Council January 29

Documents Agenda Executive Reports Introduction 8:36:37 PM. Hello members! JBK here, preparing the night before as always. This is a BIG meeting so follow along! Also check out the Watch’s live tweets they are always great. 10:23:33 AM. Sorry we’re getting started a little late because Pam Hazel doesn’t tell anyone about the room bookings we […]

Referendum Town Hall Jan 26

Referendum Town Hall Here’s the pamphlet that’s being handed out to people here at the town hall. The Watch is livestreaming this town hall on facebook! Thanks, The Watch!   Aidan’s starting us off. The KSU has been facing financial difficulty over the years, this Exec has taken the year to gather information and work […]

Council January 22

Documents Agenda 1:22:21 PM. We’re in the Frazee! It’s just me and Charlotte so far because we are ON the ball. Listen along with us! 1:32:08 PM. We’re starting! No written reports this week.   Executive Reports Brennan: Winter society fair went well! Thanks to FG especially. There’ll be lots of election-themed events in the […]

Council January 15

Documents Agenda Minutes from December 4 Executive Reports   Happy New Year Welcome back everyone!! COUNCIL, am I right! Woohoo!! 1:34:31 PM. We’re about to begin! Agenda adopted, minutes approved!   Reports 1:36:29 PM. Lianne: Chronicle Herald rally is next Monday, Jan. 23. She’s doing class talks and also everyone come to this rally!! I have […]

Council December 4

Agenda Executive Reports Minutes from November 20 Housekeeping 10:28:25 PM. Council is about to begin! 10:03:42 AM. Here we go! Jk we’re waiting for someone’s computer stuff, there are edits to the agenda coming up. Zoe is amending the agenda to add honoraria motions for Simon Gillies, Itai Kuwodza, Margaret Dingwell. Motion passes (agenda amended). Agenda […]

Fall General Meeting September 29

Hi all, this is your communications VP Julia-Simone Rutgers writing the live blog for tonight’s general meeting. It is 7:19pm, and we have just reached quorum. Thank you to everyone is here. Charlotte, our chair, is starting out by introducing Robert’s Rules and the procedures of a GM 7:21pm – The Meeting has come to […]

Council November 20

Documents Agenda Minutes from last Council (October 30) Exec Reports   Councillor Reports Hi everyone sorry I dropped the ball and we’re getting started in a rush! Lianne’s not doing her newsletter because there are enough already, and TWAK. I have no real substantial updates. Jk I live-tweeted the day of action for the KSU […]

Council October 30: A Post To Test a Long Title

Documents Agenda Minutes from Council on October 16 Minutes from Council on October 18 Executive Reports Fun and Relatable Introduction for the Readers Council time! M at L Jacob here, feeling good feeling great. This week I’m very excited because I created a keyboard shortcut on my computer that automatically inserts the current time, so […]

Council October 18

EMERGENCY COUNCIL MEETIN’ Jk it’s not an emergency, we just missed some funding requests or something. Agenda ~ 3:31 – We’re starting!!!!!!!!!!! The agenda is so short lol. Zoe is explaining why this meeting is happening—filing error in the office!! These funding requests were put in the wrong mailbox. Zoe felt this was unfair, so […]

Council October 16

It’s live blog time again at last! This is your new Member at Large Jacob reporting for duty. Enjoy! Agenda Executive and BoG Rep Reports Election Rulings and Results Minutes from September 15 10:06 – We’re starting! We added Item 4.6, Report of the Board of Governors Reps. Minutes from last time approved! Councillor reports! Lianne (Journalism […]

Fall General Meeting September 29

Hi all, this is your communications VP Julia-Simone Rutgers writing the live blog for tonight’s general meeting. It is 7:19pm, and we have just reached quorum. Thank you to everyone is here. Charlotte, our chair, is starting out by introducing Robert’s Rules and the procedures of a GM 7:21pm – The Meeting has come to […]

Council September 25

Hi all. I would like to apologize on behalf of the executive for neglecting to live blog this week’s council meeting. In lieu of the live blog, here is a quick recap of some of this council’s most important information. The societies ratified at this week’s meeting are: -The Arts Abstract -Students Advocating Representative Curricula (SNARC) -King’s […]

Council March 28

Hello, I would like to apologize in advance. This is not your marvellous SLVP but your (ironically) tech-unsavvy science rep. So hello! Lovely day for a council meeting. Council is under way at 2:44pm! Zoe, our illustrious FVP is currently amending the agenda. with regard to society funding. Check. to minutes for full details. Changes […]

Council March 13

Hi folks! It’s your Member-at-Large Brennan here with another council live blog. This will be a special meeting of council—it’s our last meeting before the executive and Board of Governors reps changeover on March 15. 10:12: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory. After a couple of small amendments, […]

