Council October 18

Hola! Zoë here (still)! SO even though a new Member-at-Large is elected, I’m still liveblogging today. That’s just a matter of efficiency and changeover-y things.

It’s 10:06 and we’re getting started with introductions. There are so many new people. The elections happened a couple weeks ago, so all the new folks are hanging with the clique.

Since there are no amendments to the agenda, we are adopting it. LET’S GO. (Also the minutes are good)

Oral reports and goals of councillors are up first.

Taylor, BOG rep, is up first. He’s going to take us through consultations regarding the tuition reset (Me, him, and AB will be reporting on different aspects of it). The exec and bog reps got together when the first draft came out, and decided that we shouldn’t do consultation, as students are generally aggravated by the whole process. The committee got back to us, basically saying we needed to have consultations. Prior to that, we had a town hall. Sentiment was unanimous: the initial draft proposal was ludicrous and that this was unacceptable. The consultation was hosted after, and it was something of a disaster. Everyone had a hard time, and it was largely unproductive. The new proposal came out: chance for students to “prove themselves” by bringing in higher enrolment, at which point $500 would be considered in 2017/18 and 2018/19. We also had full support from the University of King’s College Teachers’ Association. Shoutout to Alex Bryant for all his hard work. We had support from the Dalhousie Students’ Union, MLAs, the NDP, in general we went into the meeting with ovewhelming support against the proposal.

Then I did my report, which was p long and inspirational and stuff. I will put in my report after this meeting, so STAY TUNED. Taylor mentions that we will not be silent about this, and everything will be cool.

Brennan is up now! He is newly elected and member at large! Next council he will be live blogging. Super stoked to be here and to learn the ropes.

Nate is up now! The new Science rep! He has been approached by Melanie Frappier to do an event with HOST! He will do us all proud.

Melina! Re-elected at arts rep! (I love Melina) She doesn’t have much to report. Tried to sell fall ball tickets for the DASSS, but failed to do so.

Kristen, our new j-school rep, is up now! She is happy to be here! Shoutout to Kate Ashwood.

Benn, new res rep, has lots of cool ideas!

Ryan, new first year rep, feels like there is a lack of connection between first years. Wants to work on this. Has been working on putting together a booklet on all the people on council/exec, put up posters with Hannah!

Joy, our fearless Day Students’ Society pres, is up now! Maritime night was super successful. The bar was full and people loved the oyster “experience” and generally everyone was very happy (including Jenn, our Hospitalities manager). Art project is still up in the wardy! Go participate! They are also planning a trip to a farm (didn’t catch the name, will update later) SOUNDS SO FUN!!! THERE WILL BE HAY RIDES!!! They will also hopefully be picking apples and getting pumpkins. The DSS elections have not happened yet, as they need more nominations.


10:29 on to Exec reports!

Alex Bryant is up first, keeping it on the presidential level. He begins by talking about tuition fee stuff. After the board meeting, we collected all the desserts and also ourselves and we frustrated and talked about next steps. We talked about a lot of ideas, but what we knew we needed to do right away was to let the membership know what was going on. A “generous” facebook post was made. Got a lot of messages and emails about how upset everyone was. He and the exec also put out a press release. Chris Parsons helped a lot with this. MANY people picked it up! CBC, NS NDP, The examiner, the watch, the herald, the coast, and more!! University immediately layed into us in the media, despite us staying cool and looking good. Reporters have told us we look better than our admin right now. People are even more on side with us now. What it means to react to this is complicated: The board has kicked this decision down the road to a few execs from now. We are going to appeal this decision to the ministry of Labour and Advanced Education. We are going to keep being fantastic! There’s a nice snarky end to Alex’s report, I highly recommend reading it. He also comments that his whole report is on the BOG meeting. That is unusual.

10:36 Alex McVittie, our VP Student Life, is up now! She doesn’t want to talk about the BOG meeting, she would rather use knife emojis. Elections: YAY! Love them! Athletic wear is legit in the works. There will be hats. #fashion. We’re going to see if we can get really cheap Nike n stuff. Society training had a big turnout and went really cool! Campus Master Planning is a big deal right now. A consultation is happening on October 21st in the scotiabank room RE: North Pole Bay. Very important because this is where people will actually be living.

