Societies 2013-14

We’ve got a plethora of societies in this glorious school year of 2015-16. This list will be updating all the time as societies ratify. If you want more information on a certain society, send an email over to your lovely Student Life VP, Michaela Sam, at And now in no particular order, your 2015-16 Societies.

King’s Squash Society and Team The King’s Squash Society and Team provides King’s students access to squash coaching and other squash playing students. The team provides an extra level of competition for those interested. Whether you are an aged professional or have never held a racquet, all students are welcome to join!

The Dornish Red Society // Facebook The Dornish Red Society meets for the enjoyment of the television series “Game of Thrones”, usually around the time of a new season’s release.

Sodales, the Dalhousie Debating Society Sodales is amongst the oldest debate societies in Canada and is the leading debate institution in the Maritimes. We represent Dalhousie and King’s at tournaments across the country and the globe, as well as hosting events on campus. The society holds weekly meetings offering debate training to students, with leadership and event organizing opportunities available to all members. New members are welcome throughout the year, and no previous experience is required. We meet Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 6pm in LSC 234.

King’s Theatrical Society // Facebook // Twitter The King’s Theatrical Society remains the largest per capita campus society in North America and one of the oldest drama organizations in the continent. Operated entirely by students, the KTS fosters a welcoming and inclusive community to explore new boundaries of theatre. The KTS hosts dance performances, student written plays, experimental art pieces, improv and tech workshops along with its many stage productions.

Tabletop Gaming Society // Facebook // Twitter Like boardgames? Always wanted to play with like-minded students? Here’s a “Risk” you’ll want to take! Come to the tabletop gaming society every Tuesday from 6:30pm-10:30pm. Trust us, it’s no “trivial pursuit!”

Early Modern Studies Society // Facebook The Early Modern Studies Society provides an academic and social outlet for fun people interested in the Early Modern Period. Associated with EMSP, EMSS hosts a variety of events including lectures and socials, as well as running the conference of the Early Modern, and the academic EMSP periodical, Babel.

King’s Jesters No dullards.

King’s Foreign Film Society // Facebook Take some time to depart Halifax for approximately two hours to enter into foreign territory. New sights and sounds that challenge you. Welcome to King’s Foreign Film Society every second Tuesday after FYP Monday’s meet in the cozy senior common rom to enjoy good company, fancy cheese, and amazing film. No criteria: from film fenuises to modern, from Cuba to Japan to Quebec, from experimental to comedy. You choose!

The King’s Thumb (An Alternative Travel Collective) Bored of airplanes and hotel when you (or if you ever manage to) travel? Would you rather tap into your inner Indiana Jones, Kereoak, or Tin Tin? Then the King’s Thumb is your new home. TKT is an alternative travel collective dedicated to offering you the tools and resources to travel the world (or maybe just Nova Scotia) in an adventurous and responsible manner: learn to hitchhike, plan a cycle tour, feel safe as a solo female identified traveller, or make a gourmet meal with just a camp stove.

King’s Jewish Connection // Facebook The King’s Jewish Connection is a fun, safe space for anyone interested in learning about Jewish culture. We meet up for holiday celebrations, movie nights, and to eat a lot of delicious food. We can’t wait to connect with you!

World University Service of Canada King’s WUSC promotes global equality primarily by fundraising for educational opportunities. Our main focus is the student refugee program, which allows displaced students the opportunity to study at King’s College. King’s WUSC has welcomed two students, the first in Fall 2011 and the second in Fall 2013.

King’s Nerdfighteria // Facebook This society was founded on a shared love the vlogbrothers (John and Hank Green) but it is about more than just pizza, giraffe love, and inside jokes (though there will be pizza). We welcome those of you who have been calling themselves nerdfighters for years and those who have just heard the term ‘Nerdfighter’ for the first time in their life. We meet twice a month and have discussions about anything and everything that makes us proud to call ourselves nerds.

King’s Dance Collective // Twitter The Dance Collective aims to provide a non-competitive outlet for students interested in all aspects of dance and choreography. Professional or student-run workshops are held periodically introducing students to various styles of dance or simply giving them a space to practice their abilities. An end of year show is put on in conjunction with the KTS allowing students to experiment with choreography as well as the opportunity to organize and run a recital. The collective welcomes dancers of all skill levels and backgrounds.

Platypus Affiliated Society at King’s // Facebook Do you find Marx notable but kind of boring? Join Platypus King’s and find out how interesting he is. Platypus is a society for learning about the left-broadly considered. Our motto: “What the Left has been historically and what it might become.”

The Haliburton Society // Facebook // Twitter The Haliburton Society, founded by the University of King’s College in 1884, is the oldest extant literary society on a university campus n North America. Since its inception, the Haliburton Society has welcomed literary enthusiasts to celebrate great works of poetry and prose through readings and discussions led by students, Faculty members and guest authors. The Haliburton Society has become an integral part of the academic culture of King’s College and is a forum for thoughtful and inquiring minds to come together in appreciation of great literature through all time.

The Quintilian Society // Facebook // Twitter The Quintilian Society was established in 1845 and is the oldest extant debating society in British North America. The Quintilian Society is part of the rich history of King’s College and remains an integral part of the King’s cultural fabric. Quintilian provides students with an opportunity to develop the skills of rhetoric and argumentation and to apply these in formal and informal debating environments.

Foundation Year Programme Society Currently the FYP Society is focusing on developing an undergraduate journal for FYP students. We published the inaugural journal in September 2013 and will curating the 2013/2014 journal this winter and spring.