Council February 28

Good morning folks! We have a packed boardroom this morning—with incoming executive members, incoming Board of Governors reps, our Chief Returning Officer Kate, and others! 10:11: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory. After one amendment, the agenda is adopted! The minutes from last council have been […]

Council February 12

Hello friends! Welcome to another council live blog, this time coming to you on a sunny Friday afternoon. It’s been nearly three weeks since the last council meeting—we missed this! 4:11: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory. 4:12: We are beginning the meeting with action items! […]

Council January 22

Hello and welcome to a new and unusual EVENING COUNCIL! We are meeting in the Wardroom, this is different and fun. 6:03: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory. We are tabling the approval of minutes until the next meeting—it was sent out in a format that […]

Council January 9

Good morning everyone! It’s me, Member-at-Large Brennan, back for a new semester of council live blogs. Happy 2016! 10:12: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory. Aidan is adding two items to the agenda: a funding request from Sodales for $700, and a request for $500 from […]

Council November 28

Good morning everyone! Welcome to another council live blog (on a Saturday! different!). 10:16: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory. After one quick typo, the agenda is adopted! And the minutes from the last meeting have been approved! REPORTS OF COUNCILLORS: Zoe, Board of Governors representative, is […]

Council November 15

Good morning! It’s me, Member-at-Large Brennan, back for another live blog. I am thrilled to be seated next to our External VP Hannah (the best person).  10:06: The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory. 10:11: The agenda has been adopted! After a couple of changes, the […]

Council November 8

Hi everyone! I’m Brennan McCracken, your new Member-at-Large and the new writer of this live blog! Thanks so much to Zoë for showing me the ropes and helping me settle into this position. 11:09 The meeting is called to order! We recognize that we are on unceded, traditional Mi’kmaq territory.  Student Life VP Alex McVittie […]

Council October 18

Hola! Zoë here (still)! SO even though a new Member-at-Large is elected, I’m still liveblogging today. That’s just a matter of efficiency and changeover-y things. It’s 10:06 and we’re getting started with introductions. There are so many new people. The elections happened a couple weeks ago, so all the new folks are hanging with the […]

Fall GM (Hogwarts Theme!)

Hey there! It’s your main homie, Zoë and I’m back atcha with another smooth n juicy live blog! Just ate a great apple. We’re halfway to quorum (the amount od people we need to have this meeting) in the wardy, so if you’re reading this and are not in the wardy, I highly recommend joining […]

Council September 27

IMPORTANT THINGS: Consultation tomorrow at 3:30-5:30 in the red room with the committee on student fees. BE THERE. Even a reduced proposal is not acceptable. Any increase to tuition fees is unacceptable. There is also an assumption of a 3% increase on tuition fees every year that we need to deal with. Keep pushing against this. Fees […]

Council September 13

Hello all! I arrived at this meeting a half hour late. I literally set my alarm for pm instead of am. This is my life. 10:28 As I arrive, Alex Bryant is giving his report. He gives updates about many different aspects of KSU life that have happened over the summer. He’s been very busy. […]

Council June 28

Hey! I bet you thought there was no council during the summer. YOU’D BE WRONG. The union never sleeps. Today we have a super special council wherein most people will be calling in. Just Alex, Sofia, Taylor, and I are here in person. (aka the cool people) It’s 10:02 am and we’re just waiting for […]

Spring General Meeting *snowflake emoji*

HEY GET YOUR BUTTS OVER HERE! WE NEED SOME SERIOUS QUORUM FOLKS I PROMISE IT’LL BE FUN ALSO WE’RE CURRENTLY SNACKIN THE HOUSE DOWN brb getting snacks update: back. Got snacks. Still no quorum :””( update: more snacks. more people. no quorum. update: only need 8 more people until quorum! At that point I may […]

Council April 7

This is our last in-person council of the year! NOOO *cries* This is also a super special fun time council, occurring at 2pm. 2:06pm: We are getting going with some super fun and quirky agenda revisions. Essentially, we’re doing some things out of order and correcting some errors. SO we’re starting with action items. First […]

Policy, Panel, Perogies, and Postcards

Hey all! Zoë here bringing you another special edition live blog, this time from our Day of Action follow up/perogie eating party. 4:08 As I sit in the corner of the red room, a tray of perogies is before me. It beckons me. It calls to me. Shall I answer? Stay tuned. 4:10 I have […]

Council March 22

10:05am: we begin with an acknowledgment of the unceded Mi’kmaw territory we are meeting on. Haritha, our fabulous chair, is giving some quick recap on how we use Robert’s rule of order and generally how to discuss motions on council. This is because we have a lot of new folks on council this week- the […]

