Council February 12

Hello friends! Welcome to another council live blog, this time coming to you on a sunny Friday afternoon. It’s been nearly three weeks since the last council meeting—we missed this!

4:11: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

4:12: We are beginning the meeting with action items! These are all finance requests.

The first request is from The Arts Abstract, requesting $194.60 for film purchase and development for their Shots on a String arts project. The motion passes!

Next, SNARC is seeking $40 to purchase a gift card to Big Pony (a store on Gottingen Street) as a door prize for a dance event that they are co-hosting with GUTS magazine (a rad feminist publication). Alex B notes that it’s cool to see SNARC expanding their scope and collaborating with others in the community. The motion passes!

Next, the Early Modern Studies Society is seeking $270 to cover start-up costs for EMSP t-shirts, as well as “unanticipated bank costs” (incurred from complications surrounding cheques). There are no concerns from council, and the motion passes!

Next up is another request from EMSS, this time for $2115.54 to cover costs for their annual Conference of the Early Modern. It will cover food, reception refreshments, honoraria for lecturers and pay for musicians.  Jake from the EMSS is here to speak to details of the request and points out that this request is low when compared to past years because they are not covering travel costs for lecturers. This number could still change depending on how much departmental funding they are able to get—if anything changes, it will come up at the next council. The motion passes!

Now the HOST Society is seeking $474.52 to host their undergraduate conference, funding breakfast and lunch and flowers for panelists. There are no questions from council, and the motion passes!

Next, CSP Society is requesting $79.42 in to fund snacks for the Hinge reviewers. There were concerns about the expense, however Finance Committee did not present a recommended amendment. The motion passes!

Next, the Table Top Gaming Society is seeking $50 for a trophy and snacks for their Smash Bros Tournament in Alumni Hall. This was amended to reflect more detail in the funding request. The motion passes!

Now we are back to the top of the agenda! After a few amendments, the agenda is approved! And the minutes from the past two council meetings are approved as well.


First up is Alex, our president. He has been working on sound licensing with our hospitalities coordinator Jen, as well as Galley finances. I was chatting with Alex, our SLVP, during much of this report—apologies for the lack of detail!

Next is Alex, our Student Life Vice-President! She is very excited to see the second draft of the Campus Master Planning document, and are working to add the survey that Joy (DSS rep) to the document to reflect the views of day students. She is also working on planning a large event before the end of the term: maybe a Before Common Era Party? Dress up as a rock, a plant, a dinosaur even! Alex mentioned that North Pole Bay is on track for its renovation, and the University might receive funding for the renovation of Cochran Bay, which could begin this summer. Alex Hall accessibility updates are also on the way! So exciting! Alex is gushing. There will also be many more summer jobs on campus this year—great for students!

Next up is the report of the Financial Vice President. Aidan is away, so Alex B is presenting the report. Aidan has caught up on bookkeeping and signing levy cheques. She also offers congratulations to all who ran and were elected in the recent KSU elections and was thankful to attend the recent CFS-NS general meeting.

Now for the report of Hannah, our External Vice President. Like Aidan, Hannah is currently away so Sofia is presenting the report. Like Aidan, Hannah was thrilled with the GFS-NS GM. She loved discussing campaigns, anti-oppression, and voting to condone proposed fee increases at Dalhousie.

Finally, Sofia, our Communications VP, is presenting her report. She gives thanks to elections committee for running such a smooth election. By Law Review Committee also met this past week!


First up are Taylor and Zoë, our Board of Governors reps! Taylor is excited to work with the two recently-elected BoG reps on changeover. He has also been working on a survey regarding students’ feelings about open board meetings; they hope to bring this information to the board to show student support for open board meetings and transparency in our administration. Zoë was excited to attend the final meeting of the College Task Force, where they recommended that the faculty wage freeze not continue for the second year. Zoë was also happy to attend the CFS-NS GM.

Benn and Ryan, residence rep and first year rep, have both been working on the King’s Talks event, adding a reception afterwards/ Ryan also attended the CFS-NS GM and was inspired by the folks he met.

Next is Kristen, our Journalism Rep. She helped to organize the discussion on scab labour here at King’s, which was well-attended and successful. Kristen is continuing to work on the journalism school social.

Time for my report! I had the absolute pleasure of attending the general meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia this past weekend, learning lots about the student movement in this province and across the country. I was especially struck by the anti-oppression training and the direct action workshop—both gave examples of how small actions can combine to create big effects and inspired me to be more active and aware in the small role that I play.

Finally, the reports of our DSS reps, Liam and Joy. Liam is working to organize a trip to Sugar Moon Farm—it will hopefully only cost $10, be reasonably accessible to students, and take place near the end of March or beginning of April. Joy is working on rewriting the constitution of the DSS. The DSS general meeting is tentatively set for February 24, where they hope to release a draft of the constitution. After reading week, the DSS will also be running weekly coffee and tea socials for day students. Alex B mentions that the DSS and the KSU should look into jointly funding a new pool table as a part of Wardroom renovations.


Other than a discussion of when the next council will be, there is no new business to report.


See you soon friends!