Council November 15

Good morning! It’s me, Member-at-Large Brennan, back for another live blog. I am thrilled to be seated next to our External VP Hannah (the best person). 

10:06: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

10:11: The agenda has been adopted! After a couple of changes, the minutes from the last meeting have been approved with amendments.


Taylor, Board of Governors Representative is up first. He has been talking with Alex, the SLVP, about a lack of food storage for societies. He is hoping to work with Aidan to make a capital purchase through the Union of a locker to help store food, dishes, etc. that societies can sign up to rent out.

Time for the report of the Member-at-Large (me!): I have attended another productive finance committee meeting, I am working with Kristen (the Journalism Rep) to engage with graduate students in the MJ and MFA programs, and I held a meeting with Alex B to go over the Executive Committee meeting minutes and report.

Now Melina, the Arts Rep. The Wall of Women birthday party happened, and it went very well! Melina attended a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences meeting a Dalhousie and chatted with them regarding tuition fee increases. They were speaking about how to make the arts curricula at Dal more diverse, and how students and professors can become more aware of the need for diversity. There were no decisions made, but Melina says it was a successful meeting! At the Dal Arts and Social Sciences Society meeting, the society voted in favour of divestment.

Now for Nate, the Science Rep! He has been trying to reach out to King’s science students and has been in touch with last year’s Science Rep. He is also looking to connect science students with interesting, science-related seminars. He hasn’t yet attended a Dal Science Society meeting, but he will tomorrow!

Time for the report of Ryan, the First Year Rep. He has had a quiet couple of weeks, but is hoping to meet with the Residence Rep soon to discuss planning events for first year students. He has also been speaking a lot with students and got two (!!!) students to come to his office hours. Hannah asks is Ryan has received any feedback in the envelopes that he posted around campus, and unfortunately he has not.

Up next is Joy, the President of the Day Students’ Society. The DSS general meeting will be happening on Wednesday in the Wardroom at 2:30. There will be discussion of the budget, plans for events next semester and lots of snacks! The DSS will also be giving out reflective tape that they received from the government to help day students stay safe in their commutes. The survey about non-residence campus spaces that Joy will bring to the Campus Master Planning sub-committee is still open (likely until Tuesday).

Now for Kristen, the Journalism Rep. She is also hoping to connect with graduate journalism students. She is also looking to work to help first-year journalism students balance the demands of journalism and FYP. The Journalism Society is doing very well; they went to CTV and took a tour and are also video chatting with an accomplished journalist tomorrow!


It’s time for Alex, our President! He has a board exec meeting on November 19th, and is hoping to undo the recent decision regarding tuition fee increases. He will circulate a longer report about the student/government roundtable on November 3rd, but in brief the meeting seemed to confirmed sentiment that King’s’ recent decisions about tuition fee increases are irresponsible. Presidential Search Committee is preparing for interviews that will be held next weekend (November 21st/22nd). He also hopes to work on human resources policy that will help with staff review and staff hiring.

Now the report of Alex, the Student Life VP! 32 societies have been ratified this year, with two more looking to ratify today! She has created a master calendar for societies to help them plan ahead and plan around the events of other societies. Athletic wear is coming along! Academic Committee will be meeting sometime in the upcoming week with Julie Green, the registrar. Enrolment Management Committee met two weeks ago (committee work has been going well!). Campus Master Planning: plans for North Pole Bay are a go! Alex will also be running Study Snacks.

Up now is Aidan, the Financial VP! On Tuesday, she attended the first meeting of the newly merged Finance Committee and Audit and Risk Committee was held. The King’s Library is home to many rare and valuable artifacts and there was discussion about whether the Library is the best place for these to be stored. The discussion regarding the King’s Chorus has been moving forward, and Aidan met with Adriane from the Advancement Office. Applications for grad week coordinators are now open! They will be due on Sunday, November 22nd. There was also discussion about the travel bursary policy—Aidan brought a draft of the policy to finance committee where there was a lot of helpful discussion about how travel bursaries can be best implemented.