Council March 8

Read the agenda and Executive reports and Levy Policy Report! It’s 9:44am and, after a moment of being locked out of our room we are getting going. Michaela is starting off by giving some amendments to the agenda regarding hiring grad coordinators. Now were getting going on the oral reports of the councillors. Hannah says […]

Council February 22

Meeting number 10!! Read the agenda and reports while u wait! 10:02am: We have been called to order! We are on unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaw territory. Agenda amendments! We are adding a motion that was postponed at the last meeting, regarding the Dal/King’s Fashion Show. Other than that, we’re good. Reports of the councillors: Meagan, […]

Council February 8

Look! An agenda and reports! I’s 9:58am and we are listening to ABBA. 10:03: HERE WE GO! We are on unceded traditional Mi’kmaw territory. Time for oral reports of the councillors: Eleanor (BoG rep) had a board meeting this week. The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the College Task Force document. The majority of […]

College Task Force Town Hall

Check out the Task Force’s updates and draft Interim Report. This is an extra special non-council live blog! This town hall is being held to address the recently released College Task Force Interim Draft Report, which outlines both long- and short-term solutions to the University’s financial situation. The purpose of next hour, we are being told, is for […]

Council January 25

Check out the agenda here, and Exec reports here. 10:10am: We’re already rolling! Reports of the councillors are getting it started as usual. Sofia has been working on FYP shirts and Eli Diamond shirts (YOU CAN BUY ELI DIAMOND SHIRTS IN THE KSU OFFICE. THIS IS HAPPENING). Meagan is working on starting an Atlantic chapter […]

Council January 11

10:19am: We have actually been going for a few minutes, but I just now got my computer open and going! The meetings started with a call to order and an acknowledgement of the unceeded Mi’kmaw territory on which we are meeting. Now we’re doing councillor reports! GO COUNCILLORS! The main thing everyone is super duper […]

Council November 29

Council is about to begin! Here’s the agenda. 10:02am: “Are we starting soon? Or should I put on another song?” – Emily Rendell-Watson, Financial Vice President (then blasts Taylor Swift) 10:04am: We are getting started! Sharing Who we are and what we’re excited about for over the break. Aidan will be tobogganing. Emily will be […]

Council November 16

Here is the agenda for this meeting, and here are the Executive reports. And, here is the Orientation Week Coordinator Report! As we sit, waiting for council to start, Mchaela and Haritha are debating the best intro question to ask everyone. Some options: best mythical creature, favourite childhood cartoon, what flavour of ice cream would you […]

Council November 2

Photo: Erica Guy Check out the agenda and reports! 10:39 and we’re getting on track! Haritha recognizes that we are on unceded traditional Mi’kmaq territory. Minutes from last meeting are approved and we fix up some mistakes on the agenda. Introductions! We are saying who we are, what we do, and also our favourite candy. […]

Council October 19

Here are the agenda and reports. Hello folks! My name is Zoë Brimacombe. I am your new Member-at-Large, and therefore the new writer of this live blog. Hurray! It’s 10:14am and Haritha Popuri is clarifying some details about the speaker’s list, amendments, how and when to interrupt people, postponing motions, recesses. 10:18am: the meeting is […]

Council September 28

Photo: Erica Guy 11:10 Meeting is called to order. The chair recognized we are on Mi’kmaq territory We approved the agenda and the minutes and such. 11:14 Clair Bernard, day students rep, is excited to start spreadsheeting for the DSS. James Pottie, day students rep, said they are prepping for the election. They are ready […]

Council September 14

Photo: Erica Guy Check out the agenda!! 10:09 The meeting is called to order for the first time of this year. We recognize that we are on unceded Mi’kmaq territory. We added a few new motions and adopting the agenda. We are doing counsellor reports. Jessica Brennan (res rep) has met with Dean Hatt and they […]

Council April 13

Photo: Erica Guy This is it folks – the last Council meeting of the year! (For real this time.) Check out the agenda right here, and tune back in Sunday morning at 10am for all the live action! 10:04: Meeting called to order! Oral reports of councillors: Ellie has nothing to report. Neither do I, […]

Council April 6

Photo: Erica Guy Welcome to the last Council live blog of the 2013-2014 year! Invigoratingly, this is also our very first PAPERLESS COUNCIL MEETING. That means I didn’t print anything at all! The agenda will be projected at Council, as will any other important documents. For all you folks following along at home, here is the […]

BREAKFAST FOR DINNER Spring General Meeting

Check back here for the General Meeting live blog starting at 7pm. While you’re waiting, check this out. 7:57: We have quorum! It’s happening. The agenda is adopted. On to executive reports! Michaela (president) says its been a nutty couple weeks with changeover happening. Her goals include making the union more accessible (in terms of […]

