Council September 13

Hello all! I arrived at this meeting a half hour late. I literally set my alarm for pm instead of am. This is my life.

10:28 As I arrive, Alex Bryant is giving his report. He gives updates about many different aspects of KSU life that have happened over the summer. He’s been very busy.

The wardroom and the galley have had a lot of updates and renovations.

He’s also been working on the College Task Force (CTF (with me!) which is infuriating. Tuition committee is perhaps even more ridiculous: it was created in reaction to unregulated tuition “adjustment” from the government. We knew going in that essentially this was going to increase tuition, aka the root of all evil.  But Alex hoped to also get some other useful things out of it. Unfortunately these did not happen. It was “an exercise in patience.” There was a proposal of a $1000 tuition increase just for FYP, and then the 3% increase would resume. Committee want to get buy-in from faculty and students. Memo coming out from the committee on Monday. Alex keeps arguing that increasing tuition for a program whose enrolment has dropped is beyond ridiculous. Tuition committee wants to make us more expensive than the next most expensive program in our market by a wide margin. Frowny face.

One good thing is that the Bachelor of Journalism Honours one year program tuition is no longer a lump sum.

Board meeting! A good one. Board (Dale, the chair) wrote a letter to Kelly Reagan that was super in line with our whole student movement. A response also came back from Labour and Advanced Education (LAE), but it’s also confidential (and mega bullshit). Not sure if this is public document yet. We also had a huge discussion about open board meetings and made a motion to governance committee to bring a motion to council about how we can make open board meetings work.


10:52 Alex McVittie, Student Life Vice President (SLVP), is reporting!

Frosh week was rad as heck. Heard only good things. Everyone worked really hard.

Julie Green is our new registrar! Hooray! Focused on student retention.

Alex went to lots of Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) events this year, as well as Nova Scotia Exec meeting. Remember that none of us know everything and we all need to work together. is a cool website created by some Dal students about creative writing.

Alex is designing new athletic wear line! Hooray!

Societies: lots getting ratified today!

Campus Master Planning Committee coming up, which is a committee of the board to plan for the physical plant of the university.


10:57 Aidan is reporting as VP financial! She’s super happy to be back! It’s a new financial year and so we are kind of at square one again. Looking forward to final budget being approved at the fall GM.

Once the drop date for courses has past, we’ll be able to factor in enrolment actuals.

Some discussions over the summer about Galley Levy. We owed them a little money. ****Aidan also wants to shout out to people reading this that she didn’t actually eat anything from the galley until second year and she greatly regrets this. GO TO THE GALLEY PEOPLE****

We’ll be hiring grad week coordinators soon, so keep this in mind.

Aidan will be attending the university’s finance and audit committee tomorrow.


11:01 Hannah Kaya is TAKING IT OUTSIDE. Because she’s external vp cool joke me.

The CFS will be tabling every week! We’ll be issuing International Student Identification Cards (ISICs), working on #itsnosecret, and more. Can even register students. Remember, councillors, come to X-action meetings!

There will be a debate watching party in the wardroom: click here to find out more!

Bill 114. Lots of people signing postcards in support. This bill would force universities to develop more robust sexual assault and harassment policy. Really important in light of campus misogyny.

Meeting with Union Hired Positions. Sustainability will be doing a movie night and Campus safety is working on sexual justice workshops.


11:06 Sofia is here! Communications VP reporting heck yeah.

And now she is going to print things.


I did my report then! It was very long. I talked about Senate Discipline Committee, finance and audit committee, CTF, Board meeting stuff (including the equity report about gender neutral washrooms and equity policy including sexual assault policy, discussing open board meetings, and MJ/JD), assistant dean hiring committee, and #itsnosecret


Back to Hannah to report on the CFS national meeting.

Lots of amazing constituency groups happened, including women’s and more. There were also workshops, meetings, and more. Talked about divestment, consent, C-51, aboriginal issues (incl Truth and Reconciliation Commission), and so much more. Work done in Nova Scotia was brought up during No Means NO meeting as doing exemplary work.



Voting on releasing o week coordinator honoraria. It so totally passes heck yeah

Voting on releasing grad week coordinator honoraria. They did an awesome report. This fall, Financial VP will be the coordinator. A bit of a disaster having the president try to supervise this.

Voting on releasing Alex Bryant’s summer honorarium. A lot goes on in the summer, and it is important that we recognize Alex’s work around the summer months. Alex mentions that we need to figure out a better way to pay exec honoraria. Aidan clarifies that we’re voting on $1500 but $750 has already been paid out. Voting time! In favour as heck.

