Council March 28

Hello, I would like to apologize in advance. This is not your marvellous SLVP but your (ironically) tech-unsavvy science rep. So hello! Lovely day for a council meeting.

Council is under way at 2:44pm!

Zoe, our illustrious FVP is currently amending the agenda. with regard to society funding. Check. to minutes for full details. Changes will be referenced later on , as I am bad at typing.

Oral Report of councillors is underway— 2:48

Bog-Curren: getting acquainted with the position, will do great!

First Year Rep: Working on FYP T-shirts and end of year report. Verdict on colour still out. Quote will be from Baudelaire.

Journalism Rep: working on councillor report, trying to set up a a journalism social but hectic near the end of the year.

Science Rep: tried to host an ask an upper year event, do to hectic schedules and a first year calc midterm, it was recommended that we set up an online forum. This is in the works, email for information, especially if you want to be paired with an upper year in your program of interest. DSS (dal science society) AGM is coming up. Also study snaxs will return! keep up to date on the FB page!

Day students: working on cofinancing the pool table (yay!) with the FVP, elections are coming up. Speeches online. Eligible to vote if you are or are becoming a Day student next year. Tell your friends! Today and tomorrow, when voting is happening 4-8 today and 10:30 to 4:30 tomorrow

Liam BOG: working on getting set up with the new positions with Curran, its gonna be awesome. Sadly finals are also a thing.

President of KSU:

Appointment of President Lahey, happy to see student input consulted. Full confidence in the process of appointment. Looking forward to meeting with him. Priorities for next year and goals are at the forefront of that discussion.

Wardroom Renos: meeting with WBOM (wardy board of management) meeting to discuss the wardroom plans, something thats been in the works for 7 years!!!! Oh my my! Many people feel it is brand new, but good things to note. original plans were rejected, current ones have been used for 4 years for fundraising. the UNION IS NOT PAYNG FOR THE WARDY, we just get to benefit! New furniture, new facility restructuring, lighting, that odd hot pipe above the pool table that tall people hit their head or burn themselves on… just me… it’ll be fixed Wardy staff were listened to and concerns addressed. Change can be daunting but there are lots of positives. Complaints can be sent to breaking ground April 4th. Last class bash April 1st.

Rally on sexual assault policy: We believe survivors protest. 30 students, last Friday, amazing to see them out there with so little notice.

BLM Toronto Sit in: solidarity and support, incredible, not least because many of the people are students, and members of CFS locals. Really incredible to see this movement build and encourage everyone stay on top of this.

President Questions:  What about noise? Noise may occur during quiet hours in the demolition but it is necessary to have the Wardy open in the fall. Short term sacrifices, long term Wardy love. What are they doing with the old Wardy furniture? Technically furniture belongs to the union, so we may be trying to sell it, it could also be relocated on campus.

Questions about O-week nominations: operating as if bylaw recommendations that should go through Thursday are in effect. Orientation week, no recommendation for a general member, composed of incoming president, SLVP plus first year rep, hence why it isn’t on there. Staff search committee, hoping for 2 things. 1 to see recommendations go through GM, 2. Advertised for nominations, failed to include the summer participation is required. Bringing forward in April 10 to ensure available people.

Follow up question from the floor: one person has already been elected to staff search, why the delay? waiting for GM. Concerns of timeline, outgoing president who chairs it, wouldn’t be meeting until mid april anyway, so timeline is a little longer term. For more info, email

SLVP: Brennan is super pumped to be SLVP! we are to Brennan, we are too (at least I am)

Athletics annual award night, trying to better relationship with our athletics department.

Societies: call to all societies execs, year end reports need to be submitted, also necessary if they want to reratify. already received some of them

K-points: milestone of points for awards, K pins, pens, recognition. In recent past fallen by the wayside. Used to be a really big deal, so lets do it again! O-K? (apologies for the pun, it does not represent the linguistic capacities of the union). There will be a celebration on april 8th, bottled beer and wine service, friday night!

Facilities: scaffolding should be down for graduation for the A and A. Window frames are in bad condition in the chapel, so these will be replaced this year, as well as eaves and things, and hopefully restoring cupola on the chapel.

Don and junior Don hiring: junior don application closed, don positions are still accepting. Brennan will be one of likely 2 students on it, trying to get someone who is not a man on the committee as well, this has been welcomed by the Don hiring committee.

