Council January 9

Good morning everyone! It’s me, Member-at-Large Brennan, back for a new semester of council live blogs. Happy 2016!

10:12: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

Aidan is adding two items to the agenda: a funding request from Sodales for $700, and a request for $500 from the King’s Dance Collective. After these two motions added in, the agenda is adopted.


First up is Taylor, a Board of Governors representative. He met with Chris Parsons this week to discuss his goals and how he may achieve them. He discussed the idea of doing a workshop regarding board structure, why boards exist, who is on the board, etc. This could be done in conjunction with NSPIRG, who is currently hiring someone to research the King’s BoG. He also talked about the idea of a report of what progressive boards look like—this could be given to the King’s BoG to suggest ways in which we can improve. He also started getting quotes for his locker project—for the KSU to rent a locker containing knives, cutting boards, plates, etc. for societies to use when serving food.

Now it is time for my report! This past Friday saw the return of the KSU finance committee, my favourite committee and such a nice way to end the week. This week’s meeting seemed especially productive and efficient, and Aidan even brought us snacks! Beyond that, I don’t have much to report on from my own work as a councillor. However, I do want to mention that I found our councillor and union hired position training yesterday to be very informative and inspiring. Thank you to everyone who helped organize the afternoon, and a special thank you to Michaela and Dave from the Canadian Federation of Students for offering a glimpse of just how vital the work of students’ unions and student activists across the country really is.

 Now for the report of Ryan, the first year representative. He has been working on the King’s Talks event, currently set for the 31st of January. They’ve extended the deadline for submissions because of a lack of submissions, and are hoping that they can reach out to potential speakers directly. He also enjoyed councillor training, especially thinking about changeover for the next first year rep.

Nate, the science rep, is now giving his report. Science study snacks at the end of last term went well! Nate guesses that he saw about 10% of his constituency, which is great. The Dal Science Society is meeting on Monday, and will hopefully be more productive than the last meeting. Nate also wants to work on bringing first year students and upper year students together before the timetable for the next academic year comes out to discuss course selection and degree planning.

Now Melina, the arts representative, is reporting. DASSS has not met yet this term, though Angela, the president of DASSSfeels good about how the faculty’s presidential search is going. Also—SNARCon is coming up! Yay!

Now Liam, the Day Students’ Society representative is presenting. He also enjoyed councillor training, and hopes to take what he learned there to the DSS to aid in things like changeover. The DSS is also looking at rewriting their constitution. Liam felt inspired by the CFS presenters at councillor training and hopes to educate more day students about the CFS and our relationship to them.

Zoë, our other BoG representative is now reporting. She hopes to do some strategizing regarding the BoG changeover that happened.


 First up is Alex Bryant, our president. He hopes that office hours for councillors will be set soon, and Jen (our hospitalities coordinator) will also be holding office hours. Presidential search committee will be holding second interviews soon, which should go into more depth than standard interviews. There should be a new president before the new KSU president—so soon! Alex also think that councillor training went well, and is thankful to Dave and Michaela from the CFS for sharing their time with us.

The Wardroom and Galley will be cash-only this semester—unfortunate, but at least consistent. Alex has heard from Wardroom employees that the bar is running smoothly this year and employees are happy. The Galley is doing very well and making a lot of money—so well that we might be able to eliminate the Galley levy! There are two new managers in the Galley with lots of energy, who have been great during this first week. Alex also had a very productive meeting with Jen, the hospitalities coordinator. Chris, our services and campaigns coordinator, will be meeting with Alex soon as he nears the end of his three-year term. Changeover for this position will be a lot of work.

Alex has a few proposals for the bylaw review committee that he wrote over the winter break, received feedback, and hopes to send his proposals to the committee this week. One of the biggest proposals will be making search committees consistent. The governance, human resources and nominating committee has appointed a new chair, so they can now meet again.

Taylor is asking about the possibility of holding a referendum to simply reduce the Galley levy instead of eliminating it. It is possible, Alex says, but it is also possible that it can be eliminated altogether. It is hard to determine the operating costs of the business because it is still so new, but Jen and Alex have been working to analyze what a typical month/year for the business will look like. Jen and Chris will have reports from last term at the next council meeting.

Now Benn, our residence rep, is reporting (he arrived late). He has also been working on the King’s Talks event and is working on reaching out to people directly to build their speaker list. He also enjoyed councillor training!

Back to exec reports! Alex McVittie, our Student Life VP is reporting. She is happy with how study snacks went at the end of last term, and thanks everyone who volunteered their time. Alex was also brought in to a meeting regarding ethernet vs wifi—do we still need ethernet cables in residence rooms? Athletic wear is in a bit of a standstill because of the weak Canadian dollar and our supplier being in the United States. Campus master planning committee hasn’t met yet, but will be meeting on Alex’s birthday.

It costs a lot of money to keep the ethernet running ~behind the cord~, so if nobody is using it we could save a lot of money by not keeping it running.

