Spring 2017 Executive Elections

The Winter Elections are happening! The positions being elected are: President Student Life-Vice President Financial Vice President External Vice-PResident Communications Vice President Board of governors representatives (x 2) To run for one of these position you should print and fill out a Nominations Package and submit  to CRO Hannah MacDougall  or drop it off in the KSU […]

Council January 29

Documents Agenda Executive Reports Introduction 8:36:37 PM. Hello members! JBK here, preparing the night before as always. This is a BIG meeting so follow along! Also check out the Watch’s live tweets they are always great. 10:23:33 AM. Sorry we’re getting started a little late because Pam Hazel doesn’t tell anyone about the room bookings we […]

Referendum Town Hall Jan 26

Referendum Town Hall Here’s the pamphlet that’s being handed out to people here at the town hall. The Watch is livestreaming this town hall on facebook! Thanks, The Watch!   Aidan’s starting us off. The KSU has been facing financial difficulty over the years, this Exec has taken the year to gather information and work […]

Council October 30: A Post To Test a Long Title

Documents Agenda Minutes from Council on October 16 Minutes from Council on October 18 Executive Reports Fun and Relatable Introduction for the Readers Council time! M at L Jacob here, feeling good feeling great. This week I’m very excited because I created a keyboard shortcut on my computer that automatically inserts the current time, so […]