Council October 16

It’s live blog time again at last! This is your new Member at Large Jacob reporting for duty. Enjoy!


Executive and BoG Rep Reports

Election Rulings and Results

Minutes from September 15

10:06 – We’re starting!

We added Item 4.6, Report of the Board of Governors Reps. Minutes from last time approved! Councillor reports!

Lianne (Journalism Rep) is looking forward to getting started and getting in touch with more journalism students.

Frances Grace (Science Rep) is looking forward to her office hours and getting to know people.

Lucia (Residence Rep) has a meeting with Nick Hatt soon to talk about a kitchen and some renovations?

Riel (First Year Rep) wants to make sure first years know about all of the Union’s services!

Pilar (Day Students Society Rep #1) is here!

Cedric(Day Students Society Rep #2) says the DSS is getting ratified and also has access to their bank account!

Jacob (Member at Large) is live blogging!! (That’s me!)

Drew (Arts Rep) is in all the Facebook groups and is working on an email list.

Exec and BoG rep reports are happening, PDF are at the top of the page! I’ll also type out some important things.

The Board voted down the $1000 FYP tuition increase WHICH IS AMAZING.

Sodexo’s contract is up, the University is issuing a request for proposals to find a food service provider. Brennan is running consultations with students about this, including an online survey and tabling with physical copies of the survey. The University is also now a member of the Canadian College and University Food Service Association. They’ll be on campus this term to talk about the food services as well, and Brennan is putting together a committee of 7-10 students to meet with them.

Zoe created a handy form for society funding reimbursements! Grab one outside the office.

There was a municipal election yesterday! I live in District 8 and Lindell Smith won that seat which I am very very pleased about. (Am I allowed to say that here? Too late!)

Gina got us academic amnesty for the day of action on Nov 2, which basically means all of our profs explicitly agreed that we can miss class to attend the day of action. Chill.

King's Board of Governors members literally walking all over our words re: difficulties of high tuition.
King’s Board of Governors members walking over students’ words re: difficulties of high tuition.

JS is talking about a GM for the last time ever!

Elections happened – two rulings of the Chair were issued to extend the nominations period and to extend balloting for Journalism Rep. This happens a lot and is less than ideal. JS welcomes feedback and suggestions. These rulings and the final vote counts are attached at the top of this page.

New King’s President Bill Lahey introduced the motion to reject the $1000 FYP tuition hike in his report to the Board, specifically citing his meeting with KSU President Aidan McNally the day before. See! It works!! Also lots of Board members used the kind of language that students do, and seemed to finally have accepted some basic concepts like the fact that increasing FYP tuition won’t help enrolment!

Note: this motion declined to increase FYP tuition $1,000 next year or the year after, but the University is still allowed to increase everyone’s tuition 3% per year as usual (yes, including this year). Will they? It would be kind of hypocritical now that they’ve voted down an increase using language affirming that higher tuition hurts everyone. We’ll see.

The Board of Governors approved a motion to post their minutes publicly online! BE STILL MY HEART!! This is awesome. I’m going to link the shit out of those minutes once they’re up.

Two new Co-opted Board members were approved at this meeting and they’re rad and experienced and also they’re not white which is cool. Their names are Don McLean and Catherine Martin. Their bios are in the BoG Rep report which I’ll upload in a bit.

Brennan asked what the nomination process is like for Board members. Aidan says that nominations were invited from all faculty and from Board members. Once there’s a shortlist the Governance, Nominating, and Human Resources Committee talks to all of them and picks people.

I asked if there were any other people appointed besides these two. Aidan said there were two other new members who joined the Board, a Diocese Rep, Laurelle LeVert, and a Secretary, Jennifer Gray. The process for appointing these people is different from Co-opted members.

10:50 – 5.1 Ratification of King’s Entrepreneurship Society, Tier I. FG asks about Tier I vs. Tier II societies, Brenna explains the difference between them. Pilar asks who will conduct these workshops, Brennan says the society didn’t specify that. Motion passes.

10:53 – 5.2 Ratification of the King’s Horror Film Society, Tier I. Motion passes.

10:55 – 5.3 Ratification of Sicily, King’s Journal of Theology, Tier I. Super cool. Question about what year these students are in, mostly fourth. Katy Weatherly is here, she’s one of the founding editors. Aidan asks if there will be events this year or just a journal. Katy says this year probably just a journal, in future they hope to do panels and organize other multifaith events. Brennan will work with them to make sure this society/journal will be accessible to everyone, Katy agrees. Cedric asks what religious backgrounds journal submissions are coming from. Katy answers they’re not sure yet, they welcome submissions from any faith background and about religion and theology in general in any way. Aidan asks what structures are in place to determine editors and select papers. Katy says there’s been one meeting with three founding members but there will be an open call for more editors, and they hope to diversify the backgrounds and ideologies held by their editors. Motion passes.