Questions: entire reno of cochran will not happen this summer, but top floor may as that is where alot of pressing problems are. leaks, draft, unofficial skylights (I’m not sure about the last one, that was a joke)

More Questions: If you are society exec and have not heard about the end of year report, email Brennan at

Are we electing someone to the Don hiring? it is not something that has been elected in the past, so it may be other councillor or exec member.

Finally: K point doesn’t include any chapel activities.

FVP – Zoe’s Report——————–3:18pm

working on being up to date with book keeping for her year as FVP. We are very close to spending to society budget. Woot, woot! means we can table some things up front. It was released on march 24th. Budget impacted by lower enrolment projections, but better use of our levy funds and cuts that won’t impact service delivery. Budget will be on parity for this coming year.

Green Shield consultations, in response to need for better ambulance funding, among other areas, green shield has agreed to cost out a variety of options. CFS rep Dave Etherington is working on an internal student health plan

Bottled water free day: last minute campaign celebration, it was great.

FVP stands in solidity with the #webelievesurvivors campaign and is proud of those members of the kings community who joined to protest last friday. Continued support of this issue is essential for change.

We do not yet have a fixed ISIC card, however you can go to mount to get it for no charge. Trying to fix it.


EVP- ———–3:24

Bottle water free: excellent campaign, happy with it

Transitions into the EVP role is going smoothly.

NSPIRG AGM was informative, kings met quorum for our students. NSPIRG was renamed to include Kings which is super nice. Great relationship to have.

CFS pre-budget submission: CFS reps and EVP met with NS liberal caucus and opposition parties,  ahead of the upcoming provincial budget to present the CFS pre-budget submission document

X-action: getting a social media overhaul, gonna be great. X-action meeting last week was highly successful, an op-ed about the Regan sit in is upcoming by members of X-action, had tons of ideas for things to do during O-week for engagement with issues effecting students. X-action will also aid in summer events such as Pride Week.

UHP: reviewing duties of external commissioner of equity and advocacy and external commissioner of sustainability, hence no nominations.


Sexual assault policy: planning meetings with CFS Womens rep and Dean of Students Nick hate to solidify policy notes dragged by Hannah Kaya and to further the issue


upcoming GM is a thing, working on planning. It is happening March 31st. Ancient Mesopotamia is the theme, and getting things done is the name of the game (you see why I am not the CVP, check her report for more info)

changeover has been going well, and our new exec looks fantastic. By law review committee, looking at finalizing what bylaw amendments are required.  Come to the GM to participate in the magic!

TWAK: is occurring, if you want to advertise events in Twak, send your contributions by 6pm Sunday night to

Past FVP report on Travel Bursaries— 3:36pm

problems in terms of how they are to be used and distribution.

Applications go to finance committee and then to council. Not predicated on financial need, as it is a public forum and no way of validating it. IT is not in consideration, and we have failed to figure out a way for this to occur tactfully and meaningfully.

It used to be a set amount of funding in 2013-2014. When Alex was our FVP tried to democratize it by assigning set 100 dollar ones. It used to be that they would cover local atlantic travel, but now its larger events, plane rides away. air travel have ranged from 450-2k for flights so amount in a 100$ bursary is minimal.

The way that funding is being allocated currently is that it doesn’t appear to be helping those that can afford take on the level of personal debt that comes with only 100$ bursaries. Thus, this may be used for those who can already afford to travel, as opposed to those who can’t due to a lower socio-economic status. Other considerations,  when you allocate travel bursary, effectively giving back the dues, if you double it, then 2 people dues for one person.  It is also first come first serve. Hence later in the year, if it is low uptake, can get more money. This is inherently unfair.

Funding for travel bursaries have never been maxed out.

Conclusions: looking back at this year, 13 of 16 could have been expensed out of society line. Recommendation is that travel bursaries be eliminated and instead go into society funding line, which tends to be a big pot of money. Review next year should occur if these are implemented.

Hey folks – WOAH it’s actually Aidan. Nate is going to be gone briefly! This is a dream come true.
We are taking motions out of order right now.