10:40 Aidan McNally, Finance VP, is up! Society training went great! Councillor training will be cool! RE: tuition reset: it can be very tiring to deal with admin and to fight the good fight and have the decision go against is. Acknowledges that it’s okay to be bummed right now. Surprised that in the face of good discussion, a great report (the only report presented), and community outcry, the board still voted this through. The rhetoric that we need to “join together as a community to fight King’s financial situation” is bad bad bad. It puts bad pressure on students. The board had the option to make us more appealing and accessible, but chose not to. She also did a lot of work with the university’s finance committee. She managed to express disagreement about the proposal until they ran out of time. Aidan is my fave. KSU finance committee had a first meeting. Returning and new members. Photocopy codes are not available yet, but will be soon. Quick note: our $$ is not in from the university yet, so cheques will be out soon! She started doing some work on travel bursary policy. Parameters need to be set around what constitutes as a trip and what we should fund. Hoping to produce a draft policy that we can run through council and pop in the bylaws!

Taylor asks that we prioritize students who are taking environmentally sustainable forms of travel. Aidan says this is something to discuss.

10:51 Hannah Kaya, swagalicious External VP, is reporting. The last few weeks have been hard but also a strong time for students. The white stuff in her hair is paint from last night. CFS NS skills happened, which was really useful especially with this last meeting. If you don’t really know what the Canadian Federation of Students is, hit up Hannah! HOLY HECK THE ELECTION IS TOMORROW. Reminder to day students: check what your polling station is! Been doing a lot of work with levied societies. It can feel like we are separated from the work these groups are doing, but we are all working in the same direction. Take advantage of the things they offer! South House is holding a workshop on how to hold anti-oppression workshops. Been working with Brandy Whitford and NSPIRG. October is Mi’Kmaq history month, so Hannah is planning some events! A blanket exercise and a sharing circle. Sust has also been working hard. Awesome Princess Mononoke screening was cool.

10:58 Sofia Zaman, Communications VP is speaking now! Ode to Kate Ashwood. Fall GM was awesome. Bylaw Review Committee wants to focus on elections policy this year. TWAK!!!!!!!! IT GOES OUT TO LIKE 1500 STUDENTS PAST AND PRESENT!!!!! IF YOU HAVE EVENTS, PUT THEM IN TWAK!!! EMAIL CVP@KSU.CA!!!! Her photoshop trial expires in 5 days.

Taylor asks about office hours. Sofia says she will update this. Joy and Taylor say this was the best GM ever. Joy asks whether the elections policy will be a consultative process? Sofia says that bylaw review committee operates based on concerns that general members have aroudn the bylaws.


11:02 Report of the Services and Campaigns Coordinator!

Chris Parsons currently hold this position. He is one of the people that the union employs. He is in his third year of employment with the student union, and is so proud of what we have accomplished, especially in the last few weeks. May feel like a stinging loss right now, but everyone should be proud of the work they’ve put in.

Health plan: vast majority of his time, especially in September/October. We changed our broker in the spring. A broker handles negotiations with insurance providers and also handles data servers. The national student health network exists to make the process easier and to help unions from being ripped off. Our relationship with Morneau-Chapelle was very different than it had been when we first joined up with them. Our service deteriorated and students felt the impact. Our relationship with green shield was still great, so a bunch of student unions switched brokers to actually negotiating directly with green shield. As a result, our rates were reduced a little bit. Plan went live October 13th. Chris has been doing a ton of work on this. Once he can write a good report everything will be easier. We need to look at our plan design to make everything run smoothly (what is offered and what it costs). Ambulance rides, for example, have been a barrier. It doesn’t cost anything to CALL an ambulance, Aidan notes, don’t let high costs damage your health. We will find a way to get your money back.

