Fall 2016 Councillor Elections

The King’s Students’ Union Fall Councillor Election for the positions of First Year Representative, Arts Representative, Science Representative, Journalism Representative, Residence Representative, and Member-at-Large is taking place on October 12th and 13th, 2016. All King’s students can vote on Wednesday October 12th and Thursday October 13th, 9am-7pm outside of Prince Hall in the King’s Arts and Administration Building. Bring your King’s ID or International Student Identity Card to vote.

KSU Fall Councillor Election Results

First Year Representative
Riel D. Tétreault                44
Chris Pearse                      38
Caleb Sher                         37
Re-open Nominations      0
Void                                     3

Residence Representative
Lucia Helder                    110
Re-open Nominations     7
Void                                    1

Arts Representative
Drew Guyan                    167
Re-open Nominations     7
Void                                    4

Journalism Representative
Lianne Xiao                      49
Re-open Nominations    3
Void                                   0

Science Representative
Frances-Grace Fyfe        21
Re-open Nominations    1
Void                                   1

Jacob Baker-Kretzmar     215
Re-open Nominatioons   24
Void                                     5

These results are unofficial subject to an appeal made in writing made to the Chair as per the KSU Bylaws, Appendix A – ELECTIONS PROCEDURE.

KSU Fall Councillor Election Candidate Speeches and Platforms

Watch the candidate speeches and read the platforms here:

Residence Representative Candidate:
Lucia Helder – Speech, Q&A, and Platform

Arts Representative Candidate:
Drew Guyan – Speech and Q&A, Platform

Journalism Representative Candidate:
Lianne Xiao- Speech and Q&A, Platform

Science Representative Candidate:
Frances Grace Fyfe – Speech and Q&A 

First Year Representative Candidates:
Chris Pearse – Speech, Platform
Caleb Sher – Speech, Platform
Riel D. Tetreault – Speech, Platform
Watch the First Year Representative Q&A session here.

Member-at-Large Candidate:
Jacob Baker-Kretzmar- Speech and Q&A

All candidates have the opportunity to submit a platform to be posted next to the polling station and online. Any candidates without platforms did not submit one to the Chief Returning Officer.

Fall Councillor Election Scrutineers:
Isabelle Reynolds

All candidates have the option to send a scrutineer to the count to observe and to lodge appeals and complaints on behalf of the candidates they represent. Notice of the Fall Councillor Election scrutineers can be downloaded here.

Ruling of the Chair
On October 13th, 2016, the King’s Students’ Union Chair made a ruling to extend the voting for the position of Journalism representative until 8pm on Thursday, October 13th, 2016 for the purpose of attaining quorum. The Ruling of the Chair made on October 13th, 2016, regarding voting for the Journalism Representative can be downloaded here.

Download the 2016 Elections Guidelines here.

If you have any questions about the election, please contact Hannah MacDougall
our Chief Returning Officer, at Appeals must be submitted in writing to the Chair of the Union, Charlotte Sullivan.