Meeting Minutes

Couldn’t make it to Council this weekend? Don’t worry, neither could 97.5% of the school’s population! Just for you sleepyheads, we have compiled an entire database of past Council minutes… what fun! You’ll get to relive such memorable moments as the great Dave Etherington Diva Cup debate of 2009 and the “smokers’ gazebo” debacle, and even get to witness Ben Caplan wishing Council a Happy New Year!

Council minutes detail all the events of Council meetings. Our meetings were recorded verbatim between 2007 and 2011, but switched to non-verbatim in 2011. Council minutes become available at the meeting following, when they are approved by Council. For example, the minutes of the November 11th, 2011 Council meeting were not released until the November 27th, 2011 meeting, because they had to be approved by Councillors at that meeting. Meetings typically take place bi-weekly. Any questions pertaining to the minutes can be directed to the KSU Communications Vice-President, Julia-Simone Rutgers.

Council Minutes









General Meeting Minutes

2007-2015 (BUT let’s list each meeting out here instead, there’s room and it makes more sense).