. Also also, preseidential search committee is working. Not sure if it will be open or closed yet. Town halls coming up for that, also vice-presidential search committee is meeting. Had her last meeting as Local 11 rep with CFS-NS (Hannah K will take this over when she becomes EVP).


9:55am: Report of the president! Michaela’s FINAL REPORT! Changeover is happening. This is the most robust changeover. A very equity-based changeover. WBOM meeting. She’s also working with the registrar’s office and with the presidential search process. The shortest board exec meeting ever happened. Pushing also for Labour and Advanced Education tables to have student reps.

She also wants to throw out some mad thank yous. Oh lord she’s actually doing person by person. She’s now crying. She then went on to make a really lovely, emotional speech.


10:09am: moving on to Alex, student life VP. He had his first meeting with the CTF. They’re talking about a lot of things including the salary freeze. Alumni association met, which usually the president sits on, but this year Sofia will sit on as CVP. There were badminton nationals. Also, the Wilson room will be always open as a study space next year. Alex has also been working on changeover with Alex McVittie.


10:16am: Emily is up, reporting as FVP. We have about $3600 left in the society and travel bursary budget. She’s also been working on Consent+ day- it is going to be literally incredible (lots of amazing workshops). At Budget Advisory Committee meeting, it was said that we will likely see another drop in enrolment. Lots of conversations about what King’s is and how to keep it that way. CTF meeting was focused on developing goals, but those were not finished. Just like everyone else, She has been working on changeover. Lastly, she does some intense thank yous. This meeting is turning out to be an emotional roller coaster.

10:24am: Anika starts her External VP report by talking about international women’s day. While sexual violence affects all kinds of people, it disproportionately affects women, and even more racialized women, indigenous women, and women with disabilities. We are sending two students to the CF national forum on sexualized violence. Apparently she and Hannah tricked people into showing up for an external action committee meeting by promising them perogies. PRIDE week was awesome! Thanks PRIDE society! Anika has also been working with UHPs and with bottled water free day. Working with SustKing’s on that last one, as well as many more things. She parts with the usual YOLOdarity shoutout. I love Anika.


10:30am: Jacob is up (communications VP). The computer by the door of the KSU office now has Adobe suite and cAn print directly! And anyone can use it! TWAK has continued. This is Jacob’s last TWAK. He’s also been working with changeover and bylaw review committee. He’s been deleting the word “shall” from the Bylaws. There’s a lot of change happening in terms of the res reps, election policy, and more. This is largely in prep for the GM. All councillors must send a report to Sofia by march 31st. He gives a massive shoutout to Gwendolyn, our scribe. He tried to think of something heartfelt to say, but could only think of Breaking Free from HSM.


10:40am: Emily is reporting on External Levy Policy. A levy is a sum of money that the KSU gives to an external organization. She is recommending that levied societies not be required to hold a meeting in order to release levies, along with a few other revisions: opt-out procedure, presentation to council, and non-compliance.



10:48am: The Dal/King’s Swimming Society is requesting $199.90. We revise it to $130. Emily says that the amount over and above $130 was retroactive. They are requesting the money for providing swimming lessons for children through YouthNet: a background check and a vulnerable sector check and some honoraria. It passes.

10:51am: Rebecca Steele is requesting a $100 travel bursary to attend the National Debate Championships in Montreal. Jacob amends the motion to match the typical travel bursary format.

10:54am: Now we’re electing three people to the Staff Person Search Committee. This committee would review the current KSU staff positions- Hospitalities manager and our other staff member (Chris Parsons- I cannot remember his position title). Niki Foley, Melina Zaccaria, and Joy Shand are nominated. Niki is a 2nd year day student looking to get involved, who is very motivated and organized. Melina is an excellent communicator and enthusiastic participant. Joy has sat on finance committee, is staff supervisor, has a ton of institutional memory and thinks critically. Voting time! It passes! Melina abstains.

11:00am: Time for some grad coordinator hiring!

Julian Peterson is the first one we’re voting on. It passes.

Now on to Carrie Delesky (sp?): it passes!

Finally, Lea Morris. It passes!


11:05am: new business!

There is no new business except for Jacob remembering the word humbled.

Also a round of applause for everyone leaving!


Adjournment! BYE!