Council March 23

Photo: Erica Guy Heelloooooo King’s! Karen can’t make it to Council tomorrow, but Anika will be live-blogging like it’s her job (today, it is). Check back at 8am for more! 8:08 am meeting called to order. Chair recognizes that this meeting is taking place on mi’kmaq land. James Pottie and Claire Bernard are welcomed as the […]

Council March 9

Hey folks. There is going to be council this Sunday, March 9th in the Boardroom at 10AM. K. Gross will be live blogging. Come on back here at 10AM AST for all the latest updates. 10:02: We’re up and running! 10:06: Katie’s report. The budgeting workshop (previously scheduled for last week) has been moved to […]

Council February 23

10:05: We’re just waiting for quorum. Chair Jake Eidinger has been showing off his awesome dance moves. 10:11: We’re getting started. Jake is acknowledging that this meeting is taking place on unceded Mi’kmaq land. We do this every meeting but I don’t always record it in the live blog. Sophia says it has been a […]

KSU Election & Referendum Speeches

There’s a whole new slate of folks running for KSU positions and they have to speak. They are doing just that tonight in the Wilson Common Room at 8PM and we’re going to live blog it. Now I am assuming the Wilson Common Room has wifi. If not, we are screwed. Tune in at 8PM […]

Council February 1

Hey folks, we’ve got a quick council meeting this morning in the Wardroom at 12:30PM. Here’s the agenda. The live blog will start at approx 12:30PM AST. Live Blog 12:29PM – We are about to get things underway. Just waiting to reach quorum. 12:34: Council called to order. We’re chilling in the wardy. It’s a nice […]

KSU Budget Town Hall

Hiya there friends. As you know, the KSU has been discussing its finances as of late. We want to discuss these finances with you. THAT’S WHY WE ARE HOSTING A TOWN HALL TONIGHT AT 7PM IN THE RED ROOM AND OPENING UP THE FLOOR. Think we should invest all of our money on plants for […]

Live Blog: January 26th

Oh, you thought you could escape it? You trickster you. The KSU returns to the Boardroom this Sunday, January 26th at 10AM for another council meeting. 10:05: Called to order. Anika’s report! She’s sending her regrets today but sent in a report. She created a candid photo campaign about KSU services (she gives props to […]

Live Blog: Council January 12th

After a wonderful winter break (take a look at that alliteration!), the fine folks of the KSU will be back in The Boardroom for the first council meeting of 2014. The meeting will take place this coming Sunday, January 12th at 10AM. Take a look what’s on the agenda. Read the executive reports. 10:09: Call […]

Live Blog: Council November 30th

This is the end. One last council for 2013. Member at Large K-Gross will be live blogging from 16:00 AST onward. Here’s the agenda. 4:07: Meeting called to order! Alex wants to strike the motion to elect a representative to the Watch Board of Publishers, because he had been told that one of the KSU […]

Live Blog: Council November 17th

10:06: Council is called to order! 10:09: First year rep Katie has been really involved in circulating the petition against library cuts, and she’s got a FYP bulletin board ready to go! 10:10: Emily to consult with journalism students leading up to academic committee meeting. She’s also hoping to get a bulletin board in the […]

Live Blog: Council November 3rd

Welcome back to the live blog! Call to order 10:03 am 1. Adoption of agenda 2. Approval of minutes from October 20, 2013 Oral and Written Reports (approximately 40 minutes) 3. Oral Reports of councillors 10:06: Anika was part of a “small but mighty and loud” march with the Students Unite group (a group of […]

Live Blog: Council October 20th

There will be council this Sunday, October 20th in the Boardroom and it will be glorious. It’s Council Number 3, we’re welcoming a whole crop of new councillors and Member at Large Karen Gross will be live blogging. It all goes down at 10AM in the Boardroom. To prep, why don’t you take a look […]

Live Blog: Council September 29th

Hey folks! KSU Council Meeting #2 starts at 10AM in the Boardroom (2nd floor of the A&A) this Sunday, September 29th. This week, your Member At Large, Karen Gross, live blogs for the first time. 12:13: Council is adjourned. Just over two hours today. Awesome! 12:13: Anna thanks all the councillors who are approaching the […]

Live Blog: Council September 15th

TODAY’S AGENDA 10:06: Council is off to the races. How wonderful! 10:08: The Chair is presented with a gavel. How nice. 10:12: Oral reports of councillors begin. Michaela Sam is reading out Luke Van Horne’s report, who couldn’t be here today. 10:15: John “Jonathon” Cavan is giving his report. First Battle of the Bays party […]