CSP Society is asking for $688.14 in non-contingent funding to purchase food, wine and non-alcoholic beverages. The amount has been changed after a discussion with Sodexo. This would be for the Hinge release happening on April 1st in the SCR from 7-10pm. The updated request is $675.81, which has decreased by $13.00. Finance committee also recommends amendment. Finance committee was in favour of the event as a whole but was concerned about the cost of the event, especially given the scheduling conflict with Last Class Bash happening in the Wardroom. Katherine Thomas is here to talk about the request. She says it was originally $1000 – it is more expensive this year because Celine will not let them purchase their own food. Apparently the event is actually going to run from 8pm onwards. Aidan (me!) asks why Sodexo won’t give them a food waiver. CSP met with Celine today who reiterated that we must go through Sodexo – who says it’s cheaper. It’s really not though. Nick is now speaking to this – says its for liability reasons. Apparently they have legal support. Aidan says the KSU assumes all legal responsibility for society events. Zoe will be discussing the issue of food waivers with Celine, Kelly, Brennan and I. Jacob now asks why we can’t just bring groceries – like literally any other society event. Zoe speaks to this – Sodexo in the past has not been rlly enforcing this. Melina speaks to this now – she says we can’t rlly encourage societies to go behind Sodexo’s back… Joy is speaking to this now and clarifying that Sodexo has always had this exclusivity clause. Curran is speaking to this now – should we amend the motion to reconcile the  many numbers we have on the table right now.

Zoe is amending the motion to replacing it with $795.76 which is the number that CSP society just gave us. The amendment passes. Zoe is talking about the Sodexo invoice right now – $413.18 would go towards food (including tea sandwiches,

CSP society is speaking to this request – $273 for alcohol for wine & hard liquor, then $108.08 for cheeses/juice/pop/baguette, $413.80 were Sodexo costs. Nate asks how many people are expected (around 100). This is now 50-70. Nate is back and typing. Curran is asking about the non-competition clause with the food waivers. There is lots of concern about what this means. Zoe believes that it is not in anyone interest to bring this into consideration with CSP event considering these changes and issues surrounding these clauses will have to be dealt with in the future. Aidan has a concern about the cost of the event considering the extant cost of the journal, and the competition with another event. Discussion of proposing an amendment for contingent funding is also being brought up but has not been moved. Aidan now has a question about continent funding for 500$ would CSP be able to work with it. Kat, here representing CSP society says its possible.

Now have an amendment on the changing it to 500$ for CSPsoc continent funding. it passes. now moving to vote on the motion. motion has passed.

Now moving to motion 6.5 CSPsoc end of history bash. 691.15$ in contingent funding. The idea that it would be perpetuating a drinking culture, comfort level with funding primary alcohol based events as a union as well has given finance committee pause.

Nick is now talking to it, representing CSP society. They have discussed decreasing the alcohol content, putting a mark on hands, to control alcohol. May also move into the Pit, which would be a safer space then the SCR. Joy is now speaking. She thinks that SCR is a poor space for the SCR so pit is a good idea. Nate (me) is asking about 24hour quiet period, and the SCR or the pit is not well soundproofed. Noise worries are a thing. Melina is now speaking in favour of approving this. It sounds like a really cool event, it appears to be well thought out and well planned. Jacob is talking about the alcohol culture, he is thrilled that we are discussing this but is worried about CSP taking the brunt of the criticism when many groups are involved. Aidan is concerned about the money, and also about the purchase of hard liquor. They will be in discussion with Jenn of the wardroom, but they have clearance with Dean Hatt for alcohol clearance in the SCR. Zoe is now speaking about specifics of the budget, and clarity. Aidan is now speaking to alcohol liability. Aidan was hoping to see what carding was going to look like. This harder protocol is due to the extension of the wet-dry license to any room. So in any event we run, the Wardrooms wet dry license is at stake. Even with the bartender  not drinking that is 1 in 70. Aidan suggests training and more people. The question (Nate) asks is will there be enough time for this for additional training,  what of honoraria if people need to bartend from the wardroom? Throughout this process the CSP people are super excellent. Jacob is again speaking to this criticism of CSP specific event. He reminds us of other societies utilizing funding and the ease of passing requests. Aidan suggests an amendment that it be with consolation with the hospitality coordinator. This would be an amendment on the amendment Aidan had placed 5 minutes ago which originally read with approval. The revised amendment is passed

Zoe moves to make an amendment to reduce the cost to 580$. This is based off of revised quotes. There is conversation surrounding what the amendment with regards to hospitality coordinator. The motion is moved to a vote, it passes.