Now we have a similar motion but for Alex McVittie for her work as SLVP. Alex talks about how important Alex was this summer, especially with frosh week. Again, half has already paid out, but we’re voting on $1000. Pass! Slam dunk!

McVittie moves to omnibus motions related to society ratification. It passes.

Foreign film society, King’s/Dal fashion show, King’s jewish connection, Early Modern Studies Society (EMSS), Day Students’ Society (DSS), Understudies (formerly footlights), feminist collective, World University Service of Canada (WUSC), arts abstract, StudeNts Advocating Representative Curricula (SNARC), loaded ladle. Most are re-ratifications, but loaded ladle is ratifying for the first time. We discuss the loaded ladle for a bit. This is kind of like cross-ratification, and they are coming here because we use their service a lot. Joy says that a society called KAFKA (KAFCA?) tried to do something similar and ran into issues. Alex says this won’t be a problem.

11:45 we vote on the omnibused motions. It so totally passes.


SNARC is requesting $ to give flowers to FYP section coordinators in recognition of the improvement on inclusion of non-white dude voices. PASSED AS HECK.

11:50 EMSS is requesting about $405 to host Babel launch party. Aidan is moving the motion and also moves to amend the motion to $450 to cover any additional fees. The amendment passes. I keep spelling amendment with a double m and that is wrong. There will be 26 bottles of $9.99 wine there. You should probably go. Voting time. It passes! Meg Shields is slaying this meeting so far, FYI.

11:55 King’s Foreign Film Society is requesting $315 to run their meetings throughout the year. Yay movies! It passes! Taylor abstains.

11:56 The Arts Abstract is requesting $120 to cover film and development costs for the wardroom camera installation project. The motion is amended to indicate that it hasn’t gone through finance committee. Jacob speaks to the motion, saying it worked really well when they did it last year and the year before. Aidan asks what they will use the photos for. Jacob says they’re posted on facebook, twitter, headers for emails, etc etc. The motion passes! “thanks” – Jacob Baker-Kretzmar 2k15

We’re doing a couple quick corrections to the agenda. FUN!

12:02 We’re electing some people to committees! First up, equity committee.

Okay a lot of names happened. People nominated: Abby Boron, (2nd year, very involved in King’s life, works to make safe and equitable things happen), Brandy Whitford (our external commissioner equity!!!!), Elina (a first year who wants to get more involved here. Wants to learn about equity), Olivia Hyunh (sp?) (She’s part of PRIDE exec and involved around campus), Hannah Macdougall (spent the summer researching our equity policy. Likes to educate herself. Wants to make campus a safe space).

Abby, Brandy, Elina, and Hannah are elected to the committee!

12:10 Electing folks to environmental affairs committee. Nominees: Hayley Zacks (passionate about environmental sustainability, has worked on organic farm, a lot of experience with creating environmental policy, in sust at Dal), Katherine Thomas (Been a part of SustKing’s for the last few years, planned an eco fair, worked at ecology north for 3 years, so many skills around climate change, organized a conference for education around climate change and more, has experience sitting on committees), Jessica MacIsaac (Has experience creating change in school setting in high school where she made her school totally water bottle free, brought in groups like otesha, active member of sust and helps with History of Science and Technology (HOST) events).

Hayley and Katherine are elected to the committee!

12:15 Electing people to galley board of directors. It receives reports, approves financial statements, etc. Nominees: Niki Foley (Has been on a number of committees, very diligent and detail-oriented, passionate about galley and local food), J.S. Rutgers (really motivated first year student, wants to be involved in campus on a direct level), Curran McConnell (Passionate about the galley and the financial sustainability of the galley, wants to work to keep it), Hannah MacDougall (Powerhouse on the King’s campus, really professional and enthusiastic)

Niki, JS, and Curran are elected to the committee

12:21 Electing people to the watch board of publishers. They focus on financial responsibility and oversee the watch. Nominees: Emma Jones (J School student and has written for the watch), Melina Zaccaria (would like to help repair relationship and had council experience), Zoe Brimacombe (experience on board and wants to be involved in levied societies, also this is me).

The three blanks are filled with the three names.

12:26 New Business

New motion!

BIRT that ______ be appointed to the WUSC levy board for the 2015/16 year, moved by Alex Bryant. Nominees: Ally Lord, Taylor Saracuse

5 minute recess!

Okay, we have determined that that motion was out of order and we will take it up next week.

12:39 Adjournment!