Council January 22

Hello and welcome to a new and unusual EVENING COUNCIL! We are meeting in the Wardroom, this is different and fun.

6:03: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

We are tabling the approval of minutes until the next meeting—it was sent out in a format that wasn’t compatible with all computers.


Kristen, our journalism rep, is up first! She has been working with students and professors on creating new, advanced photojournalism classes and she found out over the break that they will be happening! More details to come. Things are moving forward with the J-school social as well—very exciting! Kristen has also been working on a discussion with HTU representatives on a discussion with journalism students about scab labour.

Ryan, our first year representative, doesn’t have much to report. There have been complications with the King’s Talks event—things should be resolved soon.

Now is Benn, our residence rep! He has also been working on the King’s Talks event, which will either be postponed or cancelled due to the lack of speakers. Benn has been also speaking with Sam Leger about continuing a hockey tournament.

Liam, the DSS representative, is reporting now! The DSS now has a society credit card, which is great and will improve their efficiency. Unfortunately, the DSS will not be having a trip to Sugar Moon Farm this year. Their budget will be updated to reflect this. Their General Meeting has also been postponed until February.

Up next is Zoë, one of two Board of Governors representatives. She did some tabling for the Reject the Reset campaign, which features some beautiful ombre postcards (orange and pink!!).

Now for the report of Taylor, the other Board rep! He has been working with Zoë and Chris Parsons on the creation of a survey about students’ relationship to the Board. It will hopefully be launched during Spring break and close within two weeks.

Up next is Nate, our science representative! He has been reaching out to students and profs to plan his meet the scientist lunchtime talks. He put out an ask about the possibility of doing a session where upper year science students can speak with first years about course selection. The Dal Science Society held a meeting two weeks ago, however Nate regretfully missed it. He thinks this would be better served by a newsletter.

The next councillor to report is Melina, our arts rep! There was a long meeting of the Dal Arts and Social Sciences Society on Wednesday—they discussed a tuition reset at Dal that may or may not affect this faculty. The dean search within the faculty has narrowed down to three candidates. On February 12, Mel is helping to plan a problematic academic boyfriend breakup party—where you will get to break up with your favourite problematic academics for Valentine’s Day. This is being planned with SNARC.

My report happened! In short—finance committee and external action committee happened and went well.


Alex, our President, is up first. He has been working on communications regarding the Chronicle Herald/Halifax Typographical Union labour disputes—he hopes to not be paternalistic, but instead aims to communicate with our membership about the ethics of doing scab labour for the Herald. This has also led to a national conversation about high tuition and fees leading students to consider this labour to help pay the bills. The Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture is coming up—Miriam Toews will be speaking. We should start to get excited about this!

The Presidential Search Committee has been hard at work and circulated a memo on February 22. They are now down to two candidates. Meetings will be held between the candidates and the King’s community on February 1 and 2. Students will have an opportunity to provide feedback following these meetings.

Today we are also looking at the report of the three orientation week coordinators. Alex was extremely impressed with this year’s orientation week and has nothing in particular to flag in the report.

Up next is Alex McVittie, our Student Life VP. Athletic wear is still at a standstill because of the low Canadian dollar, so Alex will be looking into Canadian suppliers. The work on the front of the A&A building (soffits, chimneys and windows) is 5/27 weeks complete; North Pole Bay renos are moving along as well. There have also been talks of consolidating the journalism school into one building, to potentially be built in the parking lot behind Prince Hall. Accessibility issues will be addressed in the East wing of Alex Hall, which will be renovated; Wardroom renovations will be happening this year as well.

Now for the report of Aidan, our Financial VP. She attended volunteer training for the DSU sexual assault and harassment phone line (this is why our meeting is being held at 6pm today). This is the only phone line of its kind in Nova Scotia—it’s truly an incredible project. However, Aidan thinks that we can do better work to market this service on the King’s campus.

Aidan also held a meeting regarding the King’s Chorus and their status as a society—hopefully by next Fall, the Chorus will be operating under the university and not the KSU. This will allow the King’s Chorus to continue to exist. She has also been involved with the Presidential Search Committee and is so excited about the two candidates!

