Council February 28

Good morning folks! We have a packed boardroom this morning—with incoming executive members, incoming Board of Governors reps, our Chief Returning Officer Kate, and others!

10:11: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.

After one amendment, the agenda is adopted! The minutes from last council have been approved as well!


Benn, our Residence Rep, is up first! He has been working on the King’s Talks event—happening today!

Time for my report! The focus of my union-related work over the past week has been preparing for my changeover into the position of Student-Life VP. I’ve been meeting with Alex, the current SLVP to discuss the details and challenged of the position. I also sat in on a meeting of the Enrolment Management Committee—which I’m sure Alex will speak more about in her report. In my capacity as Member-at-Large, this has been a fairly typical week: Reject the Reset tabling on Tuesday, and a Finance Committee meeting on Friday.

Up next is Ryan, our First Year Rep! He has also been working with Benn on the King’s Talks event.

Joy, our DSS Rep, is up now! They held their General Meeting this week, where they passed a new constitution and elected a CRO! All of the pool cues in the Wardroom are being professional re-tipped, by popular demand. The DSS is also working to ensure a pool table will be included in the Wardroom renovation.

Reporting now is Melina, our Arts Rep. She did some tabling for Reject the Reset, and helped SNARC to organize the Problematic Academic Boyfriend Breakup Party. She has also been doing some reviewing for the CSP journal, Hinge and is working to establish a set office hour.

Now for the reports of our Board of Governors Reps, Taylor and Zoë. Taylor’s survey about the Board has been filled out 62, and he is hoping to double this before the survey closes. Also exciting: the incoming BoG reps and the incoming President have been invited as guests to the next Board meeting, which will help with changeover. Zoë has also been working on changeover: both her changeover to the position of Financial VP and helping the incoming BoG reps. She will also be joining to capital campaign task force as a student representative.


First is our President, Alex. A student-government roundtable is happening in Antigonish on Tuesday, and a Board meeting is coming up on March 10. The college task force has recommended to the university’s Finance Committee that the wage freeze for faculty and staff end this year. Alex has also been continuing to work to show solidarity for striking Halifax Typographical Union members.

Now for the report of the Student-Life VP. She has been working on changeover with me (yay!). She attended a meeting of the Enrolment Management and Retention Committee, where preliminary data for enrolment and retention next year was shared.

Now for the report of Aidan, our Financial VP! Aidan attended a Budget Advisory Committee meeting on February 23, where predictions for next year’s budget were made. The current draft of our budget continues to mirror Dal’s 3% increases to tuition; Sodexo has also proposed a 3% increase to meal plan fees. Aidan notes that it’s important to remember that none of the work this committee does is final—just recommendations to the Board. Also: at the next meeting, student fees will be reviewed one by one, which Aidan is very excited about.

Aidan has given an update on society funding—we have allocated over $13 000 and have close to $3 000 remaining for the rest of the academic year. All society levies have been paid out!

Now for the report of Hannah, our External VP! King’s students have submitted applications to the Racialized and Indigenous Student Experience summit. The KSU will be sending two students. Sustainability King’s has been continuing to do great work. The Reject the Reset campaign has been ongoing, and members of the external action committee have been doing class talks to spread the word. Hannah is also stoked about news out of Ontario that students in that province who come from households with annual incomes of less than $50 000 will not have to pay tuition fees. This is a great example of how the student movement can effect real change on an institutional level.

Finally, the report of our Communications VP, Sofia. She has been working on changeover with JS, the incoming CSP. Sofia attended a meeting of the CKDU Board, where she learned that they are hiring a programming coordinator.


Kate, our CRO, is giving reports on how KSU elections have went this year. Logistically, everything went smoothly—we reached quorum each time, though barely for journalism and science students. She mentions some confusion regarding the CRO’s relationship to the KSU executive; she thinks the CRO should be reporting to the Communications VP. Another project for the next CRO would be working to develop a voting system to include MFA and MJ students, who are often off campus.


First up is a funding request from SNARC, seeking $414.72 to fund the printing of 75 copies and launch party for their undergraduate academic journal, CANON.  The launch party is set to take place April 7; submissions are due on March 1. The majority of the funding will go towards printing costs. SNARC has also received $500 from NSPIRG, which they will allocate towards CANON. Aidan mentions that it’s admirable that they are seeking funding from other sources as well. The motion passes!

Next, the King’s Dance Collective is seeking $252.30 to fund a $100 honorarium for a student photographer, as well as snacks for rehearsals leading up to the King’s Dance Collective showcase on March 12. The motion passes!

The King’s Feminist Collective is seeking $25.12 to fund snacks for a movie night featuring feminist films. Aidan notes that this is an admirably modest request. The motion passes!

Finally, King’s Pride is seeking $198.00 to purchase decorations and snacks for a full week of Pride week programming. They will have a poetry night, a craft night, a how-to activism workshops, and many more events.

Now, we are electing a member to the Staff Search and Review Committee. This committee considers the success of the two staff people of the Union, the structures of these positions, etc. This year, the committee will be holding a search to hire a new Campaigns and Services Coordinator. Four names have been put forward. Alexandra Sweney has been elected to the committee.

11:08: We are adjourned! See you in two weeks folks!