6.1 SNARC is up for CANNON journal, it passes.

6.2 Arts Abstract: 300 of the 350$ requested is from Cousins the band, most transportation. Arts abstract wanted to help through a great party, get people involved. They do a newsletter every 2 weeks, check it out 🙂 – amongst many other things, CKDU interview, interviews with artists, shot on a string, lots of things…. this event is to be an opportunity to expose King’s students to the art world in halifax. They will also interview Cousins. This is on par for what people charge to go to the Wardroom according to Joy. Aidan was saying that they were getting the Wardy a good rate, and Aidan is worried that we set a precedent for paid local shows, and that society funding not be used for bigger bands. She is in favour but would caution against setting a precedent. Brennan understands the concerns but says it falls within the purview of the arts abstract. Motion goes to vote and it passes.

Motion for recess, break for five minutes.

And were back folks, hope you took your five minutes to go for a walk, take a breath of air, eat some food, or watch 5 excellent 1 minute vines (for recommendations feel free to ask)

First up on the block is item 6.3 from tabletop gaming asking or 140$ contingent funding to purchase a magic booster box for a magic draft (note this is not a place were we draft magic Johnson). Its a popular game, weekly event at a lot of stores, and large uptake in the college community. Zoe is now speaking for how this is and is not capital purchase, in a sense union owns the cards, but if its a trophy its not. I asked  whether it was  accessible to all, as there is no loss (like marbles) the event is realistically open to all. Some concerns voiced by council about giving a gift but the motion passes! Yeah!!!

6.something, as is a new motion: BIRT EMSS purchase 45.95$ for SNARC cannon launch party, it came in late, so no recommendation. SNARC doesn’t have special designation so this is a way of doing it. Zoe is of two minds. 1. responsibility for alcohol, and pairing with EMSS just for the alcohol. 2. SNARC and EMSS has done this before, for academic boyfriend breakup, but they had more of an involvement in it. Melina says that EMSS wasn’t actually integral to planning of the BF breakup. probably last EMSS funding request of the year. Zoe is in favour of this motion. Think it is an issue for funding alcohol for non-tier 2 societies. The work around is not cool with her, but she is ok with speak in favour of this on an ad hoc basis, if she does a report on alcohol funding in the future. Motion passes.

We are now back to talk about committee nomination resolutions.

6.6 for chair search committee, Katie Bucklee is being nominated , Maggie O’riordan, Joy Shand, Tess Morison.

After council voting Maggie, Katie, and Joy are to fill the blanks of the motion. and the motion goes to a vote. and it passes. SCORE!

6.7 Chief Returning officer search committee with x as an alternate 4 spots to fill!

Emma Morris, Brandy Whitford, Drew Gyan and Keelie Olstad have been nominated to fill the spots. Emma is past CRO, and Jacob is very impressed with her term. Zoe is reading Brandy’s statement and speaking on behalf of her, sociology student, second year student, person for the person to be enthusiastic and to engage with those traditional apathetic to elections. She is past equity commissioner and would be great. Drew is a first year, nominated by JS, hasn’t been super involved but would like to get involved and thinks it would be a great first step. Keelie is another first year, also nominated by JS and wants to get more involved. Great candidate all around!

First three are Emma , Brandy and Keelie and Drew will be the alternate. The motion has been filled and will now go to a vote. Its a breakaway pass and again another SCORE! Never have I seen a game quite like this folks! Unsure who the opposing team is or what a goal counts as but I know the community will benefit.

6.8 BIRT Shannon Maddy and keenan fill spots for scribe search committee , and bam their filled by unanimous consent. Vote passes, and motion passes! BAM BAM BAM hat trick people, hat trick,  truly fantastic to watch

6.9 BIRT Jessica, Rachel and Peter be filled in the search committee. and vote passes. This is an excellent turnout from team KSU.

We are new business. Councillor reports are needed before next council, most likely in the 10th. Also more nominations are upcoming for search committee and please talk to CVP.


We are adjourned.

I’d like to thank my hands, fingers and ligaments. Special shout out to Brenna who live blogs all year long. Holy cow. Please note that if these notes differ from the minutes, the minutes are the official resource. These are but the ramblings of a tired science councillor.

Don’t forget to tip your waiter,

all the best



adjourned at 5:33