Now for Hannah, the External VP. Hannah has been working to combat sexualized violence on our campuses and has noticed widespread support for Bill 114. Postcards signed by thousands of students were delivered to the government. She has also done more consent work with Avalon. Universities across Halifax will be working with Avalon to screen the Hunting Ground, a documentary about sexualized violence on campus. Hannah has also been reaching out to other campuses to look into how a food bank can be implemented at King’s (perhaps working  with Feed NS or Dalhousie’s food bank). Hannah and Aidan will be going to the CFS general meeting and will develop their communications strategy before arriving in Ottawa. There is also concern that the tuition freeze in Newfoundland and Labrador could be in danger—NL students need our support! #keepthefreeze. Sust King’s has also organized students around environmental racism and has worked with engaging students in support of Bill 111. Hannah also presented a strong report about recent tragedies around the world—we must be compassionate and stand in solidarity with those around the world.

Finally, the report of Sofia, the Communications VP. Bylaw review committee met yesterday, where there was discussion about including Union Hired Positions in the by laws and how to make summer council more accessible. Sofia also provided updates about the CKDU board, where Terra Tailleur (who teaches journalism at King’s) was elected to the board!


First, the Janus Cooperative is looking to ratify as a society. They hope to provide resources to students to plan events and activities. They will have weekly meetings in the Wilson room—and hopefully students can get involved to help plan events. The Janus Cooperative would both create their own events and support other societies in the planning/execution of their events. There is some confusion among councillors about the necessity of this society and how exactly they plan to work with other societies. Alex B (President) moves to table this motion until council’s next meeting on November 28th, where these concerns can be better fleshed out and representatives from the Coop can bring their ideas to council.

Another society looking to ratify! The King’s/NSCAD Fine Arts Society is hoping to bridge the gap between NSCAD students living at King’s and NSCAD students living off campus. Alex thinks it is a great idea, and the motion passes!

Now on to funding requests! The CSP society is requesting $568.86 in non-contingent funding to put on a colloquium on translation on November 26th. This will bring together the CSP and French departments. This will likely be the only CSP society event this semester, and naturally it will be followed by a reception! The funding would go towards cheese, crackers, wine, two honoraria of $100 each for the speakers (which follows with honoraria precedent) and glasses rental (good foresight!). There are two reasons for amendment—first, the cost of wine has been re-budgeted and reduced. And secondly, there is hesitation surrounding the $25 requested for poster design. Art and design commissions would be capital purchases—this warrants a broader conversation at finance committee. Aidan moves to amend the motion by striking out $568.86 and replacing it with $507.36. The amendment passes. And the amended motion passes!

Another funding request from the CSP society: seeking $911.95 in non-contingent funding to cover printing costs for 130 copies of Hinge, their academic journal. A cost of around $1000 seems to fall in line with precedent of costs for academic journals each year. This motion passes as well!

One more funding request from the CSP society: this request is for $550.00 in non-contingent funding for 110 drink tickets ($5 each) for a planned “Lost Century” party in the Wardroom (in partnership with the EMSP society). Finance committee didn’t receive enough information to recommend approval. There were concerns about buying drink tickets for a society, and also a concern about ensuring the night is more academic than another Wardroom night. There were also many questions about how the drink tickets would be distributed. Though the event is scheduled to happen on Saturday the 21st of November, the Wardroom has not been booked. Aidan hopes to table the motion and get more information about the event. Nate, Science Rep, is wondering why HOST has not been included in this event. Alex B thinks this is a good idea, but has many concerns (especially considering the timeline of the event). Alex hopes to vote down this motion so that the event can be better planned and Aidan can meet with someone from the CSP society directly. The motion does not pass. Nate abstained, in anticipation of a potential collaboration with the HOST society.

One more funding request: Le Salon is seeking $30.00 in contingent funding for snacks for four meetings. Aidan thinks that Le Salon (a conversational French society) is the cutest society, and this is a very reasonable and modest request. There are no questions, finance committee recommends approval and the motion passes.

And the last action item: Fiona Westin is looking to resign from her position of Day Student Representative. Fiona submitted a letter of resignation, expressing her appreciation for the opportunity and regrets that she hasn’t been able to dedicate the proper time to the position. We give our thanks to Fiona for her work. The motion passes.


Should we have Galley coffee and tea at meetings? Yes.

11:42: We have adjourned!

Thanks for reading this week! See you in thirteen days for the next council meeting, which is on SATURDAY (unusual!) the 28th so as not to conflict with Christmas Brunch.