Fall GM (Hogwarts Theme!)

Hey there! It’s your main homie, Zoë and I’m back atcha with another smooth n juicy live blog! Just ate a great apple. We’re halfway to quorum (the amount od people we need to have this meeting) in the wardy, so if you’re reading this and are not in the wardy, I highly recommend joining […]

Council September 27

IMPORTANT THINGS: Consultation tomorrow at 3:30-5:30 in the red room with the committee on student fees. BE THERE. Even a reduced proposal is not acceptable. Any increase to tuition fees is unacceptable. There is also an assumption of a 3% increase on tuition fees every year that we need to deal with. Keep pushing against this. Fees […]

Council September 13

Hello all! I arrived at this meeting a half hour late. I literally set my alarm for pm instead of am. This is my life. 10:28 As I arrive, Alex Bryant is giving his report. He gives updates about many different aspects of KSU life that have happened over the summer. He’s been very busy. […]