Halifax SchoolARTS Project The Halifax Schoolarts Project exists to engage students from the University of King’s College in the broader community, specifically through the delivery of arts programming to children and youth. The society exists in response to the declining role of arts in the public education system and in response to the lack of community spaces in which young adults and youth interact, Schoolarts designs and delivers art programming based on the following principles: i. To engage and motivate youth to express themselves through the arts. ii. To empower youth to realize their individual talents and potential; iii. To promote an understanding of ways of leadership in one’s community. In particular, the society brings together students from King’s to create programming that will be delivered in local schools.

The King’s Chorus The King’s Chorus is a welcoming community of veteran and beginner choristers who meet weekly to rehearse in preparation for a concert each semester. The atmosphere is a non-competitive, and all levels of experience and ability are welcome.

The King’s Ping Pong Society  Do you like ping-pong? Do you enjoy great times with friends? Are you a King’s Student? Well, the King’s Ping-Pong society is the place for you. The society will take place 4pm every Thursday. Come one come all, prepared to get smashed (at ping-pong that is)!!!

King’s Dal Swing Dance Society The King’s/ Dal Swing Dance Society aims to provide a fun social environment for students of King’s and Dalhousie and members of the broader community who are interested in swing dancing and swing music. We do this by organizing weekly classes as well as regular workshops and opportunities for social dancing. While supporting the local jazz and swing bands in the Halifax area by giving student the tools and skills to dance at these live bands shows. No partner or experience is required! Just the desire to have a good time, and dance the night away.

King’s Outdoor Society // Facebook The King’s Outdoor Society welcomes everyone from novice hikers to veteran trekkers to come have adventures with us in the beautiful wilderness of Nova Scotia. While hiking is our main activity, we are currently expanding to include a greater diversity of excursions such as canoeing and stargazing.

The Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble The Unconscious Collective Vocal Ensemble (UCVE) is a Dalhousie/ King’s student Acapella Choir. Using only our voices, we sing a wide variety of pieces, from modern pop mash-ups to Bulgarian folk songs. All in all, we have a lot of fun!

Sustainability King’s // Facebook Sustainability King’s is your campus environmental group! We take on projects both on and off campus related to sustainability as well as holding our yearly green week, and some local food pot lucks.

Doctor Who Society // Facebook W.H.O., more commonly known as the Dr. Who Society, is a group based around the BBC series Dr. Who. Open to both long-time viewers and first-time watchers, W.H.O. is a great way to make friends over a cup of tea and some excellent television.

King’s Wordsmiths // Facebook Writing is really hard. Really, really hard. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could share the load? That’s us. Wordsmiths. We’re playwrights, poets and authors, all helping each other. Brainstorm. Workshop. Have fun! It’s what we’re here for.

Cult of Classics // Facebook Cult of Classics: The Foundation Year for Pop Culture. A cult for classic movies, boardgames, and everything awesome. If you love wonderous people like Joss Whedon, Baz Luhrman, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, Miyazaki, and Monty Python you should definitely join our forces!

University of King’s College Cat Society // Facebook // Twitter We like cats. A lot. We want you to come like cats with us.

King’s Photography Club I mean, who doesn’t love taking photos, AMIRITE?

Journalists for Human Rights // Facebook At the intersection of journalism and human rights, this society is looking for members to help us grow on and off campus. Journalists for Human Rights is an international group promoting change through media, and the local chapter aims, through events and journalism, to help share that message. Open to all interested students!

King’s Feminist Collective // Facebook // Twitter The King’s Feminist Collective is a student run society that focuses on the discussion of feminism and how feminist issues affect campus life. The Collective holds a few fun events throughout the academic year, and is always welcomnig new members with new ideas!


Dalhousie/King’s Freethought Society // Website The DFKS is a society created with the primary purpose of fostering an open and inclusive forum for healthy debate centered around the themes of freethought and skepticism. Students from an and all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to join and contribute to the society in any way they see fit, whether it be through debate or simply listening. We hope to see you in the future. As Aristotle said, “it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Best Buddies King’s Chapter // Facebook // Website King’s Best Buddies is a chapter of a national charitable organization that aims to provide meaningful friendships for people with intellectual disabilities by pairing them with student volunteers. Those one-to-one friendships allow our members to enjoy the same experiences most people take for granted: going out for a movie, grabbing a coffee or simply enjoying the company of a good friend.

King’s Poetry Society Are you a tortured poet in the wasted ruin of a lost generation? Do you long to sound your barbaric YAWP over the rooftops of the world? Do you aim to strive, to seek, to find, and NOT to yield? Do you want to hang out in the Wilson Room and appreciate poetry instead of writing papers? Whatever your answers, join the King’s Poetry Society. It’s pretty dope.

The Contemporary Studies Society A society representing and promoting the Contemporary Studies Programme, encouraging students to engage with their professors, ideas, and peers through both colloquia and social events.

The King’s Arts Abstract The King’s Arts Abstract is a weekly newsletter put together by King’s students. The newsletter advertises events in the arts happening around Halifax each week. It also selects a work of art from each year at King’s to put in the newsletter each week.

The King’s Pride Society // Facebook King’s P.R.I.D.E. Society is all about creating a safe space for LGTBQ individuals. We plan to raise awareness in the community about homophobia and transphobia, as well as hosting community events. No matter how you identify, you will be welcome at King’s P.R.I.D.E. Also we sometimes have cookies…occasionally, seldomly… rarely.

History of Science and Technology Society You know and love the program. Now experience it through a society.