Spring General Meeting *snowflake emoji*

HEY GET YOUR BUTTS OVER HERE! WE NEED SOME SERIOUS QUORUM FOLKS I PROMISE IT’LL BE FUN ALSO WE’RE CURRENTLY SNACKIN THE HOUSE DOWN brb getting snacks update: back. Got snacks. Still no quorum :””( update: more snacks. more people. no quorum. update: only need 8 more people until quorum! At that point I may […]

Council April 7

This is our last in-person council of the year! NOOO *cries* This is also a super special fun time council, occurring at 2pm. 2:06pm: We are getting going with some super fun and quirky agenda revisions. Essentially, we’re doing some things out of order and correcting some errors. SO we’re starting with action items. First […]