Council October 30: A Post To Test a Long Title

Documents Agenda Minutes from Council on October 16 Minutes from Council on October 18 Executive Reports Fun and Relatable Introduction for the Readers Council time! M at L Jacob here, feeling good feeling great. This week I’m very excited because I created a keyboard shortcut on my computer that automatically inserts the current time, so […]

Getting the Best High School GPA Calculator

The Hidden Gem of High School GPA Calculator The list continues to infinity. If your preceding season application is all accurate and correct, you then merely have to decide on the name of this state and faculty info and also you might land until the significant page. In this instance, you might use absolutely free […]

Council October 18

EMERGENCY COUNCIL MEETIN’ Jk it’s not an emergency, we just missed some funding requests or something. Agenda ~ 3:31 – We’re starting!!!!!!!!!!! The agenda is so short lol. Zoe is explaining why this meeting is happening—filing error in the office!! These funding requests were put in the wrong mailbox. Zoe felt this was unfair, so […]

Council October 16

It’s live blog time again at last! This is your new Member at Large Jacob reporting for duty. Enjoy! Agenda Executive and BoG Rep Reports Election Rulings and Results Minutes from September 15 10:06 – We’re starting! We added Item 4.6, Report of the Board of Governors Reps. Minutes from last time approved! Councillor reports! Lianne (Journalism […]