Office layout is super welcoming! Low on office supplies! Photocopier is wonderful! Councillors have the right to the photocopier for promotional stuff. International Student Identification Cards will be being issued soon. We get ISICs for free because we’re part of the CFS! ISIC is also your health plan card. We’ll be tabling and making ISICs on campus.

Orientation was the best we’ve every had! Starting on the sunday was great. Frosh week coordinators did a really great job. Wants to make a master schedule for orientation week in the next few weeks (like when we need to get permits, etc).

Exec general support: super proud of all the exec has done. He’s had to do less work helping them, actually.

Chris hasn’t had to do any work for the galley this year. Jenn has been awesome. Chris did help out over the summer with Jenn coming into the job, and she has been great.

He also attended the CFS-NS GM and CFS symposium.

Bulk purchasing: so good. We order things through the ethical purchasing network of the canadian federation of students. The single mother’s collective of el salvador is amazing, they produce all our t shirts and the shirts are also printed in a unionized shop. We also order a ton of condoms and lube!

Work hours are tough to figure out. He has been overworking a lot. There are peak times, and September is definitely one. He is wanting to improve changeover documents and job description.

We give Chris a round of applause!! WE LOVE CHRIS!!!!



Alex McVitte moves to omnibus the items involving society ratifications. Poetry society, PRIDE society, King’s Chorus, Journalism society, SAMS, St. Thomas Aquinas Society are all requesting ratification. Alex Bryant corrects a couple typos. Aidan speaks in favour of this motion.

Time to vote! The question is on the ratification of all these societies! IT PASSES! THEY ALL PASS!

Aidan motions to suspend the rules to take up business out of order. We want to let Andrew, who is here from the chorus, go home. Also we want to do the watch BOP at the end.

The first funding request is from the King’s Chorus. She would like to propose an amendment to the motion to change their request from $2500 to $1350. Aidan says that the KSU has been in conversation with the King’s Chorus (group of students who perform twice a year). We agree that the chorus has graduated the capacity of a society. We need to figure out how it can operate independent of the union. We want chorus to succeed, but it differs greatly from how societies usually work. We want to revisit the question of the King’s Chorus’ relationship to the KSU throughout the fall, which this amount will allow.

Alex asks if we can change procedure to have amendments rolled into main motions in the future. Gwen, Taylor, and I state that is made be not the best idea.

Alright, we’re voting on the amendment. It passes!

So now we are debating the full motion. Andrew, the financial vice president of the Chorus, says he’s interested in having someone look into restructuring the relationship.

11:51 SAMS is requesting $150.25 for ingredients for a meal they will prepare for a soup kitchen. Shepherd’s pie!!! Alex Bryant mentions that SAMS is really good at doing events and we love them. The motion passes!

11:55 EMSS is requesting $200 for a film screening (What we do in the shadows) and lecture and reception! $65 dollars for cheese!!!!! Also a keg!!!! Taylor says there will also be popcorn!! Y’ALL NEED TO COME TO THIS EVENT FO REAL. The motion passes.

12:00 Maggie O’Riordan-Ross is requesting a $100 travel bursary to offset the cost of travelling to Newfoundland for a debate tournament. Aidan recognizes the importance of figuring out the best way to coordinate funding requests with the DSU. It passes!

12:05 We’re electing a member to the Watch Board of Publishers. The nominee is Adrian Colbourne (sp?) who is very level-headed and great at writing/publishing. The motion passes and Adrian (Adrienne?) is elected!



Alex Bryant moves a new motion to have Aidan McNally look into the Chorus and to figure out a good relationship, to report by January 10th.

The chorus is very different than other societies. Maybe it will become some sort of independent organization. We only approved half the funding request earlier so that this work could take place.

It passes!!!!

ADJOURNMENT AT 12:11pm!!!!!!!!!!

Bye everyone!

On a final note, from Zoe: This has been my last live blog, everyone. I have really really loved writing the live blog, but I’m so happy to pass it on to Brennan. My beautiful, ugly little baby. Good luck Brennan!