Council November 8

Hi everyone! I’m Brennan McCracken, your new Member-at-Large and the new writer of this live blog! Thanks so much to Zoë for showing me the ropes and helping me settle into this position.

11:09 The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory. 

Student Life VP Alex McVittie motions to remove item 5.1 from the agenda and move it to next council.

Agenda is adopted!

There have been changes to the wording of the minutes from last council (wording and grammar stuff).


Brennan (me!):  All is good! Sat on finance committee and campus master plan consultation. Looking to do outreach to MFA and MJ students. 

Taylor, one of two BoG Reps, is up next. He has been drafting a survey this will potentially go out to all students, looking to work with other councillors and executive members on this. All is good!

Joy, our DSS Rep is up now! The DSS is wonderful and have been very busy! They are changing their bank account (moving to Scotiabank following the suggestion of/ a meeting with Dean Hatt). They will be setting up a cash-guaranteed credit card, which will streamline the DSS’s payments. This will be set up under Dean Hatt to make executive changeover simple and easy. The account is open, yay! Waiting to withdraw/cash final checks from old TD account.

Joy also sat on the non-residence space sub-committee of the campus master plan committee. Also—elections are still happening! Willowbank Farm trip was fun! 

Ryan, First Year Rep, is up! He has been working on information packages about the Union to post in residences/on bulletin boards. He has also been planning events (fun!) and communicating with Joy/the DSS to make sure that first year day students are involved in what he is planning.

Time for Ben, Residence Rep! He has been working with Ryan on some fun events: roommate appreciation day (awwww!), a TEDx-style conference, a chess tournament, and a lounge game (billiards/foosball) tournament in the Wardroom. So many events!

Now the report of Nate, our Science Rep! Working with the HOST Society in the planning of meeting an event (meet the scientist). Looking to get in touch with his constituency science students to see if they are interested in having a science society again.

Melina, Arts Rep, is up! DASSS held their fall ball, sold out of their tickets and the event was a success! Dalhousie will be matching all money raised. There is also a new module to help students to make decisions about courses. Melina will make sure King’s classes receive fair consideration. She attended the Watch Board of Publishers meeting where their levy was released.

Zoë, the other Board of Governors Rep, is up now! She attended a special general meeting of the CFS-NS, elected an aboriginal student rep. Zoë has been busy and is good!


Alex, our president, is presenting his report! In the College Task Force, a community update was released on October 26 with new recommendations. Presidential search committee met to create a shortlist of candidates, and they will be doing interviews soon. Councillor training was a success! The next session will be more holistic and will also include union staff and hired positions. Now talking about tuition fee increases—King’s, SMU and CBU have announced increases.

Now Alex, our Student Life VP! She has been busy with campus master planning—consultation was poorly attended but informative. They have nailed down a preferred layout for the renovations to North Pole Bay (renos will begin soon!). Final plans must be approved by the fire marshall and must be up to current building code. She has met with Ben and Ryan to work on events!

Time for Aidan, our Financial VP! Lots of societies are applying for funding and putting on cool events (like the What We Do in the Shadows screening—a great time!). The KSU now has funds in our account! Anyone waiting for reimbursement from the Union should get in touch with Aidan. She also sat on the presidential search committee; hopefully the shortlist of candidates will be announced before the winter break. This is a great committee—full of optimism and not doom! Aidan also sat on the Watch Board of Publishers, released the levy and talked about constitutional amendments to help the Watch operate as they want to. Aidan is looking forward to councillor training part 2!  She will try to get all levy checks out next week.

Now it’s Hannah, our External VP! The federal election happened and students filled the Wardroom to watch the results come in. Hannah notes that work still has to be done after the election; she held her first post-election external action committee meeting, which was a great success! Working towards better accessibility and equity on campus. The CFS-NS provincial executive meeting happened, they’re working on many campaigns new and old. Also working on inter-campus consent campaigns and discussed the success of the It’s No Secret campaign. Sust King’s is doing great work and focusing on Bill 111–it may get a second reading in mid-November; they are keen to see this bill be passed. They will be tabling in the Wardroom on Thursday!