11:00 – 5.4 Ratification of Early Modern Studies Society, Tier II. This motion doesn’t include special designation, Brennan says that’s typo. The motion is amended to include granting EMSS special designation. Motion passes as amended.

11:03 – 5.5 Ratification of King’s Day Students’ Society, Tier II with special designation. The DSS is levied directly trough the University to the tune of $10 per day student (yes, that’s a buttload of money – $7,420 per term to be exact). They’re looking for Tier II status so they can do events with alcohol, which they’ve done often in the past. Motion passes. Cedric and Pilar note their abstentions.

11:05 – 5.6 Ratification of Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group, Tier II with special designation. NSPIRG and South House are levied societies, all students pay a fee to them, this motion doesn’t affect that levy. Motion passes.

11:07 – 5.6 Ratification of South House, Tier II with special designation. South House is RAD. They’re on Seymour Street. Motion passes.

11:09 – Recess for 7 minutes!! See you at 11:16.

I’m talking to JS about getting Exec reports linked in these live blogs in real time. We’ll get that set up for the next meeting! Check back later for today’s.

I also chatted with Aidan about those two extra Board members that were appointed this week – Jennifer Gray, a lawyer with McInnes Cooper, and Laurelle LeVert, a Diocese Rep (not sure what she does). I’ll come back and update this live blog with a bit more of a bio about all four of these people.


11:16 – 5.8 Funding Request: King’s Dance Collective, $50 contingent for contact improv workshop leader honorarium. Motion passes.

11:19 – 5.9 FR: King’s Dance Collective, $175 contingent for pole dance workshop on Nov 2. Motion passes.

11:20 – 5.10 FR: King’s PRIDE Society, $23.30 contingent for snacks for Halloween screening of Carmilla on Oct 24. This movie is about vampires and is very good and very queer. Motion passes.

11:21 – 5.11 FR: King’s PRIDE Society, $15.84 contingent for snacks for AGM on Oct 20. Zoe says this is “the most darling funding request” she’s ever seen. Motion passes.

11:23 – 5.12 FR: Dal/King’s Fashion Show Design Society, $1,000 non-contingent for costs of Vaudeville Fashion Show Fundraiser on Mar 5. Fashion show is rad body-positive event. Total cost of show is about $3,000. Zoe is trying to follow up about how many King’s students are involved. Zoe moves to table the motion until the next Council meeting so there’s time to follow up, their event is in March so there’s no rush. Aidan has concerns about the cost too, and remembers that last year there were questions about ticket sales and how much money the event actually raises for its charities. She also thinks we should postpone it. Pilar wants to know more about Dress for Success. Zoe says she thinks they provide profesh clothing to people for job interviews. Curran points out that this funding request is about 10% of our entire society funding budget for this year—Zoe corrects him, it’s about 1/16 (that’s still a lot). Cedric also points out that we would be providing a third of their funding. I asked Zoe to ask the society about their other funding sources at Dal. Motion passes to table this Action Item until next Council – we will revisit the main motion in two weeks.

11:29 – 5.13 FR Students Advocating for Representative Curricula, $105.90 contingent for cakes and decor for Wall of Women anniversary on Nov 14 or 18. There will be a gluten-free cake. Motion passes.

11:30 – 5.14 FR King’s Foreign Film Society, $33 contingent for bread and cheese for film screening on Oct 18. No recommendation from Finance Committee because reasons. Zoe says it’s a good funding request. Motion passes.

11:32 – 5.15 FR King’s Foreign Film Society, $50 contingent for snacks for Halloween screening of Let the Right One In on Oct 25 (this is Zoe’s birthday!). Finance Committee recommends amendment. Zoe moves to amend to $33 based on previous funding request, didn’t see a need for different money for similar events. I add that there might be higher turnout at a Halloween event, so maybe more funding is justified. Gina says things weren’t priced out super precisely. Zoe quotes funding request: “chips and pop,” previous funding request was for bread and cheese which are more expensive. Amendment passes. Motion passes as amended.

11:38 – 5.16 FR: King’s Horror Film Society, $60 contingent for snacks for Classic Horror Movie Night on Oct 20. Finance Committee recommends amendment. Zoe says this is a little high, it’s the society’s first meeting and they’re doing something similar to the KFFS. FG moves to amend to $25, says PRIDE’s event was very very detailed and well-priced and that’s the area theirs was in. I don’t know how I feel about horror films. I like the very few that I’ve seen but I also hate gory stuff and I also scare pretty easily. I will probably not attend any of these events, but you should! Zoe calls the question on the amendment, the amendment passes. Motion passes as amended ($25).