On Friday, Aidan spent most of the day at Mount Saint Vincent University in a meeting about reducing alcohol-related harms on university campuses. They also had a chance to talk about high ambulance fees. A reminder: it is free to call an ambulance, it only costs to take a trip in one. Finance committee went well, and Aidan brought a draft of a redesign of the society funding request form. And donuts!

Up next is the External VP, Hannah! She just got a cat! The external action committee will be focusing on first year outreach and developing actions surrounding the Reject the Reset campaign. Hopefully these discussions will be happening with more people in the future. Also—Hannah is encouraging all councillors to table with her and representatives from CFS-NS on Monday about the Reject the Reset campaign. Sustainability Committee met, however Hannah doesn’t have anything major to report. The event about scab labour for the Chronicle Herald will be happening at 8:30 on Tuesday, in the Wardroom. This will be an informal discussion about the ethics of scab labour and journalism as a career.

Finally, the report of our Communications VP Sofia! Executive and Board of Governors rep elections are happening! Nominations open tomorrow. She met with Kate, the CRO, to edit the nominations package.


We are taking up this motion out of order because we have a representative from the HOST Society here with us! They are seeking $400 in non-contingent funding for HOSTCon, their undergraduate conference. Mary from the HOST Society is describing the conference, which will include a faculty panel in the morning and student panels in the afternoon. They are facing a few complications—getting food quotes from Sodexo and estimating how many people they expect to attend the conference. Aidan is motioning to table this motion until our next council meeting on February 7. The motion is tabled.


Alex B is now presenting the report of the Hospitalities Coordinator, Jen Nowoselski. There have been capital purchases in the Galley and Wardroom, including a new convection oven, new coffee carafes and a new ice machine. Jen will be setting office hours for this term: 10-12 on Wednesdays and 12-2 on Wednesdays. She can also be contacted through email at New suppliers are being tried for produce and other products in the Galley. Good Robot, a new, local microbrewery is now on tap at the Wardroom and has been selling well. Both the Wardroom and the Galley are currently cash-only; hopefully the debit and credit machines will be fixed and faster. Jen and Alex have been talking about the Galley operations policy; they are working on writing cash handling policy and human resources policy.

The Wardroom renovation is coming up this summer—we will have to figure out how to navigate losing this summer revenue.

Now for the report of the Services and Campaigns Coordinator, Chris Parsons. Chris has been navigating the move away from a health insurance broker—we now deal directly with Greenshield for the health insurance that the KSU provides. Many people got ISICs last semester! We need to do a better job advertising the discounts that this card provides. Chris has also flagged that the office has been in bad shape recently, and the back room has been especially messy. There needs to be better training surrounding the office photocopier. Chris used to work a lot in support of the Wardroom and Galley, however he has noted that because of the amazing work that Jen does he does not need to provide this anymore, freeing up time for other projects.

Chris has also pointed out that councillors and executive members need to become better at communicating with the Services and Campaigns Coordinator.

7:25: We will now take a five minute recess!

7:32: We’re back with ACTION ITEMS:

The King’s Chorus is seeking $1145 in non-contingent funding for social activities, binders, and purchasing of music for this term. This will hopefully be the final funding request from the Chorus as a ratified society of the KSU! This funding request is similar to what the KSU provided in the fall term. Finance committee recommends approval, and the motion passes!

The Young Alexandra Society is seeking $615.60 in non-contingent funding to fund band payment and security for the YAS Ball on January 30. This year, the Ball is a fundraiser for the Halifax Refugee Clinic. Finance committee recommends approval, and the motion passes!

Now we are hiring Grad Week Coordinators! Aidan is motioning to fill the blanks in the hiring motion with Bryson Morris and Charlotte Sullivan. Both interviews went very well and were filled with energy! The amendment passes and the blanks are filled. And the motion passes!

We are now considering the honoraria of the three Orientation Week coordinators: Allison Graham, Meg Collins, and Robin Brace. Alex B is very happy and grateful for the wonderful work that they all did. The three motions pass and all three receive $750 honoraria!


The Super Smash Bros. Society is seeking ratification. The motion passes!

7:47: We are now in camera!