Time for the report of Aidan, our Financial VP! Aidan especially liked the part of councillor training about Facebook events—there are so many events in January! Check them out! Presidential search committee held a priorities meeting to determine what they are looking for in a new president, and what challenges this president will face when they begin the changeover process. Society spending is—subject to change—still at less than half of our yearly budget, meaning that there is still a lot of funding available. Society execs: get your receipts in so that Aidan can write you a cheque! Aidan is also still working on the King’s Chorus, its financial standing, its relationship to the KSU, etc. Finally, Aidan is working to create a year-to-date financial statement of the Union’s finances.

Now Hannah, our External VP, is reporting! Something that Hannah will be doing more consistently this semester is tabling—every Monday this semester, someone from the CFS will be tabling here to better engage with our membership about campaigns. She also hopes that councillors will be signing up for more tabling—maybe 1.5 hours every two weeks. The CFS-NS general meeting will be happening on February 6 and 7, which will inform the direction of the Federation’s work on a provincial level. Get in touch with Hannah if you want to attend! External action committee will be meeting more regularly this semester to continue to foster a culture of resistance at King’s. They hope that each meeting will have a guest invited to chat with students about specific issues at King’s/in our community at large.

The Dal Sexual Assault and Harassment Phone Line will be holding an info session for prospective volunteers on Wednesday at 4 in the Wardroom. The executive also submitted a report of recommendations regarding their University’s sexual assault policy. Also: condoms and No Means No materials will now be available at Wardroom nights—this is so great. Alex B has asked that Hannah bring a report regarding the sexual assault policy to the next council meeting.

Finally, Sofia, our Communications VP is giving her report. The CKDU Board will be working on a night of programming to raise awareness (and funds?) for homelessness. CKDU will be hosting open houses soon—go if you are interested in volunteering! They are also working on developing programming that will be helpful/of interest to incoming Syrian refugees; if anyone knows someone who may be interested in working on this programming, forward their name and contact info to Sofia! Bylaw review committee was productive, and edited parts of the election policy. They specifically focused on third-party campaigning, and will hopefully bring final edits to council soon. Nominations for spring executive and BoG elections will open on January 25—so soon!


First, the King’s Poetry Society is looking or $28.40 in contingent funding for snacks for their first meeting of the year. They are preparing for a slam event that they hope to host before the end of the month. These funds would go towards pop, chips, cookies, cups, etc. Finance committee recommends that the amount be rounded up to $30.00—the amendment passes. And the motion passes!

Next, the Dal-King’s Student Fashion Design Show (Vaudeville) is looking for $1000 in non-contingent funding for their fashion show budget. This event will be a fundraiser for Dress For Success Halifax, an organization that provides formal attire to for job interviews, etc. to people (especially women) do not have the means to afford this on their own. This event happens at the MacInnes room in the Dal SUB, a very large room. The room itself is a large expense—around $1800—because the room requires that students book their staff, lighting crew, etc. This request of $1000 is more modest than their original request for over $2000 because they have found funding from other sources. Given that this is their main event, finance committee recommends approval. The motion passes!

Next, the Haliburton Society is seeking $694.60 in non-contingent funding for five meetings this term, as well as an honorary fellows dinner, and two acquisitions. The society has a surplus from last year, which explains why there were no funding requests from them last term. Daniel from the society executive, is here at council speaking about the society—he mentions that the society’s budget is lower this year because they are not paying for all exec members to attend the honorary fellows dinner. They are also trying to extend their food offerings beyond wine, cheese and bread to be more inclusive. The motion passes! Thanks to Daniel for joining us at council this morning.

The next funding request is from the King’s Foreign Film Society, looking for $315.00 in contingent funding for seven meetings this year ($45.00/meeting). This is similar to a funding request received at the beginning of the last semester, and the funding will go towards cheese, baguette, and video rental. The KFFS is a very consistent society, and hopes to show more films from non-male directors and extend their purview beyond Eurocentric films. The motion passes! Taylor, who is on the society executive, abstains.

Sodales, the Dal-King’s debating society, is looking for $700 to fund a trip to McGill’s annual parliamentary debate tournament. Because this is society travel, Aidan recommended that they apply for society funding and not a travel bursary. This will fund seven students with $100 each, almost matching Sodales’ $125/debate team. The motion passes!

Now, we have one final funding request. This is from the King’s Dance Collective, seeking $105 in non-contingent funding for a workshop on falling and partnering work to be held in the King’s dance space. These kinds of techniques require an experienced instructor to be taught properly. The instructor will also be offering tickets to her upcoming show to the workshop participants. This motion passes as well!

The final action item is a society ratification application from Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Dalhousie and King’s Universities. They will also be seeking funding from the DSU and NSPIRG. This society has been ratified in the past, and Alex McVittie sees no issue with their ratification. The motion passes!


Melina just received an email update regarding the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences’ dean search. There are three candidates: Gotell, Coelho, Harvey. Consultation sessions will be happening on January 20—Angela, the president of DASSS, will be attending. Get in touch with her at angela.hou(at)dal(dot)ca for more information.

11:32: We are adjourned! Thank you all for reading. Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 24.