11:46 – 5.17 FR: Early Modern Studies Society, $135 non-contingent for pizza and snacks for Halloween Horror Screening probably on Oct 27 OH MY GOD ANOTHER ONE? I think we’re at four in one week now?? [I check the agenda] NOPE THERE ARE FIVE. This film will be preceded by a lecture from Dr. Kathryn Morris, and the movie will be The Witch. Katy says it will be awesome but the budget can probably be cut a bunch. EMSS has money in their bank account, Zoe asks what this money will be used for and why it’s not being put towards this event. Katy says that money is a buffer for Babel. Aidan says this event will be in Alumni Hall and will probably attract a significantly audience. Motion passes.

11:53 – 5.18 FR: Early Modern Studies Society, $160 non-contingent for wine and cheese for Babel launch on Nov 2. Zoe moves to table the motion until next Council. This event is also on the Day of Action, so will probably be rescheduled. Motion passes to table this Action Item until next Council – we will revisit the main motion in two weeks.

11:56 – 5.19 FR: King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society, $200 contingent for honorarium for Caribou Legs for a talk on or around Oct 20. Zoe and others speak strongly in favour  of this motion. Caribou Legs is running across Canada to raise awareness about missing and murdered indigenous women. Date is uncertain, but if the event can’t happen then the money won’t be spent, so this isn’t a problem at all. Aidan says if we are funding this event it should happen on King’s campus. Motion passes.

11:58 – 5.20 FR: King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society, $68.94 contingent for snacks for three meetings this term. This funding is for snacks including “DSU Mini-Food Boxes,” which I’m told is a great amount of veggies for a meeting. This is a DSU service run out of the SUB. I’m in shock. Veggies are so rad. Wow. Motion emphatically passes.

12:01 – FR: King’s Outdoor and Sustainability Society, $550 contingent for car rental and gas to go to Ottawa for Climate 101 and Climacon on Oct 23-25. JT is going to decide something about a pipeline. Slimy. Dal and King’s students going to this event, at least 5, at least 2 of these from King’s. Finance Committee recommends amendment. Zoe’s giving some background: we used to have travel bursaries set aside in the budget that students could apply for in $100 chunks, they were cut this year because they were problematic and weren’t being used a lot. $500 is a lot of money, Zoe moves to amend to $200, reflecting $100 per student. Curran asks where this number comes from. Zoe says it’s a bit arbitrary, $550 for 5 students works out to about $100 per, also Divest Dal is pitching in so this money will help. Cedric asks about Divest Dal, whether they be able to afford it without our funding. Zoe isn’t sure. Liam asks if we can word this motion so that it allocates funding depending on how many students go. Zoe points out that this is all happening very very soon and it may all be finalized. I add that I’m pretty sure it costs a lot more than $550 to go two ways to Ottawa. Pilar says it’s weird that a sustainability group is renting a car. Zoe is explaining that she initially received a funding request/proposal directly from Divest Dal. Aidan speaks in favour of the $200, this would be consistent with historically allocating about $100 per person per trip, also other reasons. I zoned out for a sec, sorry, Aidan knows what she’s talking about. Amendment passes ($200). Gina feels torn, she is in Sustainability and is also now responsible for bringing sustainability concerns to Council because the Union cut it’s Sustainability Commissioner, but also this motion will set a precedent to fund travel for individuals, which we were trying to move away from when we cut travel bursaries. She’s not sure how we justify spending society funding on travel and then maybe saying no to other students later in the year. It sounds like what’s at issue here is society funding in particular being used for travel. Zoe points out that our sustainability line in the budget was cut this year and lots of people are doing great work around this, she believes that funding this motion is in good faith. We sometimes spend $100 on snacks, this amount of money isn’t huge. Zoe moves to amend the motion by removing specific mention of the car rental and gas money. Charlotte (our Chair!) points out that a motion can only be amended twice, so this is our last opportunity to change the motion itself. Amendment passes. The full text of the main motion is now “Be It Resolved That K-OSS receive $200 in contingent funding for travel to Ottawa for Climate 101 and Climacon taking place over the course of October 23rd, 24th, and 25th.” Curran notes that the Union’s current setup makes society executives gatekeepers of sorts for students’ travel costs and funding requests, and this is also still a privacy issues, he says we should look into this more. Cedric says we shouldn’t see this as a travel bursary alternative: “societies have various needs, some of which include travel costs for their members for events.” True. I added that we should do more to help these students’ work besides just funding their travel, Gina says she is working on this! Motion passes as amended ($200).

12:26 – New Business. JS reminds everyone that the next Council meeting is on Sunday October 30.

12:28 – Adjourned!


Thanks for reading! I’m wondering if I should write this live blog in the first person (“I” – what I did this time) or the third person (“Jacob”). Thoughts? Hit me up!!