Finally, our Communications VP Sofia! Sofia is working towards getting photoshop to update banners on the website. All info should be updated, photos are next. Councillor training was productive! Sofia also mentions that the chalkboard outside Prince Hall is currently empty, and doesn’t have to be for only big events. She will be encouraging councillors to use it to share events, etc. TWAK will be a nice pale blue this week. Lovely!


First, the HOST society is looking to ratify! They support HOST students, advocate for the program and foster communication. They also publish an academic journal. The motion passes!

Now, we’re on to some funding requests! YAS is looking for $48.77 for an exam de-stresser movie night (maybe Love Actually?) and hot-chocolate (with marshmallows and whipped cream!) giveaway for Queen Alexandra’s Birthday, happening on November 21 and December 1st respectively. Finance committee recommends approval—it ‘s a very nice funding request. And the motion passes! 

SNARC has applied for $63.00 to make cake and have decorations for the Wall of Women birthday event (such a good event that will celebrate boss ladies with cake and tabling and music).  Finance committee is recommending an amendment, from $63.00 (which included purchasing a cake pan) to $50.00 (including a disposable cake pan rather than a reusable one, which would be a capital purchases). The amendment passes! And the motion passes. Melina abstains.

The King’s Dance Collective is looking for $200 to offset the costs of a pole dancing workshop at Studio in Essence on November 28. They are looking to have 15-20 students attend, paying $10 each to offset the costs. Depending on the number of students that sign up, the workshop may be 1 hour or longer—regardless, it will be only $10 to keep is as accessible as possible for students (this was clarified following the finance committee meeting). This motion passes too!

PRIDE society is looking for $15 to buy prizes (a $10 King’s Bookstore gift card and a $5 Galley gift card) for their upcoming karaoke night. Aidan thinks this sounds like a rad event. Finance committee recommends approval, and the motion passes!

The King’s Journalism Society is looking for $50.00 to host a pyjama party featuring Kyle Mullin, a freelance journalist in Beijing. They still need to book a room and iron out some details. Funds will go towards popcorn, cookies and other great snacks. Finance committee recommends approval, and the motion passes!

Now, the King’s Understudies Society (improv/sketch comedy society) is looking for $225.00 for honoraria for three members of the Halifax improv community to host workshops at King’s. Finance committee doesn’t have a recommendation. There will be three different workshops that are 1.5 hours long. It seems like there was a misunderstanding in the filling out of the funding request, so Aidan motions to amend the motion by striking out $225.00 and replacing it with $75 (a $25 honorarium for each workshop leader). The amendment passes. And the motion passes as well!

Now, another funding request from Understudies. They’re also looking for $50.00 to commission a logo for their society. Finance committee doesn’t recommend approval. This is a difficult funding request—the KSU is generally willing to compensate people for their work, but there isn’t a precedent for societies commissioning art. Aidan notes that a professional logo might not be integral to the operations of a society, and explains that a logo would also be a capital purchase. The motion does not pass.

Now, we are electing three people to the Grad Week coordinator selection committee for Grad Week 2016. These committees are a good, low-stakes and low-commitment way for people to get involved with the Union. Before nominations close, we will recess for five minutes.

12:28: Back from recess! Aidan has nominated Marie Dolcetti-Koros and Alex nominated Liam Doherty. Ben nominates Antonia Paquin and Alex nominates Emma Kenney. Nominations are closed!

Aidan is motivating for Marie, who is a first-year student in FYP and is eager to get involved with King’s/the Union. Alex says that Liam (a second year student) was extremely interested in being on finance committee, and has continued to express interest in getting involved with committees. Ben says that Antonia (in FYP) is smart, motivated and eager to be involved. Alex says that Emma is a fourth-year student and has been involved in the past, though she may not want to be involved with this committee if she is taking the opportunity away from others. After a vote, the three spaces in the motion are filled by Marie, Liam and Antonia. The motion passes!


Ryan motions to recess for 20 minutes. Be right back!

1:01: Council is now going in camera.

1:49: Out of camera! And we adjourn!